Saturday, March 31, 2007

New Do

Well I was so tired of having a regular old Blogger template. I just didn't want to look like everyone else anymore. But I have no clue on how to make my blog look fancy. Luckily I found a great gal named Sara over at Bling My Blog that could help me out. I think she did a great job. I love dragonflies so I'm thrilled! Now my blog is a little bit different just like me.


Blog Of The Day

Well I guess I'm the PayPerPost Blog of the Day for March 31, 2007. That's kinda fun. So if you are a new visitor by way of PPP welcome. If you are an old visitor I'm sure glad you came back! Hope you have a happy Saturday and I hope you enjoy the linkie love.

My wonderful friend Julie emailed me this screenshot! Thanks Julie!!!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Sanjaya Sucks At Everything

Here is the proof! Enjoy my friends.

Toll Free and Drug Free

I found the answer for the parent I had come in high today. There is a toll free number she can call for a referral for alcoholism rehab. This is a great program. I'm totally telling my clients about it. All they have to do is call this number and they will get help for free. The folks answering the phones will help the caller find the right type of treatment for them that meets their needs. And there is absolutely no fee for this service. This is really great for the type of folks I work with. They all live in different areas and I often don't know the closest rehab center. So if I give them the number or even call for them I can help get them connected with the right facility very quickly. That makes me a happy girl. I wish I would have known about this service earlier today.


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Too Much

Today was the day from hell at work! Anything that could go wrong did go wrong. All my cases are just blowing up! I had a mom show up for a visit with her baby and she was so cracked out it wasn't even funny. I had to watch her like a hawk cause I was afraid she would smoke the baby. She had no clue what was going on around her. What is real frightening is that she drove to the visit!

Another one of the kids on my caseload had a visit with their mom today and her mom was an hour late to the two hour visit! RIDICULOUS! I'm spending fortunes and jumping threw all kinds of hoops to get a baby and then there are people out there that just don't care about their kids. Doesn't seem right to me.

In the midst of all my work drama my boss let me know that my old boss and my practicum supervisor for school called. She has liver cancer which she has had for awhile. She had been doing really well. Well now she has taken a big turn for the worse and only has a couple of weeks to live. Another blow I just wasn't emotionally prepared for I guess. So I've been trying to get a hold of my professor at school to find out what I need to do about that as I won't have field supervisor now. What a mess.

I'm going to try to go visit her and her kids next week. Her kids are close to Heather and I's age so we kinda know what they are going through. It's really a sad situation. Life just isn't fair sometimes.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Earthworm Attack

Okay seriously the earthworm situation is about to send me over the edge. I don't know why I'm freaking out so bad about them but I am. I've never seen such a large number of earthworms in one location and they are really gross! I bet there are a hundred of them on my driveway!!! Anytime I take the dog out they are there. I'm afraid Lena is gonna get a bunch in her mouth and bring them in the house. I HATE EARTHWORMS!!! Why do they have to be all over? A couple of them were on top of each other and I know they are gonna reproduce and then there will be more earthworms! MAKE THE EARTHWORMS GO AWAY!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Sending a big Happy Birthday wish out to two of the best boys I know!

Cutie Pie Caden turns 3 today!!!!

I think his birthday will be filled with lots of presents, strawberry cake, a nice nap, and fun times with his Momma Darby and his Daddy Chris. We get to have one big blowout 3 year old party on Saturday to top off the celebrations!

Dashing Dalton is the big 9 this year!!!!

With only a year to go before he hits the double digits he has a lot to celebrate. He already had his big party last weekend that Granny and Grandpa were able to attend so today will bring a special day with his mom and dad and Miss MoJo!

I hope you boys have a great day and super year!!!

Love you both


Rain Rain Go Away

I'm so sick of rain. It's pouring here again today! My yard is officially a swamp. There is water standing everywhere. And the earthworms are revolting. They have all moved onto my drive way so they don't drown in the yard and that is disgusting!!!! There are earthworms everywhere it really grosses me out. YUCK!!! And since the rain keeps coming my fence still isn't up. The weather is interfereing with my plans!

So enough whining. Back to work I go.


Meth On The Money

Wow my clients have come up with lots of excuses for dirty UA's before. And I mean lots! Sometimes it's that they didn't smoke the pot but that they sat next to someone that did. Usually a postive test gets blamed on some cold medicine or an antibiotic. But today I got the best excuse ever!

A gal claimed that her UA came back hot because there was meth on the money she used to pay for it. She didn't use meth there just must have been meth on the money. How crazy is that. Needless to say I didn't buy it and I just got done making a referral for her for inpatient drug and alcohol treatment.

What is very bothersome to me is that the waiting list for her to get into a treatment center around here is more than 30 days! How ridiculous is that. And chances are the one she gets into won't be that great. So the chances of her actually going and if she does the chances of her maintaining sobriety are pretty slim. It's sad to say the least.

