Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snow Day

Well this morning it was really cold but no snow. So I headed to the office. Since the school around here were closed I knew none of the people with kids would be in. So I went to man the ship. I was the only one there! There were a couple of the secretaries but I was the only one in my department.

It really started snowing heavy about 10:30. I got an email from the home office at 2:00 saying to go home with pay so I headed out. The roads were pretty yucky but the snow is BEAUTIFUL! I love snow.

I took Lena out to play in it. She wasn't to sure about it but once she was out for a bit she started having a bit of fun. I think she just doesn't understand why it's there. But I got some cute pics of her playing. Gotta love the snow days!


kidsfirstinternet has some pretty cool kids bedding at some really affordable prices. They not only have the bedding but they have all kinds of children's products. They have furniture, accessories, toys, strollers, carriers, and really cute bean bag chairs. I love bean bag chairs for little kids! They also had a couple of really pretty rockers that I liked. Shawn and Amanda still don't have a rocker and their was one on their that matches Mattie's nursery stuff really well. They have an easy search feature and also list some of the best buys.

The site also has parent forums for discussions, a section full of expert advice, and lots of articles relevant to parenting and children. Parents can get advice and comparison shop. Pretty handy. Good prices without having to run all over town looking for the brands you want.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dr. Oz

Okay I TiVo'd Oprah today. Dr. Oz was on. I love him! Well he actually said today that when men lose 35 pounds they gain 1 inch in penis size! Did anyone else see that? It cracks me up. He says that when guys are over weight the fat bags surround the penis shaft. So when they lose weight they gain an inch. That is amazing to me!!! I'd never heard that. I want to just go find a fat guy and tell him about it. Think of what you gain by losing! AMAZING!!!


Fantasy Football

A bunch of my guy friends are into Fantasy Football. They do the whole mock draft thing and create teams and try to win money. They get all kinds of excited about it. Now they are getting into the American Fantasy Football League. I guess the payouts can be quite a bit and they have a ton of fun doing it. There must be something fantastic about Fantasy Football.



Okay I'm getting in big trouble with my family for not posting this sooner. I sold my house. Well kinda. We close on the 28th of December so I will sell it then. But I have buyers! And I have the bestest friend in the world. Darby got it sold for me. She showed it to a girl in her nursing class and she and her husband are the ones buying it. My realator didn't even have to show it to them. Darby did all the hard work. She rocks like that!!!



I love pictures. We all know that! I take a lot of pictures. In fact I've even had some of my pictures blown up to hang in my spare bedroom. Well now if I have a picture I really like I can go to Wallhogs and get it blown up into a HUGE print. They make prints that are 7 feet tall x 52! Can you imagine having a picture that big.

As much as Darby's little boy Caden likes trains it would be neat to get some train pictures blown up. She could get a couple of them and have them on the walls in his room and it would look pretty cool. Caden would dig some big trains.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Nine

Okay I love the new show The Nine. It has Scott Wolf in it and I love him! In fact I like the whole cast. Well I guess they are axing it!!! I'm so disappointed. I guess I'm one of the few that watched it. See that's why I don't usually watch new shows. It seems like all the ones I like get canceled. UGH!

Contact Lenses

I've found the place to go for discount contacts! This site offers some amazing deals on a lot of different brands of contacts. I found the brand my sister uses for about $3.00 less than what she pays now. Some of the brands they carry include Bausch & Lomb, Acuvue, Boston, Ciba Vision, and Johnson & Johnson. There are many other brands listed those just happen to be the ones I'm most familiar with. They also carry a wide variety of accessories which is nice.

One thing I thought was pretty cool is that they offer gift certificates. This is a really handy feature. It seems like my sister needs her contacts sometimes and won't be coming home from college in time to get them. It would be really handy to just get online and get her the gift certificate so she could order them and have them shipped to her at school. It would save a lot of time and hassle.

There are also rebates listed on the site and that is awesome! Then you get your discount contacts and a rebate which means big savings. Good deals all around my friends! What a great way to save some money and save time. Not having to mess with calling in your script, dealing with the reorder hassle, going to pick up the contacts, etc. This way you just order online, even reorders are easy, then have them shipped to you. Saving time and money are my two big goals! This is a great way to do both.


Day Over

Thank God the work day is over. It was a zoo at the office. Everyone wants something right now! It's driving me nuts. With this new position it is either totally dead or totally swamped. There is never any in between times. It's kinda crazy...


PBR Finals

Jason Lahr is a guy from my town. He goes to my church and he is a pretty nice guy. He is also an amazing steer wrestler. In fact he will be at the Professional Bull Riders Finals in Las Vegas! He has been in the passed and I don't know if he will go again. I think it would be pretty awesome to somehow get PBR Finals tickets. I would love to watch him win. His dad passed away from cancer in August of 2005 and his mom was such a great support to my mom, my sister and I while my mom was battling cancer. She was always sending cards and praying for us. It would be neat to see him win and see her enjoy a moment of something really great!

When you come from a town like Emporia there isn't much that usually happens here. Lots of people rodeo but not many get very far. For some regular good old boy like Jason to make it this far is neat to hear about and hopefully for some people from around here see. I have heard that quite a few people from town are going so that is good. Hometown support sure couldn't hurt anything. Go Jason!


Baby Jesus and a Broken Glucose Meter

It's not been the best morning. Lena my dog ate Baby Jesus! She stole baby Jesus from my nativity set on the end table and ate him. That's not good. Not only does my nativity set look stupid without Jesus but I think that is a sign that my dog is going to hell. Just me but eating Baby Jesus is not a good thing.

When I left for work this morning I heard a crunching sound. So I got out to inspect and I guess my glucose meter that I check my blood sugar with fell out of my purse. I ran it over. It's just destroyed. So I called the doctor's office and they are gonna call in a new one. My guess is though that insurance won't pay for it. I haven't had that one quite a year yet. December 6th will be a year so I'll have to eat the cost on that.

