Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sick Sister

Well my brother Shawn just called and it seems my sister-in-law Amanda is in the hospital. She was in the hospital a couple weeks ago with some problems and is back in now. They are gonna do tests tommorow to try and figure out what is wrong and fix her. So not such good news there.

But I guess because of all the problems they have been having lately they have decided to move home sooner. They were hoping to be back in Kansas by next Christmas but now they are saying they are gonna do it as soon as possible. So that would be a good thing.


Okay I'm kinda figuring this site out... It's quite a bit different than my old site. Which if you want to read my old stuff go to www.hunna.deardiary.net

I don't know which site I will like better but I'm open to change. Change keeps me on my toes.

Getting Started

Let's see how this works.....