What's amazing to me is that there are facilities out there that provide Drug Treatment that are amazing. I've found one online at that is pretty awesome. They have a beautiful location, offer medical detox, amazing supports, and even offer follow-up services. Why can't my clients get in a place like that!


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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday Best Friends

Sanjaya Still Sucks

Okay seriously this is getting old. How Sanjaya didn't end up in the bottom three is beyond me. He should have gone home. But more than anything he should have at least been in the bottom three. I'm so fed up with him!!! The fact that my favorite boy Chris went is frustrating me. Granted Chris wasn't the best singer but the boy is a great entertainer. He is funny! So I was hoping he would stay in until at least the final six. Very disappointing night!


New Twist

Well now there is a new twist on the dating site scene. If you are black and single there is a special site just for you. Can you believe there is an entire site devoted to Black Singles. I was telling my friend LaTasha about it and she is going to check it out. She keeps telling me she can't find a good man so maybe it will work for her. The site is fairly new but seems to have quite a few members. It's worth a visit at least.


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Food Finds

Okay I had the best smoothie this morning. It was yummy in my tummy for breakfast. So you have to try it. It's 11:00 now and I'm still not hungry so it is not only delicious but will sustain me through the morning. I like that in a breakfast food. It was way simple to make. Just follow my recipe below.

1 cup frozen strawberries
1/2 banana
1 cup chocolate soy milk

Blend together and enjoy!



Well I'm getting caught up on the news and a few stories have popped out at me as fairly interesting...

Wynonna Judd's husband getting arrested on sex crimes charges is something interesting. What a mess. I guess she has filed for divorce and he is in jail. You would think he would have known to stay away from the kiddies. Guess he hasn't watched Dateline. Silly boy!

Elizabeth Edwards cancer is back and it's in her bones. This story is sad to me. I just finished reading her book awhile back and found such comfort in it. I hate that she is now facing cancer again and with such small children. I don't like seeing mom's with terminal cancer. It's bothersome. But her husband is still running for president so we will have to watch that and see how it goes.

I read a news story about fast food too. Did you know that chicken McNuggets from McDonald's are 70% corn! So really we are eating corn nuggets. That bugs me but I guess now I know that my favorite food from McDonald's is the corn nuggets. I wonder what they would think if I ordered them that way.

So that's the news that I know.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hey Baby Hey Baby Hey

Okay I'm not doing a whole big write up tonight because I have a crap load (that means a ton) of homework to work on so no time! But here we go with a few fun awards that I like to give out from time to time.

The No He Didn't Award

This award goes to Sanjaya of course. The hair is killing me folks! It was a freaky curly scary Mohawk thing. I don't get it. I really think he is trying to look more and more like a freak because he knows he is a horrible singer and the only way he is staying in this thing is because of the vote for the worst campaign.

She Has A Rocking Body But Isnt' Rocking Award

This award goes to Hayley. Seriously she has an AMAZING body in my opinion. I would scalp Sanjaya for a body like that. But really she can't sing so great. At least she is pretty.

This Song Was Written For Me Award

Phil Stacy is getting this award. I've said all along he looks like a predator. Now he is singing the stalker song. The song was for sure written for him! Great song choice Phil but quit touching the little girls.

I'm Gonna Be Somebody Award

Miss Jordin Sparks is for sure getting this award. This girl has it. Whatever it is she has it! I don't know if she will win this competition, heck I don't even care if she wins the competition. But she is going places. People are gonna remember her and the girl will make and sell some albums. I love watching it happen!

So that's what I know folks. Hopefully Sanjaya will talk his hawk and head home. Let's cross our fingers.



Well I've been struggling a little bit okay a whole lot with some things. I'm really missing my mom for one. It doesn't get easier as the days go by. In fact each day gets a little harder to move forward without her. I'm doing it but I'm not liking it and I'm just so lonely without her. So that's hard obviously. If it was easy it wouldn't be called loss and grief now would it.

One thing that I think is making it harder is something my pastor said. I had always believed prior to my mom getting sick that even when people died they stayed with us somehow. I believe in angels or spirits or ghosts or whatever you want to call it. I felt like heaven was a place but that they could still get to us spiritually or emotionally even if not physically.

Well when my mom started realizing she was dying she asked our pastor to tell her about heaven. He described it as a place filled with joy. He said that there is singing and light and beauty and that there is no time. He said that we would just spend eternity praising God. Well that sounds good to me. But then he said that there is no concern for earthly matters. Well in theory that sounds great. No bills, no pressure, no job, etc.