Good times here!


Monday, November 27, 2006

N101 Nutrition

N101 Nutrition offers great nutritional supplements and self care products at very reasonable prices. I searched for some of the nutritional supplements that I use and that I know some of my friends use and their prices were very competitive. In fact the same brand of fish oil that I use is on their site for $6.00 less than what I usually pay. That is a heck of deal in my opinion.

A great feature on this site is that you can search for products based on the health condition. More sites should consider this option. It saves a person so much time and it also introduces people to products that they may not have known about in the past. They have numerous conditions listed and all of the ones I searched for produced several results for reasonably priced products.

There is also an impressive health notes section on this site that offered a wealth of information on a wide variety of topics. Everything from weight management to medicine interactions is covered. The health notes section alone is worth the visit and if you are in need of any supplements you can get them at very reasonable prices.



I've added some new things to the blog. On the right you will see a new section with random things about me. I was up late and couldn't sleep so I did that instead. Now I'm tired but it was kinda fun! :-) You will also see my Fatty Facts tracker at the bottom of the blog. When I changed to Beta I lost my tracker so I just now got a new one put on. I gained back the weight I had lost over Thanksgiving so we are at it again. New day, new diet, new tracker. Fun times.

I've also been adding new links to my blog roll. I would recommend checking out all the blogs I'm linked to. I love them all for various reasons. But please if you look at no other today check out Self Portraits! This is a new blog and she is super talented. I'm really impressed with it!

That's what I know


Las Vegas

Did you know that approximately 5000 people move to Las Vegas every single month! That is crazy. That's a heck of a lot of people. One of my friends from high school moved to Vegas and had a really hard time finding a decent place to rent. When my Dad and Cricket lived in Vegas they actually lived in a hotel. And what is crazy is that there were lots of families with children living out of the hotel too. Very odd. I'm guessing that they didn't know there are easy ways to find Las Vegas real estate. This site is a great resource to use to identify rentals, resale houses, new homes, or condos. This site is easy use. You can search by city or type of home you are looking for. It's a quick and easy way to find a home.



When I pray I always pray for enough. Enough strength, enough faith, enough love, enough of whatever it is that I need to get through the day and be the best person I can be. I pray that the people I care about get enough. We don't really know what we need all the time but enough always works....

Tonight I can't sleep. I'm done with my prayers and I'm stuck on enough and my mom. I wonder if I did enough for her. I wonder if I told her I loved her enough. I can't get the idea out of my head that I didn't do enough.

I replay our last few days together. Our last conversations. Our last holidays and special events. Was it enough... Was I a good enough daughter? I tell myself that God made me enough and guided me enough. But when I can't sleep and I lay there and think I just don't for sure... Is it ever enough...


Sunday, November 26, 2006


Okay I think I'm gonna get this alien thing for my nephew for Christmas. It looks pretty funky and I think he might dig it. You get a test tube in the mail with powder in it. You add water and an alien starts to grow. It has a heart beat and develops an alien brain. You can go online to a "research lab" and interact with it. How funny is that. You feed the alien this stuff called slog that comes with it. It helps it grow and communicate. Dalton would think that was pretty cool I do believe. You can get them at alienadoptionworld


Making progress

Well I'm getting some stuff marked off the to do list... It is not looking like everything is going to get done today.. But here is what I've done so far...

I've cleaned the fridge and gotten groceries for the week. I did get the outside lights and decorations done. That was quite an ordeal! Took me way longer then I planned. My Christmas tree is up, my wonderful ornaments are on it and it looks great. However, there are still about 10 tubs of decorations to be put up inside and I'm just done. I'm not feeling it now. I'm tired and I think I'm calling it a day with the decorating.

I've only gotten 2 loads of laundry done and I'm considering dropping my clothes at the dry cleaner to be pressed tomorrow because I don't want to mess with it. My Christmas cards are in a nice little stack on my desk. Maybe I will get to those tomorrow night... I like to have them addressed and ready to send on the 1st. So I still have time. I have yet to pay the bills but it will get done before I go to bed tonight.

Trying to get all my weekend stuff done in one day doesn't work. The Tour De Turkey kinda screwed up my weekend events but it was totally worth it. I'm so glad we went everywhere we did. Now I just have to get caught up.


New Book

Well there is a new shocking true story out that I have to read! It's called Defiance and it is written by Alex Konanykhin. Here is the Book Website. It looks very interesting! From what I understand without reading it Alex lived in Russia and made a FORTUNE banking. Eventually the KGB was after Alex and he and his wife had to escape from Russia. He is currently living in the US and fighting his deportation. Being deported to Russia would almost guarantee his death. So Defiance is his story. I'm going to add this book to my must read list. Please tell me have any of you read this book yet? I would love to know what you think.


To Do

Wow my to do list is huge today! I've already gotten some of it done... But this is what it is looking like....

1. Clean out Fridge

2. Grocery shop

3. Put away Thanksgiving Decorations

4. Put out Christmas Decorations

5. Hang Christmas lights outside

6. Put up one Christmas tree

7. Pay Bills

8. Do four loads of laundry

9. Iron work clothes for next week

10. Address Christmas cards!

So much to do so little time to blog...


Saturday, November 25, 2006


There is a really helpful E-Book out there that I think more folks should be checking out! The book is titled High Performance Affiliate Marketing. It is a great book that guides you through the process of making money online as an affiliate helping you to become a super affiliate. We all would love to come up with a way to make more money. And making money through online means is really a great way to boost your income, have fun, and spend more time at home and less time at an office. So if you have time check out the book! If you end up getting rich remember me at Christmas time! :-)


Home Sweet Home

Well Heather and I are home! The Tour De Turkey has come to an end for the year! It was quite a journey! 21 hours in the car since Tuesday at noon, two turkey dinners, 4 states, one stay at a hotel in the ghetto, too much shopping, and a ton of priceless memories! Who could ask for more. While we hate to have the trip be over we are quite glad that we survived the journey and didn't kill each other in the process. Thank god I have a sister that is a good travel buddy!!!


Friday, November 24, 2006


I know that some of my guy friends love to play poker online. I came across this site PokerDIY - Connecting Poker Player for Live Games. It looks like it could be kind of fun. You can set up groups of friends that you play with and you can track your scores. With all the new online gambling laws people are looking more for live poker games so this would be a great place to check out. They even have a youtube video if you would like to check it out at


Tour De Turkey

Well the Tour De Turkey is going amazingly well! We made it to my brother's house in Indiana in 9 hours on Tuesday! We were expecting him to be at work but he took the night off to greet us. It was so good to see him and his lovely wife Amanda. She had been released from the hospital to come home for the holiday so it was nice to have her around. We kept thinking maybe she would have the baby while we were there but she didn't....

Amanda's family came in on Wednesday and we had a nice time with them. They are so nice to Heather and I. We really appreciate that they just welcomed us to their Thanksgiving. We had a great meal on Thursday! Thanks Debbie!!! And I took Amanda's black and white pregnancy pics Thursday also before we hit the road.

Leg two of the Tour De Turkey was a little rougher than the first leg. We didn't leave Indiana until 4:45 so we didn't get to Tulsa until 1:00 a.m. We were worn out but glad to be here!!! We are getting ready to have round two of the turkey dinners here in a little bit.

Hope you all are having a great Thanksgiving too!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Okay I'm heading out shortly but I'll be back Saturday. So probably no posts till then. Unless I happen to have access to a computer somewhere. I hope everyone has a fabulous Turkey Day!!!



Well I've tried ever diet on the planet. We all know that. I work out, I try to eat right and it never sticks for long. Hence my butt not getting any smaller. But I keep trying, and looking and maybe someday I'll find a diet that works for me. I found a new site that has all kinds of diet info. They have all kinds of dieting tips and breaking news about different kinds of diets. It's pretty interesting. They even have a workout and diet video. If you have time you ought to check it out. Who knows maybe the website will make my butt smaller... :-)



Well the car is filled up, the bags are all packed and I'm ready. Just waiting on Miss Heather now... I'm so ready to get on the road. I'm hoping there will be no blizzards or tornados for this trip. Our last two trips to Indiana have been quite eventful. So we are hoping that this trip will be calm and clear!


The PayPerPost forums are pretty fun. You can find all kinds of things on there. It really is a great way to find cool blogs. And there is usually some gossip on there about Ted or Tamale or someone else in the Pay Per Post gang. You never know what you will find but it's usually interesting and fun. There is also a question and answer section about Pay Per Post and there is a featured blogger section which I like. So sometime you really ought to check it out. And of course if you happen to sign up for Pay Per Post which I would recomend then you ought to use my email as your referrer Have fun on the forums!


Count Down

Well I'm counting down the time till we can hit the road! I have to go to work for a little bit and then we can get going around 12 or 1 I hope.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Well it looks like our flaming Tamale is much calmer now! I think Vegas did her good! A little drinking, a little gambling and a big old Pay Per Post style wedding! That's good times for a Tamale!

Ted got her that cool camera too. That rocks. Camera's always make me happy! I'm kinda a camera brat. I always have to have a new cool camera. Now she has one. Vitamin water and HP cameras right after a trip to Vegas. That rocks. I wanna work for payperpost blog now. Do you think they need a social worker? Maybe for when the Tamale is way stressed. Maybe then I could give her a little therapy. And I bet I have a cooler camera. I could let her use it. I could share like that... I'm a nice girl!



Well I'm all packed and ready to head out to Indiana! Heather and I should leave tomorrow afternoon. I'm ready!!!


Car Audio

Are you looking for a new car audio system? If so you ought to check this site out. They have some cool systems. They are a little pricey but I think it's worth it if you really want a quality system for your car. I looked around the site for awhile and they seem to have some good specials if you are looking for a bargain. They have several different brands available and a wide price range. A little something for everybody. A new system would an awesome Christmas gift.... Someone could score big points with that!



I drove a company vehicle today. I hate driving the company vehicle. But I did it because I didn't want to pay to fill up my own car. So I took the crappy Ford Focus. Well I go to fill it up after I get done using it and their is no gas card in the damn thing. So I had to pay to fill up a stupid Focus! Go figure!!! I hate company cars.


Pay Per Post Love

Okay I'm loving Pay Per Post! I keep having money show up in my account and I love them more each day. I love the fact that I just have to write about cool sites and they pay me! I love the fact that with Pay Per Post I'm gonna get my debt knocked out QUICK like! That rocks! While the money is an amazing reason to love Pay Per Post I dig it for other reasons too. I like the fact that I get to find out about sites I would have never heard of otherwise. And I really like the fact that I have found some cool blogs as a result of using Pay Per Post. I like checking out the blogs run by other posties. That is fun times. So money and blogs. Two great reasons to love me some Pay Per Post. I think they have to be the best out there in blog marketing. So check them out and if you sign up use my email as your referrer.


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Talking Chairs

My cousins son wants this talking Mater chair for Christmas. Mater is one of the characters from the movie Cars. Well they didn't have it in Tulsa so they asked me to look for it here. Well my Wal-mart had it so I got it. I'm nice like that. But this chair has to be one of the most annoying things invented. I laughed all the way through Wal-mart and all the way home. Because anytime it moves it talks. So none stop through the store and in the car it kept talking. People were cracking up walking past me because my cart would talk to them. I'm just wondering if it will have any batteries left after it rides 17 hours in the car. By then Mater may be talking really slow!