But in this moment that feels to me like I'm a wordly matter and my mom no longer is concerned about me. For someone that is already feeling alone that statement is haunting. I know I could just call him and talk to him and he would say that she is with me. But I can't help but think he would say that to appease me and that really she is praising God and has forgotten about me. Just typing that makes me bawl. How lame is that. But my entire day is fixated around her even now. She is my first thought and my last thought each day. And about a million thoughts in between. So the idea that she can't think of me is wrong.

But it makes sense at the same time. If she thought of us kids and realized she was away from us she would be sad. She loved us a lot and never liked to be away from us. So if we weren't with her she would be very sad and anxious. Not joyful . And if heaven is filled with joy how could she miss us. That wouldn't be joyful. So she must not notice we aren't with her. That breaks my heart.

So I'm struggling with all this and I've not really talked to anyone about it. I know people are sick of hearing about it. People think I should be "over it". So I don't say anything very often. So today I meet with someone. A person that doesn't know me real well. And they say they have something they need to talk to me about. They say that they can see my mom's presence around me. They say that she is saying things but I don't hear them. I about fall over. WHAT?

So basically they scribbled down what they said my mom was trying to tell me. I don't know if I believe it yet as I'm still kinda in shock. But this is my list.

No pain
I see more and know you will be okay you just don't see it yet
Love is large
Weather is the biggest support
Not alone
You have to be open and ask
The bedroom is better this way

Okay after going over and over the list I've kinda pieced a few things together. Some of the stuff there is no way this person would know! No pain is obvious to me meaning she isn't in pain. The second one I'm not to shocked by as I constantly doubt if I will be okay without her. The love is large has to be for real. My mom wrote me a note a couple days before she died and it said love is large. The person telling me this does not know that. Weather I believe was supposed to be Heather. I don't know about the not alone and being open and asking. Maybe that is just trusting that she is here with me and being open to that. And the bedroom thing has to be for real too. He didn't know about my bedroom dilemma. I have a hard time with the bedroom. My mom died in what is now my bedroom and my bed. I have moved the bedroom furniture around and I sleep better but wasn't sure about the arrangement. So I'm guessing she is good with it.

So that's my struggle. Now I just don't know what to think. I'm really floored and overwhelmed and weirded out by all this. Thoughts?


Monday, March 26, 2007

Anna Nicole Shocker

Okay they revealed the autopsy results for Anna Nicole Smith today. She died of an overdose! SHOCKING!!! I really never thought that she was on many drugs. I thought she was clean as a whistle so this really shocks me! It's hard to believe that Anna Nicole would die from an overdose. I thought maybe someone at the boob job factory did her in or maybe the trim spa killed her. But an accidental drug overdose. I just can't believe it.



Well today is Monday, my class day and of course it rained. Well actually it poured! By the time I got to my car after class I was soaked! So the drive home was long and wet and cold. YUCK!!!

The rain is screwing up my plans. My privacy fence installation keeps getting delayed because of the rain. I guess it's hard to install a fence in a swamp... Damn rain!

Class was good but dang I have a lot of homework. I'm kinda drowning this semester. About the time I think I'm caught up another wave comes. This week I have to do a research paper, my learning contract for summer, my practicum logs, 3 chapters of workbook assignments for assessment and diagnosis, a coding assignment for research, and prepare a presentation for my seminar class. Fun times here!


Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Plot Thickens

Well I'm just quite the detective today. Bobby responded to Julie's post about his cheesy weightloss site. He claims that the site is his wife's site. What's funny to me is that his wife is Jennifer S Griffin and the person posting is either Bobby Griffin or Tanya Martin. So she is posting under a fake name. But she also says on her weightloss blog that she is 250 pounds. So I typed Jennifer S Griffin into Google and what did I find.

A great blog called science matters. What's funny about this is that it completely contradicts her blog about weightloss. She is a cute gal that is no where close to 250 pounds. And she is also quite the scientist which doesn't make sense if she works in a box factory like she claims on the weight loss blog.

So I guess the real question now is why don't you fess up Bobby Griffin????


Not The Bestest Blog Of All Time

Many of you know about The Bestest Blog of All Time. In fact many of you have read my posts supporting The Bestest Blog and Bobby the guy that runs it. When I first came across The Bestest Blog it was a great community. Bobby came up with a creative idea that helped other bloggers connect in a fun way. Yeah he made some money be we got lots of hits and met cool new people so it was okay.

But I don't think it's okay anymore. Lately Bobby's blog hasn't been like it was in the good old days. He for the most part only posts PayPerPost ads. Some days there aren't even Bestest Blog of the Day posts. And on the days that those Blog of the Day posts appear they are written by a guest blogger like myself. Bobby has said he is busy, he's moving, he's hurt his back. All valid reasons for not posting in my opinion. However he has found plenty of time to post on his fake blog called Tanya's Weight Loss Journey. He is actually posting several PPP ads a day on this fake blog. So if he has time to fake that he is a woman trying to lose weight and write all those posts while he is moving, sick and busy why can't he take care of his real blog? My guess is we don't pay enough anymore.