I'm invited to two weddings in the month of December. I know one of the girls is planning on having candle wedding favors the other one is planning on having Beta's as their favors. I got a Beta at my friend Lindsay's wedding so I probably won't get another one. I have a hard enough time remembering to feed the one I have. But I do think the Beta's are much better favors then the candle wedding favors. I just think that too many people do the candles. Why would everyone want to be alike? Get creative, think outside the box. I think the coolest thing would be to pick something that is unique to the couple. If you love to golf together give golf balls with your wedding date on them. Something unique to the couple always scores more points with me.

Busy Day

I wasted most of yesterday watching TV and laying around. So now I have a ton of stuff to do today. Cleaning, Packing for next week, Shopping, and Lena has to have a bath!!! Fun times in my world.


Personal Development

This is a fairly interesting personal development blog. They have lots of different articles about a wide variety of personal issues. They offer exercise advice to information on various health topics. This blog also offers a great section on personal finance issues, credit cards, developing an emergency fund and determining how to save your money. The blog is easy to navigate and informational.


Saturday, November 18, 2006

Little Better

I'm feeling better tonight then I did last night. Still not feeling real wonderful about everything but at least I've quit crying. That is a bonus! I've learned over the past couple of months that when you get really upset never ever lay down! When you are sobbing you produce a huge amount of snot. If you lay down it ends up in your stomach and you for sure are gonna puke! So that's my advice of the day. Glad I can help prevent the crying puke for my dear readers. :-)

Went to the festival thing my church puts on today. Saw a lot of people and bought a lot of homemade jams and jellies. Good times.

Lena and I have spent the afternoon playing. I took her to the park to run while I played around with my camera a little bit. It was nice to be outside for awhile. It was cool today but not bad.


Empty Soul

I miss my mom tonight. I miss my mom every day but tonight I really miss my mom. There is no particular reason, no special occasion or event. Just a typical normal day of wanting my mom. I miss the feeling I had when she was here. Not just having her but how I was when she was in the world... Like I had meaning and reason and purpose.

I always knew that I was meant to be hers. God picked her for me and me for her and planned for us to be together. I could have had another mom. I was born to a different person. But God meant for me to be hers. So I came to her and became hers and it was right. It was the only thing that was right.

I grew up knowing that if I was never meant to do anything else it was to be her daughter. I could fail at anything but that would be my one success. I would be hers. Just my being was enough for her. I didn't have to do anything particularly great or bold. I didn't have to be the prettiest, the smartest, the most creative. I didn't even have to be funny. I just had to get up each day and find her and it was enough.

She would be mine. It could have been someone else but it wasn't. She was the one the only... mine. Purely and simply my beautiful mom. She would know me like no one else. She knew my soul and my being. I know she memorized me. She knew my sound and smell and secrets. I know when I was a baby she memorized me like I memorized her as she was dying. When you love someone that much they become you, you just etch every part of them into your core and you don't let it go... a forever memory.

And now without her I don't know who I am. When your anchor disappears the sea gets rough. I push forward because I should; I breathe because I must. But my heart aches and my soul cries. I try to find another meaning. There isn't one really. I was meant to be hers.

Now instead of tending her garden I tend her memory. I promise her each day when I wake that she will not be forgotten. I talk about her every chance I get. I don't want anyone to forget her. I go to the cemetery and check the grave. I know she is not there but that is one way she is remembered. When people go there I don't want them to see an unkempt grave. I want to care for her still.

She was my very best friend. It has been 76 days since I've talked to her now. 76 days since I saw her. Before now I'd never gone more than 7 days without seeing her or 2 days without talking to her. This is torture, pure and simple. She got heaven... I'm stuck in hell. I would sell what is left of my empty soul for a moment in time with her. One brief moment to hear her laugh...

76 days, 1824 hours, 109,440 minutes, 1 broken heart....

Friday, November 17, 2006

Song of the Day

Here is my song of the day!!!

Love it!!!



What's for dinner... The question I seem to ask all the time. However, I rarely have an appealing answer. That was before I found BigOven Recipe Software - 160,000 Recipes. With that many recipes I can't help but find something to eat that actually sounds good and tastes good. It doesn't matter if I'm trying to make leftovers yummier or if I want to try something crazy different. You can find about anything and it's way easy to use.


What a Week

It has been such a long and crazy week. Work was insane! I'm so glad it is the weekend. Heather is feeling much better so that is good. One less thing to worry about that way.

I was so busy this week that I seem to have forgotten to pay the K-Tag bill. When Heather went back to school her K-Tag did not work and it was confiscated. I guess the toll booth lady took it for nonpayment. OOPPS! I am glad it was her and not me. So I took care of it and paid the bill. Now I'm waiting for them to send out a new K-Tag for her to use. I did not score sister points on that deal....


Credit Cards

Since I'm really trying to get my debt paid off I've transferred all my credit card debt to a 0% interest credit card. That way I can make my payments and not have all that interest working against me. I just went with one of the offers I got in the mail. But if you are searching for the right credit card for you there is a great site out there to help you. This search engine can help you locate all types of Credit Cards. So find you a low interest card and get rid of that debt!


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Long Day

I just got home from work! This has been the craziest day. Not pleasant to say the least. And to top it all off I missed Zumba tonight. That is my happy time. Damn jobs!!!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I've got music now! That's fun!!!


Diet Wine

Could there really be such a thing as Diet Wine? Would the fat gods be that kind? It appears they must because I found some low calorie wine!!! How freaking great is that. Usually I don't get to drink more than one or two glasses of wine because those liquid calories add up and my butt expands. But now I might actually be able to enjoy it without the guilty pleasure or the extra jiggle. It only has 20 calories and comes in lots of flavors. So there must be something for everyone! They even happen to have wine recipes. I'm totally gonna try it out. Maybe I can get it before Thanksgiving... That would be nice. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.