So what am I going to do about this?

1. I've removed the random blog button from my blog.

2. I'm no longer doing guest blogger reviews for Bobby.

3. I'm removing his link from my blog.

4. I'm encouraging people to NOT donate until he fixes the random blog button or explains his behavior.

5. I'm going to visit Julie at
Flip This Body for weightloss encouragement and advice rather than Bobby's lame fake blog!

So that's my plan. I have made some great friends through The Bestest Blog and I'm grateful for that. I appreciate each of your visits and your comments. And if Bobby decides to explain himself I hope he will let me know so I can rejoin the community. Until then I will just visit and comment on the blogs I love as usual and hope that you do the same.


Saturday, March 24, 2007


Well I've gotten some good laughs today... I'll share them with you because I'm nice like that...

I babysat Caden today since Darby started her awesome new job. Caden is such a sweet little guy. He is a little shy when people first come around and it takes him a bit to open up but once he does he is so funny. Today when Heather woke up and came out in the living room Caden was being very bashful. He kept hiding his face and wouldn't look at Heather. So finally Heather left the room and as soon as she left Caden said "Whoa Baby". He thought Heather was pretty cute! She is cute of course but it was so funny hearing Caden say that!

Since I was babysitting Caden today and he is a little scared of crazy Lena I had her locked up in puppy prison. So after he went home I let Lena out. She was so excited to go outside! So I took her potty and we came back in. Then she kept looking outside and got her head stuck in the venetian blinds. That was the first funny thing. So after I quit laughing and got her unstuck I put the blinds up so she could look out on the patio. Well she went running straight for the door and slammed right into the glass at full speed! She thought the door was open!!!! Heather and I laughed so hard. And Lena just laid on the floor beside the door looking very confused.

So that's my funny stuff for the day. I'm babysitting my niece Mattie tonight while Shawn and Amanda and Heather go out. So Mattie and I are gonna have some quality time together. She still doesn't know any jokes and well she doesn't even roll over but she is good at cuddling to I guess I'll keep her.


Friday, March 23, 2007


I went out to my mom's place yesterday and her headstone was set! I'm so happy about that. It is beautiful. There is a portion of it that has her handwriting and it's so awesome looking. I'm really amazed they could do that. The guy did a really great job on it. I didn't have my camera so I couldn't take pictures but I'm going to next time. I also got more grass seed and fertilizer planted there so hopefully she will have some pretty grass soon.

I'm going to talk to the church about planting some trees and bushes as the cemetery is pretty bare. They say that you can't plant flowers or stuff but I'm going to ask anyway. I figure if I'm willing to pay for it, plant it and water the trees then they might agree. I just think a few pretty trees would be nice for shade.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007


What a weird day! Seriously so many odd or unplanned things happened today. I just feel really weird about the whole day. I got thrown off this morning and I haven't felt right all day.

1. I walked outside this morning to take Lena to go potty and I was half awake but seriously there was a huge brown horse in my driveway! I'm not playing. It was a real live horse in the drive way. And when Lena started barking at it it ran down the street. Then about a minute later these kids started chasing it trying to catch it. WEIRD!

2. Darby and I went to lunch at La Hacienda. The waiting there was totally loving him some Darby. She is beautiful so that is why but seriously he was odd. He was wearing a hairnet, barely spoke English and kept winking at her. And not winking cute but winking like he had so very strange eye problem. WEIRD!

3. My brother Shawn and his wife Amanda and my adorable niece Mattie Moo just showed up today totally unplanned! A surprise visit. Very nice but again WEIRD!

4. Mattie has this strange hernia thing on her belly button. It sticks out and is kinda purple. It seriously looks a little like a wiener poking out of her little girl belly. The doctor says it will correct itself but I think it's a little WEIRD!

5. Sanjaya is still on American Idol! WEIRD!


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Idol Nightmare

Okay I was so not impressed with American Idol this week! Even my favorites weren't that good. Just a bad week in general. I'm not even going to waste my time reviewing the folks individually this week. I'll just hit some high and low notes!

Sanjaya of course still sucks! The little crying girl did say it all! He makes me cry every week. He really needs to just go home. I just pray that the insanity stops soon and away he goes. Phil is still creeping me out. Not only does he look like a sex predator but now he screams when he sings. I just can't stand it. I'm hoping he goes away in the next couple weeks.

The folks that are getting my vote this week include Beat Box Boy Blake! Love him! He is seriously a master entertainer in my opinion. The boy puts on a show! I'm also voting for LaKisha. It wasn't her best performance ever but she was still above the rest. And she was wearing a kick ass green dress and a million dollars worth of diamonds. Gorgeous!!! And Miss Jordin looked and sounded stunning. I'll for sure be voting for her.