Sick One Continued

Well I took Heather to the doctor. The doctor seems to think she may have mono. They ran some blood work today and we should have the results back tomorrow. They are testing for a couple things but they seem to be leaning towards mono which she REALLY doesn't want! She still feels crappy and is sleeping now. I'm hoping maybe some rest will do her good.



Just today I was thinking I wonder what in the world a catfish looks like in a tank. I know I have seen one at the aquairium before but I just could not remember exactly what it looked like. Luckily I came across this video! It's all coming back to me now.

Seriously you can get paid to make crazy videos like this one. Heck you can even get paid to blog about crazy videos like this one. Who would have ever thought! So go check out PayPerPost and sign up. You can make some money, you can get a few chuckles, and you can learn how to make a catfish! If you sign up don't forget to use my email as your referrer


Sick One

Heather came home today because she is sick. I'm taking her to the doctor this afternoon. She can hardly speak and looks like she feels rotten. Hopefully they will give the kid some antibiotics and get her back to feeling better soon.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Trump This

This cracks me up! I had no idea there was such a thing but there is. Trump University is actually an online university. They offer classes in buying or starting businesses. They have a regular faculty and focus on business education. The program is online/home study but students do have access to faculty for questions and answers. So you can work on your own schedule no having to get to class at a certain time. So if you want to Learn the Art of Buying a Business and be able to say that you got your degree from Trump U check it out.


Worn Out

What a crazy busy day! I feel like all I did was run all day long. My cases have gone wild this week. Kids doing wacky things, parents doing stupid things and me trying to keep up. It's not pretty for me right now! Hopefully things will calm down in a couple days and it will be back to managed chaos. I like managed chaos a lot!!!



The other day I saw this product advertised on TV. It's called Dermacia. I'd never heard of it before. But it looks kinda interesting. It's what they call a breathable foundation... I guess it bathes your skin in water and oxygen. It allows your skin to take in more oxygen than regular foundation. I don't know if it's true or not but the people trying it looked great. And it does have a money back gaurantee... So if you need so oxygen and your skin needs to breathe it might be right for you.



Wow I made it through crazy Monday. Today is looking like it will be crazy busy too. I have to be in to many places today. I totally overscheduled myself! No fun!!!


Monday, November 13, 2006

The Hidden Cost

Buying my first house was one of the best and worst experiences of my life. The whole mortgage process was overwhelming. Every time I thought I had it figured out something changed and somehow change always seemed to mean that I was paying more. The only change involved me forking over all the change I had. It was just an exhausting process that was not explained very clearly to me. I wish I would have known about this site when I was applying for my home loan . This site helps consumers learn the ins and outs of borrowing. That way you can make an intelligent and informed decision about buying a home.


Change In Plans

Well things change quickly! Now the girl isn't coming today but will be coming this weekend. So I guess I get to go back to work. :-)


Cheering Squad

My friend Sharon is having such a tough time. Her husband has cancer and has gone through several rounds of chemo. I know each day is a mini battle for them. So I was trying to think of something I could get for her. And I found this Virtual Cheering Squad. I can record her a message to encourage her and then anytime she opens her jewelry box she will hear it. Hopefully that will help lift her spirits.


New Kid

Well there are changes in the air. My boss approached me last week about possibly taking a foster kid. She is 17 years old and has a lot of mental health problems. No other foster home will take her and they are desperate for a good placement. So after talking it over with Heather and doing a lot of praying I have decided to take her. She will be coming tonight. So I'm spending the afternoon getting the house ready for her. It should be interesting...


Share the Wisdom

After my mom got sick I started realizing how many people have had medical experiences. Some have been good some have been bad. But everyone has a story to tell. The purpose of this site is to Help others by sharing 1 piece of health wisdom at You could share a health recommendation, the inspirational story of your Aunt Helen beating her cancer, or just some lesson you have learned regarding your health. It's a great way for people to be able to learn from one another!



Have I told you all that I hate getting up early to go to the gym! I wanna be asleep still but I've already worked out for an hour. I thought I'd be more awake when I got done but I'm actually still really tired... No fun!

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Darby and I both are really wanting an iPOD. We want them so we can listen to our own music at the gym, not just the cheesy music they play over the speakers. We both really want the iPod, we talk about the iPod, we track down places in town where the iPod's are sold but we still don't have an iPod. As much as we want one we don't want to pay for one... They cost some bills folks and we all know that Darby and I are both trying to save the bills... So I think I found the solution to the iPod dilemia. No they aren't going on the Christmas list and we aren't gonna beat up someone at the gym and take theirs. We are gonna enter the Get a Free iPod from Now! and win one! That is my plan!!! They give away a free iPod every single day! How flipping cool is that. We are bound to win one eventually!!!



Wow it just started raining like crazy here. Just pouring! I wonder if it will freeze tonight and turn into a frozen ice mess...


Puppy Problems

My Lena is having a rough time tonight with her allergies. I have given her the Benedryl like the vet recommended but she is still wheezing and scratching her little eyes. I hate it when she is sick! Pet care is harder than I ever thought it would be. I try so hard to take good care of her but it's not like she can tell me what is wrong exactly or how she is feeling. I never knew I'd have to become a pro at special needs pet care. The heart guard stuff, the allergy stuff, the special food, and the flea medications all add up to a lot of time and money. But then I look at Miss Lena and she is so freaking cute and lovable that I can't stay frustrated long! She is worth it all!!! I just don't know what I would ever do without her. She may just be a dog to someone else but I'm pretty attached to her.


Empty House

What a good weekend with my family! I had a great time with my aunts. They are crazy for sure! We of course went to a craft show where we didn't buy anything but spent some time looking. We of course ate too much and moved to little. We of course played games and no one quite remembered the rules and some people cheated more than others. We of course listened to Donna hoot and hollar through several football games. We of couse had a fabulous time and are now counting the days till the next get together. :-)



People in my family know quite a bit about the need for storage. People are always moving and never have enough space. In fact my Dad has had more storage units than anyone I have ever met. Now I've found a great way to Find Storage Nationwide. This site is really handy for folks moving or just working out of state. Maybe you need to find storage in an area you aren't familiar with. Ask my Dad what a hassle that can be! So this is a great way to make it a little bit easier for you. This site allows you to get four local quotes so you can get competitive bids. The best part is that you send your contact information only to the companies you choose. So you won't get hounded by random places. You can also find other services related to moving, packing and real estate services. Pretty handy if you ask me.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Company Coming

Well my aunts and sister are coming to my house today! I'm excited to see everyone. I haven't seen Betty and Donna in awhile so it will be fun to hang out. I think there is another craft show this weekend so we may go to that. Who knows, I'm sure we will find something to do.


Bra Drama

We all know about my bra drama. I hate bra shopping! It's the worst to me. It's a hassle to find a big bra. And forget finding one that is cute!!! The last time I went bra shopping the lady that sized me said I was a G. Then I went bra shopping this week and the lady said I was a DD again. So what I want to know is how in the heck do you really find bra size that is right for you? And then if you find the bra size that is right for a regular bra how do you ever find a sports bra. I don't understand why bras have to be so complicated. All I want is a couple good big bras that actually keep my girls where they need to be and maybe just maybe was a little bit cute! That's it. Is that too much for a girl to ask?


Friday, November 10, 2006

What Card Are You?

You are The High Priestess

Science, Wisdom, Knowledge, Education.

The High Priestess is the card of knowledge, instinctual, supernatural, secret knowledge. She holds scrolls of arcane information that she might, or might not reveal to you. The moon crown on her head as well as the crescent by her foot indicates her willingness to illuminate what you otherwise might not see, reveal the secrets you need to know. The High Priestess is also associated with the moon however and can also indicate change or fluxuation, particularily when it comes to your moods.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm Getting Paid

I've been doing Pay Per Post for awhile now and I'm having fun with. Not only am I having fun but I'm making money! So far I've been paid $42 and I have another $150 or so coming in the next 30 days. That rocks for me. I'm just putting it all towards paying down my debt.

I'm so glad that I found out about Pay Per Post from Bobby over at Bestest Blog. I know he has made quite a bit so far. It's a win win situation in my opinion. So if you are interested in PayPerPost take the time to check it out. And if you decide to sign up for sure use my email as your referrer I hope you can make some money and have some fun doing it.



Well today I did a little mini tour of Kansas. I swear I spend more time being lost on the road then I do actually working! I have to get GPS. These old farmer guys have to be getting sick of giving my lost self directions. It's ridiculous. I'm surprised that I find my way home. The good thing is that with it getting dark earlier I just drive towards the city lights...

I did see some funny things today. I saw a guy that must have weighed about 350 riding one of those little scooter things. I'm not talking a motorcycle or even a moped. I'm talking one of the little electric scooters! It scared me a little bit. I think the scooter was scared too. It was moving pretty slow!

I also saw someone driving a metro, you know those little bitty cars. The metro was funny enough but they had a piece of plywood on top of it. A large piece of plywood! Who does such a thing. I laughed for quite awhile at the sight of that. I can't believe that a hardware store would let someone leave with plywood on top of a metro.

So that's my day. Real exciting huh???


Maternity Card

My sister-in-law is expecting which most of you know by know. She has had anything but an easy pregnancy. In fact I think she has spent more time in the hospital than she has out of the hospital. It's been quite a journey for her. I know it's been emotionally taxing as well as financially taxing as well. So I'm gonna have to tell her about this great site for pregnancy insurance. It really ensures that mom's get the best Pregnancy Care

What is great about this program is that you can sign up even after you are pregnant! That is almost unheard of. It covers a wide variety of services too. Doctor visits, hospital stays, sonograms, vitamins, newborn tests. It's a pretty good thing for folks without insurance or even those that have insurance but not such great pregnancy coverage.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Just a short post today. I'm so worn out. It's been a really long day! My car is broken. That's not so good. It's gonna cost money to fix it and I don't want to spend it! I hate broken cars!!!! Why are cars so expensive anyway?


Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Today would have been my mom's 57th birthday! To celebrate her life Heather and I decided to take balloons to the cancer center for the patients receiving chemo. So we loaded the car full of balloons and went to deliver them. It was such a wonderful thing to do! The patients were so excited and it just really made our day to be able to still celebrate. Who doesn't love balloons!!! If they asked us why we were doing it we told them about it being mom's birthday but if not we just gave them the balloon and told them we wanted them to know someone was thinking of them today.

When we got done gifting all the patients we had one lone balloon left. It happened to be yellow with a purple ribbon. Mom's favorite color was yellow and purple is the color for pancreatic cancer. So we went outside and sent her balloon to heaven. We watched it float as high as we could see until she snatched it. We sure miss her but we are so glad we did something positive and celebrated what she meant to us.... Kindness, Love, Laughter, Joy, Brightness, Fun, and Celebration.

Here are some pictures from our great day! Happy 1st Birthday in Heaven Mom!!!!

Lots of Balloons!

Getting ready to go make someone's day!

Mom's Balloon

Letting It Go

Heaven Bound!!!