So that's the verdict on my end. Let me know what you all think!


Monday, March 19, 2007

St. Pats Pictures

Me, Darby, Megan and Justine

They had these bunnies all over the plaza... I can be a bunny too!

Me loving the bunny...

Me on the luggage cart I stole and took to our room. Not the one that I rode around the lobby... It's like a razor scooter for fat kids!
Me and my Darbis!

The fun drunk St. Pat's man with Darby, Justine and Megan!

Too Much Fun!

This weekend was too much fun and obviously not enough posting. I've had phone calls and emails about this. No I have not fallen off the face of the earth, been abducted by aliens or come down with some horrible ailment. I have however partied like it is 1999 and have not posted recently. Sorry about that!

Friday a bunch of us girls headed to Kansas City for a girl's weekend. We rented a suite at Embassy Suites on the plaza. Our suite was awesome however Internet was not included and our fridge wasn't big enough. But we made do. We ate way to much food and drank an incredibly large amount of alcohol. We did some shopping and went to the bars on Westport for St. Pats. It was a good time.

I almost got us kicked out of the hotel on Saturday night when Megan dared me to ride the luggage cart like it was a skateboard around the hotel lobby. I'm very competitive and had to do it. Needless to say security got involved and asked my group of friends to "coral me". The security guard said it in front of me. I didn't understand this. I may be drunk and stupid but I'm not deaf. He could have just asked me to stop...

So I'm home now and trust me I feel like CRAP! There is a reason that I don't drink often and it's because I can't handle it. I hurt in places I didn't know I could hurt and the hang over still hasn't gone away. But seriously it was worth it. TOO MUCH FUN!


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Homework Horrors

I'm drowning in homework! YUCK! I've seriously been working on my research assignment since 4:45 this afternoon. I ate dinner at my desk as I worked. Now five hours later I'm done. How ridiculous is that. Now I have to start laundry and it's bed time. I even missed watching Grey's because of my stupid homework. I seriously hate school!!!!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sanjaya Sucks

Okay seriously we have to put up with Sanjaya for another week! I just got done watching American Idol and I just feel sick. The guy that went home wasn't so great but come on Sanjaya is so HORRIBLE! I can't take another week. I just can't do it. Why oh why did the judges ever let him get passed Hollywood week. I bet they are regretting it now!


Busy Day

I was so swamped at work today! Crazy crazy busy. I can't keep up some weeks. I kinda feel like I'm drowning in paperwork. Since I miss all day on Monday for class it throws me behind every week. I get there on Tuesday and it's chaos! Not so fun.

After work I drove to El Dorado to see my Heather. She is leaving to go to Texas for Spring Break on Friday so I thought I better go see her before she left. We ate dinner and shopped a little bit. She went and got fingerprinted at the police station again today. Since the FBI can't seem to find our fingerprints for the adoption clearance we have to do them again. She is gonna get the aunt of the year award for all of this stuff!

Well I have to go watch my Tivo'd American Idol episode.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

American Idol Review

Okay I was so not impressed with tonight's American Idol. I like Diana Ross but I don't want to hear 12 of her songs in a row. She isn't that great. And I was shocked at how poorly most of the idol contenders did this week. Not a good showing to say the least. Here is my break down of the night...

The ones I love and voted for!

Gina Glockson got my vote tonight. She sang love child and I thought she did a good job. I liked the song, I liked the way she sang it, and she remembered all the words. I also thought she had a lot of energy. So I called and voted for her.

Lakisha Jones blows me away. We could fast forward the next 12 weeks and just watch her sing at the finale and I'd be happy. God Bless The Child is one of my favorite songs and she sang it! Seriously amazing!!! I voted 5 times for her.

Jordin Sparks is a great little gal. I don't think she will win as I have said before. She is too young. But she does a great job. She sang If We Hold On Together and looked really comfortable on stage. I called and voted for her.

The ones that just need to go away!

Melinda Dolittle has got to go. I seriously can't stand her. I don't know why everyone loves her so much but I pray they come to their senses soon and send her away! She has no neck, big old eyes, cries to much, and forces me to fast forward through her weirdness. GO HOME!!!

Sanjaya is well horrible. Ain't No Mountain High Enough to get away from him. When he came out tonight with his curly hair and earrings I thought his sister was back in the competition. Lets all pray together that American comes to their senses and sends him home this week.

Phil Stacey gives me the creeps. When I see him I feel like he should be on an episode of the Dateline: To Catch a Predator show. YUCK! Have to fast forward him too.

The ones that forgot the words!

Brandon Rogers started the night off with forgotten words. It must have been contagious! After hearing him he did make me want to hurry love. HORRIBLE!

Haley Scarmato also forgot the words. I never seem to remember here so each week she is like a surprise performer to me. But other than the forgotten words I thought she did fairly well. She is really cute and had a great outfit tonight. I kinda hope we aren't missing her next week.