Grant Us Peace

Monday, November 06, 2006


Some Quick Reminders
Tomorrow is Election Day! So get out and VOTE!!!! I don't care who you vote for, what party you are, or if I'm right and your wrong! I do however care about voting!!! People have fought and died for us to have this right and responsibility. People in many parts of the world wish they had an opportunity to express their wishes and stand up for their beliefs. We have been given the opportunity. Please don't waste it!!!
Also there is still time to make a peace globe for tomorrow. You just need to go to Mimi Writes (the link is on the right). You can make your globe and put it on your blog tomorrow. This is a great way to express your desire for world peace. Mimi has worked so hard on this project and I hope that as many people as possible take part.

Real Estate

My old house has been on the market for 60 days now. It's not moving. No offers, barely any showings. I'm not to happy about that. But I guess Scottsdale real estate is slow too so maybe I shouldn't be worried.



This is kinda weird. I got the mail tonight and there was a letter from the company that made the casket we got for my mom. We picked a really beautiful wood casket. It really was pretty. But anyways they sent this letter that had a card that explained that a tree had been planted in my mom's name. It's a living memorial... I thought in some way that was kinda nice. But then the other part of me wonders if they had to do that to replace the tree they killed to make her wood casket.... Things that make you say hmmmmmm....


Free Music

Found another free deal for you. Always looking for free stuff! You know I'm good like that. Right now if you go to Vimo and review a doctor you get five free songs! How cool is that. Vimo allows people to compare doctors, read reviews, and pick the doctor that is best for them. So you just go and review your regular doctor, the doctor you saw last year, or some specialist you've seen and you get the free songs. You actually get five free songs for each review. So if you are like me and see two doctors then you can get five songs for each. The songs are MP3's so they will play on your IPOD!



I'm all enrolled for next semester! I met with my advisor today and got it all done. I'm glad I'll be going back!!! I will have a crazy semester. I have to take 15 hours and do an internship so it will be way busy. But I'll be so much closer to getting done. Not much longer once I get back!!!


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Safe Deposit Box

My Dad and Stepmom travel all the time for their jobs. They have a home but are really hardly ever there. The last time they came to visit we talked about how they really need to have a safe place to keep all their financial information, insurance info, etc. Well I think I found a solution that might work for them. An Online Safe Deposit Box might be the answer for them. You can create an online safe deposit box that has your account numbers, scanned copies of important documents, medical records, and any other information important to you and your family. That way no matter where you are you can log in and gain access to the records you need in an emergency. Since Hurricane Katrina I've thought about this quite a bit. What good is have a regular safe deposit box if your whole city is basically destroyed and you can't get to the information you need? This really seems like a great way to protect yourself and your family.


Debt Diet

Okay I'm totally on a debt diet. I'm really trying to get my finances under control. It's not that I don't make enough money. For the first time in my life I actually make more money each month than I have bills. Which means I don't have to use my credit cards. Which means I now have to pay them off. I'm trying to do it as quickly as possible!

So the goal at this point is not to quit spending all together. It's to just try to find a way to have all my debt paid off in the next year. I've spent the afternoon creating a little budget. And if I follow it everything, including my car could be paid off by this time next year. That would make me very very happy! I really want to get the car paid off by then. I have a five year note on it but if I could pay it off by this time next year I would have it done in less than three. Which would be oh so nice!

I guess we will see how the pretty little budget goes...


Postie Patrol

Well the folks at Pay Per Post went out for another Postie Patrol. They headed out in the big blue monster to find Guy. Once they found him Ted had a challenge for him. Whoever could eat a large pizza first got $400 bucks. Ted just couldn't do it so Guy won the money. Good work Guy!!! Just last week Ted was talking about being the fat kid. Now he tries to eat a large pizza. Maybe he should have challenged Guy to a run.

The Postie Patrol cracks me up. I think it would be pretty cool to have the big blue monster pull into my driveway. I wouldn't want to eat a large pizza but I just might try it for $400!



Well looks like Saddam Hussein is gonna die. He was found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging. I'm glad that justice will be served. Well actually I don't know how much justice there is in it. His victims suffered so much more than he ever will. Hanging seems awfully nice compared to some of the ways he tortured his victims. But at least he will be gone and people won't have to worry about him anymore. From everything I've read it sounds ike the appeal process is pretty speedy there and then the execution happens 30 days after the appeal is decided. No dragging it out like in the US. So not to long and it will be over...



Car and home insurance is so expensive. I'm constantly looking for a better deal. Something that would save me money. I came across this site Free Insurance Quotes. So I entered my information for my free quote. It seemed to be fairly on target. It gave me an amount about $3 less than what I'm paying now. So at least it is accurate. It was really quick and easy to do. I just entered in some info and it searched and then I was done. So if your looking to save some money you might want to check out Free Insurance Quotes.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Good Day

It's been a good day here. Heather and the girls are so much fun to have around. They are pretty dang funny! I swear though that they wear my washer and dryer out. I think that thing ran for 24 hours straight. They got all but one load done. It was still drying. So I'll take those things to them Tuesday when I go there to visit.

Aunt Shirley came to visit us this afternoon. That was nice. I haven't seen her since mom's funeral. We had lunch and went to the mall. They were having a big craft show at the mall so I found some cute Thanksgiving decorations. Like I need more of those. :-)

After the girls left Lena and I spent some time practicing her manners. Now that I've got her to where she will sit we are trying to learn how to shake. Someday soon she will get it. She will do about anything for a marshmallow so I'm sure it won't take long.



We all know someone who has bought a car that ended up being a total lemon. My cousin ended up with a lemon several years ago. He tried everything to get the dealership to make it right and they didn't work with him much. So he ended up setting up a little lemon stand across the street from their dealership to draw attention to it. I guess that worked because they were much more willing to help him out after that.