Stephanie Edwards sang love hangover but I think she had a real hangover. She too forgot her words. So not cool. And I hate hate hate that song! So no vote for her from me this week!

Those that did weird things to the songs!

Chris Sligh is usually one of my favorites. He is still one of my favorites and I really hope he doesn't go home. That being said I didn't like the song pick. Endless Love did feel endless. I just couldn't get into it. Don't know why exactly but it was just weird.

Blake is another one of my favorites. Again I really hope he doesn't go home yet but I really disliked what he did tonight. Not cool at all!

Chris Richardson was way off tonight. He looked weird, he sang weird, the guy is just weird. Bye Bye would be fine with me.

So that's what I think!


Monday, March 12, 2007

A+ Girl

Okay I went to class today even though I hate it. Every Monday I dread it. But today when I went I got two big assignments back and I got 100% on both of them! I was so thrilled. I just really haven't felt into school this semester. I've had a hard time getting focused and on track. So getting the assignments back and them being good made me feel a little better about things. I even called to brag to my dad about it. I may send him a copy to stick on the refrigerator.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Pay Off

Okay yesterday marked one week of not smoking. Okay I won't lie I did sneak a smoky treat one day this week. WOOPS! But other than that I haven't smoked. It's been okay. Not great but not horrible either. That is until yesterday.

Like I posted earlier Heather and I went to the adoption seminar yesterday. If I would have been a smoker I would have been stressed out after lunch about wanting to smoke but not being able to. Or if I could have smoked how could I do it without the other people seeing me. I wouldn't want them to think I was some bad smoking mother. And no matter what I would have been in a crabby mood. But luckily we didn't have to go through that. I just didn't have to smoke and it wasn't a big deal. It was such a payoff. No stress! Heather even commented on it.

Yeah for no smoking!


Drive Safe

As I mentioned earlier Heather and I went to Overland Park yesterday. Overland Park is about 90 miles from here. A bit of a drive. I drove us there in the morning because Heather was still a bit sleepy. She drove us home in the evening. I'm wondering if she was still tired because she scared me a little bit. Well I won't even lie her driving scared me a whole lot! She tried to turn right in front of a truck at one point. I was screaming her name over and over and yelling to stop and she was oblivious. Finally at the last minute she caught up and didn't turn. By then the other driver had swerved out of her way. When I asked her what she was doing she said, "I don't know, I didn't even see it"!

This girl has been through Driver's Ed. She is a responsible girl. And honestly most of the time she is a great driver. She is calmer driving in heavy traffic than I am hands down. But sometimes she isn't the most observant. And don't even get me started about her using the cell phone while driving.

She is getting ready to take a 14 hour road trip to Texas for Spring Break next week. YIKES! I'm thinking that before she hits the road I need to get her this great Driver's Education DVD so she can learn to drive or at least have a little refresher course.

This awesome DVD is interactive, has quizzes, offers road sign tests and even gives basic maintenance directions. You can't beat that. And it's really affordable. It is only $34.95! That's cheap compared to a totaled car or medical bills after a wreck. In fact it's priceless if it saved someones life. I wonder how annoyed Heather would be with me if I ordered it and had it delivered to her dorm....


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Adoption Class

Yesterday Heather and I went to Overland Park for my International Adoption Seminar. I'm so glad Heather went with me. We learned A LOT of new things! So much information on attachment and bonding and discipline and travel. Really a great seminar. We also met two other families adopting from Ethiopia which is great. Now we have some local connections! And there were a couple of families adopting from China.

So now I'm waiting for our FBI clearance to come back and then we can get our fingerprints done at immigration. I sent our fingerprints off to the FBI on February 6th and have yet to get them back. I've checked and they were received but not processed yet. Very frustrating to me! Nothing like waiting on someone else to do their job.


Christian Dating

I've seen dating sites for Jewish singles, single parents, people with health problems, and for singles from Russia. Now there is a new site focused on Christian Dating. This is a new site that looks fun. There are singles from 20 and above. So regardless of your age you should be able to find a nice match that shares your religious beliefs. I would encourage you to stop by and sign up for free. Who knows you might find a date in time for church on Easter Sunday!


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Baby Shower

Well the baby shower for Leslie was great. I think she got a lot of things that she needed. Hopefully it will at least get her off to a good start. She hasn't gotten much of anything on her own yet. The girl is kinda in a weird situation. She was renting a house and it was a really crappy place. The landlord wasn't fixing things and it was a pretty bad deal. So she moved in with her mom a couple months ago. She thought it would just be for a couple weeks until she found a new place. But that is proving to be pretty hard. She has had no luck in the house hunting department and has now admitted defeat until after the baby is born. She is just to far along now to mess with moving. I think she kept thinking she would wait to get baby stuff until she was in her own place so now the time is getting close and she doesn't have much. I just really wish she could have found her own place a month ago. I know she would have been much happier that way.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Baby Busy

Well Leslie that I work with is getting very pregnant. In fact she just has a couple of weeks left until her scheduled c-section. So tomorrow we are having her baby shower. At my house! So tonight I'm going to be busy getting the house baby shower ready. I need to sweep and mop and vacumn. Lena decided to be very rotten last night and shredded a bunch of paper in the dining room. So I need to vacumn really well thanks to her. Such a brat!

Darby is coming over tomorrow afternoon before the shower to help me decorate so I'm not worried about that part. Just need to do some cleaning. Fun times....


Got Greek Shirts?

My cousin Kim is in a sorority. She loves everything Greek. She has the notepads, the key chains, the binders, the bumper stickers, the clothes, the everything related to her sorority. So obviously with her birthday coming up it only makes sense to get her a shirt or hat or something Greek. Luckily I found this site that has very cute greek shirts. I was so pleased with the selection.

They have some really adorable tank tops like this one that I think she would like.

They also have sweatshirts, hats, totes, shorts, etc. Lots of different things to choose from. So if you are needing greek shirts or other greek items make sure you check them out.


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Dog Dilema

Okay I need your help folks. Bobby the guy behind the The Bestest Blog Of All Time posted a video on his blog yesterday. It's a video of his dogs. Seriously they are way cute and way calm. Calm being the key word. I need a dog like that. Bobby just moved and is really busy so I'm not gonna hound him about his dogs. So if you all will check out the video I would appreciate it. Then let me know what kind of adorable dogs those are! I must get a calm cute dog!


Wednesday, March 07, 2007


First the peanut butter recall happened and now contact lens solution is being recalled! What in the heck is going on in the world. Is nothing safe anymore? It's hard to keep up. So here is the scoop! It was a ReNu Contact Lens Solution Recall. So go to your medicine cabinet right now and check and see if you have any of that solution. If you do have that solution do not I repeat DO NOT put it into your eye ball. Before you use it you need to click on that link and find out the lot numbers involved in the recall. If you have one of the bottles being recalled you can get a free replacement. If you don't have one of the bottles being recalled you are safe to use the bottle you have. No free stuff for you....

I don't wear contacts but my sister does and so does Darby. I'm thinking that contacts are becoming more and more of a pain. If it was up to me I would just get the Lasik surgery and then I wouldn't have to worry about contact lens stuff getting recalled. Then I could focus on making sure I was eating safe peanut butter.


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American Idol

Okay I'm becoming obsessed with American Idol. Tomorrow things will get narrowed down to the final 12. These are the folks that I'm really hoping make it in the top twelve!

My Boys!!!!

Chris Sligh! Gotta love him. He is super funny. The boy has some crazy fun hair and he can SING! I think I might love his chubby goofy self. In fact I think he wants to be my boyfriend... LOVE HIM!!!

Blake Lewis! Who doesn't love this cutie! He can beat box like no one else and he can still sing. He is unique but not freaky weird. He is talented and fun. I think he might go pretty far. That beat boxing is

Jared Cotter! Okay Jared tells people that he wants to be the next American Idol. And the boy can sing. He will make it into the top twelve but he won't win it all. When he is done singing he will be fathering my children. He is gonna be the baby daddy but Chris Sligh is gonna raise them! :-) That's the plan...

My Girls!!!

Gina Glocksen! Okay if I was on American Idol I would be Gina. She is a little bit rock, a little funky and a whole lotta fun. I think she will make it pretty far in the competition. She won't win but the girl will have a record someday. Talented and unique. I like that.

Miss Jordin Sparks! This gal is a fire ball. She is a young thing. She has a lot of growing to do but she is on it! I just really think she is a blast to watch perform. You can tell she is enjoying herself and is just thrilled to be on the show and singing. I hope she keeps coming back for awhile yet.

The amazing Lakisha Jones. I predict that if Lakisha isn't the next American Idol she will at least be in the final three. This girl is talented and people love her. She has a set of pipes and a spirit that doesn't quit. Watch out folks her she comes...

So that's what I think. I'm silently praying that a few people go away tomorrow and luckily four folks will. I'll tell you more about what I think about the others another time.


Dating Dilemas

Dating is such a hassle. It's a pain when you are single. But if happen to be a single parent it can be even more difficult. Now there is a dating website just for Single Parents. This is a great way for single parents to connect with others. I also like that since it's obvious from the start that you have kids there isn't that shock of telling someone on the 2nd or 3rd date that you have a herd of babies of home. No surprises this way. That's a good thing in my opinion.

Happy Dating!