Luckily there are other options now. So if you don't have the time or desire to set up a lemon stand you can Find local lemon law code and law firms here You can search by your zip code to find attorneys to help you. And you can even just check out the laws and rights you have as a consumer.


What's Up?

What the heck is going on with Blogger today? My posts from earlier are gone. That does not make me a happy girl!!!



This post is totally sponsored by and I'm getting paid! What's crazy is I would totally do this post for free. I LOVE PINKS!!! I don't know if you all watch the show Pinks but I'm a bit addicted. Roy was the one that got me started watching the show and now I'm hooked. I TiVo it and watch at least one episode a day. Basically the people race for pink slips. Lose the race lose your ride. On November 23rd there will be an all day marathon of Pinks followed by the premiere of Pinks All Out. Of course it is on Speed TV. Some of the new season was taped at Heartland Park in Topeka. Not far from where I live. Roy went to watch the taping. Lucky dog! I'll just have to wait and watch the new season! You can also check out some stuff here at Drag Racing Clips.


Friday, November 03, 2006

Full House

It's crazy at my place tonight. I have Heather here and she brought her friends Shawnae and Christine. Darby and her mom Donna are on their way over and Doreen is coming too. We are gonna hang out and make bracelets and drink a bit... Should be fun times. The girls are already crazy loud which is nice. I'm glad they were able to come visit for the weekend.


Pay Per Post Wedding

Okay the competition is on! Pay Per Post has selected three finalists for the Pay Per Post wedding. You can go here to read their stories and vote! I totally voted for Mike and Corrin. They are cute, their dog is cute and I loved their story! So they got my vote. But you can vote for any couple you want. Just go vote. It would be good practice for you before the big elections on Tuesday. :-) The deadline for voting is midnight on November 8th so get to it! The winner will be announced on the 9th so I'll let you know then who the lucky couple is. We can all be a part of a PayPerPost Wedding


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hospital Overload

Okay I have some issues with ER and Gray's Anatomy being on the same night. They are my two favorite shows. When they are on the same night I get overload. It's to many hospital shows at once. Not to mention that the favorite shows should be more spread out. I think I'm going to complain to someone. Heck I don't know who I'd complain to. If I did I would have already done it. But I didn't. I'm complaining to you all and I'm guessing none of you are in charge of television scheduling. So I'm just screwed. I will have hospital overload for the rest of season...

TMX Elmo

Remember when Tickle Me Elmo came out awhile back. Everyone went crazy. Parents were searching like mad people for one. Stores were sold out and it was the Christmas craze of the year. I even remember there being ads in the newpaper here offering hundreds of dollars for one. Seems a little freaky to me but people loved them.

Now they have made a TMX Elmo. I have seen Rosie talk about him on The View. And one of my neighbor kids was talking about wanting one. This Elmo does more than laugh when you tickle him I guess. He moves and talks and is still super cute. I wonder if people are gonna go crazy for him like they did the Tickle Me one... Who knows!


Court Sucks

Ugh I just got out of court for work and it was horrible. My ass should be so little as much as it got chewed on today. No fun!!!!


Poor Ted

Okay I had to post Ted's video confessional from PayPerPost. Poor Ted is struggling with being the fat kid. Maybe he needs to go to the gym at the butt crack of dawn like I do. That is the only way I can seem to fit the working out thing in with my work schedule. If I don't go in the morning then by the time I get home I'm worn out and just won't follow through. I know what is a lame excuse but it's true. So early morning gym time for me.

I have never heard of asparagus being a diuretic before. Have any of you? I can't imagine eating that much asparagus just to play football. If I was Ted I would have just joined the band instead of eating the asparagus. YUCK. I so don't like that stuff!!!


Much Better

Wow this morning went so much better than yesterday morning. The car actually started and I made it to the gym. That's good news for me. I am heading to work way early today. I have a crazy day ahead of me and need some quiet time to get caught up on things before the loudness and madness begins. Hope you all have a fantabulous day!


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Area Rug

A month or so ago I bought a new off white pretty area rug for my living room. Then the dog ate a painted apple thing on it and stained a spot red. Luckily I got the stain out and disaster was diverted. But last night I was burning a pumpkin spice candle on my coffee table and something went very wrong. I walked by and noticed wax running off my table and onto the area rug!!! I can't get the stain out, heck I can't even get all the wax out. So for the time being I moved the coffee table over a bit to cover the spot. I'm thinking I'm a bit cursed with this particular rug. In no time I'm gonna need a new one. I guess when that time comes I will look for area rugs online. Last time I got one at target and it was a hassle getting the sucker home. This way it would just be delivered. That would be nice...


Not My Morning

I really don't know what I have done to get the load of Karmic crap I got this morning. I actually drug my sore fat ass out of bed at 5:15 to go to the gym. Didn't want to but I did it. So I get ready, go out to my car and it won't start. What the hell???? But luckily I have my mom's SUV still. So I have to find the shop key, unlock the shop, put up the door, move the trash cans from in front of the shop door, and try to back that thing out of there. I do that. I shut of the vehicle so I can go back and lock up the shop. I come back put the key in and turn it and it won't start!!!! Not only will it not start but the key won't come out. I'm freaky pissed! It's only 5:40 at this point. Why when I'm really trying to be good and do what I need to can nothing go right?

I keep telling myself there is a reason for it. That I'm not supposed to go to the gym for some reason. That I was supposed to do one of the new Zumba DVD's I got instead. But I wanted to lift weights this morning, not Zumba. But I did Zumba and now I'm gonna get ready for work. I'll have to call someone for a ride. Fun times!



My sister Heather is totally into myspace right now. I can't get her to do a blog but when it comes to facebook and myspace she is all into that. Go figure. I did find a cool site that has great site design and an awesome layout selection for myspace. There are some sharp looking myspace backgrounds too. I'm sure Heather will be all over that.