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Non Smoker

Yep that's me. I'm a non smoker. That's so exciting to me. The worst has passed I do believe. This morning when I woke up I of course thought first thing that I wanted a smokey treat. But instead of the normal grumble that I couldn't have one I just thought silly girl you don't smoke. And I went on about my day. Every once in awhile the cravings creep in but I just remind myself that I don't smoke and they go away. I don't feel panic today like the previous few days and I feel so much more in control. Thank goodness! I know I've still got some rough days ahead of me but I just feel so relieved to be thru the worst of it.

What's awesome is that my sister Heather doesn't read my blog. I know how in the world could she skip my awesome blog but she does. So she doesn't know that I've quit smoking. I'm trying to hold out and not tell her on the phone. I wanna surprise her this weekend. I think she will be very happy and proud of me. I know that my smoking has bothered her. So I can't wait for her to know.


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Not So Pretty

Well the no smoking trip is not so pretty. I have made it through the day with no smoking but I'm not to chipper about it. I went to church tonight because for one it was another hour that I wouldn't smoke and I thought at this point God may be the only help I have. :-)

I seriously cried through the whole sermon at church tonight. Not sobbing disrupt the congregation crying but crying. The pastor talked a lot about how parents protect their children. How they don't want them to suffer or to be sad or lonely. And it just made me miss my mom. So I sat there and cried and I'm sure looked like a fool to a lot of people but I don't care. Heck it's pretty bad when going to church doesn't even make ya feel better.

So I'm going to bed now and I'm praying that tomorrow will be easier and nicer and I'll not feel so crappy...


Saturday, March 03, 2007

Bye Bye Smoky Treats

Well today I'm officially a non smoker. I have been thinking about quitting smoking for a long time. Basically since I started smoking what is now 11 years ago. I remember when I was a stupid teenager and started smoking I thought oh I'll just smoke for a few years or I'll quit when I have kids. Now 11 years later I'm about to be a single mom and I'm terrified at the idea of what I've done to my body and health. I'm also terrified about the idea of me on a plane for 21 hours going to Greece and Ethiopia and not having my smoky treats as I call them. So I decided I needed to quit well before the plane rides and in advance of a baby coming home. I also thought it would be tacky to be the new mom that had to stand outside the orphanage and smoke rather than be with their baby. Tacky in my opinion. So no more for me.

Two weeks ago today I started taking a stop smoking medication Chantix. I was pretty apprehensive but it actually does seem to cut down on the cravings. So today Saturday March 3rd is the quit day. I just smoked my last smokey treat and it wasn't that enjoyable. It's snowing and windy outside and not pleasant weather. I thought maybe the sun would shine down brightly on me and the birds would chirp and I would have a brief moment of joy to say goodbye to my old friend. But no... I think I killed the birds with the smoke and the wind took what little breath I had away and the freezing snow made me do the I'm so cold I can't stand it dance. So by the time I was done I was annoyed and cussing and forgot to tell my friend goodbye. It's probably better that way... I should have never started in the first place.

I'm a little scared that tomorrow I'll go crazy and eat everything that isn't nailed down or I'll be a total bitch or I might give up. But then if I gain a couple pounds this week I'll just have to work harder next week and if I turn into a total bitch it won't be the first time and it will pass and if I give up and smoke one I'll just have to try harder not to smoke again. This may be a process but I've got to do it.

If I'm a single mom I've got to be as healthy as possible. There is no back up person. I get that. I can't be getting the lung cancer and dying. So no smokey treats. That and think of all the cool baby stuff I can buy with the money I save.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Happy Or Not

Okay this may be TMI for some people but I'm sharing it because this is my blog and I can. I'm having my period and for some reason decided to use a pad from Always. Well I open the thing up and there is a sticker on the pad that says "Have a Happy Period". What in the hell is that about!

Who says something stupid like that. And who in the hell is in charge of marketing at Always. That is the dumbest thing I've ever read in my life. Have a happy period. Some dumbass man had to come up with something like that. I just think it's ridiculous. Did the sticker making freaks not realize that I'm hormonal, fatter than I was last week, hungry, bitchy and don't want to be wished a Happy Period! There is nothing happy about my period. The only happy thing is that I have cramps that are bad enough that I'm not gonna trek my bloated butt over to the Always office and beat the heck out of someone.

Have a Happy Period.... Whatever!


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Big Day

Did a great adoption staffing at work today. It was a big one and it went so well. I'm just thrilled about it. I was so nervous this morning but now that it's done I'm just psyched! Heck I even wore a skirt and did my hair real pretty so it must have been a big day. I haven't been dressing up at all lately for work. Bad I know but I just sit at my desk all day doing paperwork or I'm out visiting clients and playing with kids. Jeans and a sweater works for that. So today I broke out the business girl look and shockingly I think I had kinda missed it... But tomorrow is Friday so for sure back to jeans then. Maybe I'll dress up a couple days next week...