Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It Could Be Worse

Well Miss N delivered a very healthy baby boy yesterday. She and the baby are doing very well. The paternity tests show that the baby is her husbands and they will be parenting him. So no baby for me right now but I'm really okay. I'm not just a little okay, I'm not just saying I'm okay. I really am okay! I knew going into this situation that there were many unknowns and a big risk and that helped. I really feel like this has been a great experience. Meeting her was wonderful and a fun time. And meeting the folks at a new agency is a good thing. Now that they know me I know they will keep me in mind for other situations so that is always good!

So no crying this time! That's a good thing. It could always be worse.


Monday, October 29, 2007

Manic Monday

If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be and why?

My parents wouldn't have gotten a divorce.

Do you think that the world will be a better or a worse place 100 years from now?

I think it will be a better place.

At the beginning of a relationship, do you trust your new partner unless there is something specific to make you do otherwise, or do you withhold your trust until he/she has earned it?

I trust them until they do something to make me not trust them.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Picture Fun

Since I didn't post for so long I feel a little bad about it. So to make up for it I thought I'd post some pictures from last weekend. So here is the proof that my crazy aunts are way fun and that Fall is fabulous!

Time To Blog

Wow I haven't posted in a long time.... Sorry about that. Darbis called tonight and wanted to know why I wasn't posting. I don't really have a good excuse. One evening I was running late and just wanted to go to bed. Another night I was in a foul mood and didn't want to be negative. And then before you know it you are out of the routine and you forget... I'm a blogging bum this week I suppose.

Let's see what can I tell you about.... I met with the expectant mom on Friday. That was a good time. She is a really fun gal. WONDERFUL sense of humor! I like that a lot. And smart. Very smart and concerned about her baby. I was just really impressed by her and like her a lot. While she was very nice she also was in labor while we met. Well at least we thought she was. Her contractions were about 4 minutes apart. That was exciting. But after a trip to the hospital they stopped. So she is back to waiting and being uncomfortable and I'm waiting and nervous. If she doesn't have the baby before Tuesday they are inducing her Tuesday morning. So at least we will know something by Friday. We are planning on the paternity test taking 2-3 business days so hopefully by Friday...

Lena decided to be rotten today and drag all of her toys into the hallway while I was sleeping in. So when I got out of bed and tried to go down the hall in my just awake daze I totally tripped over a squeaky toy and wiped out. That dog is gonna be the death of me! She also thought it was funny to shred the toilet paper in the hall bathroom while I was sleeping. Is she preparing me for a toddler or does God just hate me....

I prepped all my food for the coming week. I am making this awesome crockpot southern rice dish for tomorrow night. YUMMY! While I was doing the prep stuff tonight so I could just throw it together this morning I about made it for dinner tonight. I think it's going to be really good. I've never made it before but the recipe is from my Diabetic Fix It and Forget It cookbook and everything from that one has been good so far.

Okay that's all I know. Have a great week folks!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I've got butterflies in my tummy as I type. I'm so so nervous to even blog about this because I'm afraid I will jinx it. But I blog about everything and I'm not gonna let my nerves stop me now.

I've been talking with the adoption agency for the past week and there is an expectant mother that has decided she would like for me to possibly adopt her baby. It's a strange situation actually. The baby is due on Friday and after the baby is born there needs to be a paternity test done. The paternity test will determine if we can move forward with an adoption plan. So while my last adoption was 50/50 this one is even more risky. But I feel good and hopeful and open to whatever this situation holds. I actually feel pretty calm about it. I have faith that God knows the plan and is in control and I'm just along for the ride...

What I'm most nervous about is the let down if it doesn't work out. Not the let down for me but for the people that care about me. I hate disappointing them so I'm hoping that things work out so I don't have to call them and say oh never mind... I hate that part!

So anyways that's the deal. We will see what the future holds. If you are a praying person I wouldn't mind if you said a little one for me...


Blogging Biggest Loser Week 6

Once again Miss Natalie is the biggest loser of the week. YOU GO NATALIE!!!! She lost a 1/2 a pound this week. I stayed the same. UGH! Maybe one of these weeks I'll have some huge weight loss and get caught up! I think all the eating I did over the weekend caused the scale to stay put.

So now as a group we have lost 33.6 pounds. I'm hoping we can hit 40 pounds next week! I think we can do it. Lots of water, lots of walking, lots of losing!!!


Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Aunts

My Aunts rock! They showed up this morning at 8:30 and just left a few minutes ago. We crammed a lot of crazy fun into one day. Heather and I met them for breakfast at a little diner in town and enjoyed some delicious biscuits and gravy! Goodbye diet today! Then we headed out to the cemetary to visit mom. They brought some sunflower stuff to decorate with and we got it all prettied up.

The wind was crazy today! My Aunt Shirley weighs about 12 pounds and I really thought she might blow away. We were so wind blown after going to the cemetary but we braved the pumpkin patch. It was a blast even though dust was flying everywhere most of the time we were there.

We went through the corn maze and I was really beginning to think that Heather, Donna, and Betty were lost in there. It took them a good 35 minutes to make it out! But while they were in the maze they ran into four little boys that Heather used to babysit for. It was so nice to see their family and share some fall fun with them.

My aunts even tried out the sling shots at the patch. You can fire gourds out of the sling shots and they fly pretty dang far. We had a nice gourd firing contest among us. Heather ended up breaking the sling and landing on the ground in the process of trying to beat us. But I think Aunt Adair ended up winning.

After all that fun I didn't think we could do much more. But we ended up going to the Oktoberfest where I won some awesome decorations. I got a couple adorable outside benches that I LOVE! I've been wanting some for awhile so it worked out great. Then we came home and played some Mexican Train dominos, ate more food we didn't need, and now they are on their way home.

Heather and I have now cleaned up the house, let Lena out of puppy prison and are thinking out heading to bed. Those crazy gals wore us out!!!!


Friday, October 19, 2007

Where I Live

Gene from Turning The Pages Of Life came up with a great idea to help bloggers get to know one another better. His idea was for bloggers to post 10 pictures about the area they live so others can get to know them and what their daily lives are like. I love taking pictures so I just had to participate.

So here are ten things I see on a regular basis...

This is my lovely little house. I've been living here for about a year now and I'm starting to get used to it. I finally feel like it is a home.

I live very close to the railroad tracks and I get stopped by the trains several times a day. Usually a train goes by about every 30 minutes.

You can't live in this part of Kansas and go a day without seeing a cow. In fact we have a large meat processing plant here that kills quite a few cows a day. Not nice to think about but nice to eat. So I'm guessing this cow didn't live long after I took this picture...

I love old barns. In this area there are quite a few awesome old barns. I drive by this one several times a week.

This picture is of my sister and I at my mom's headstone. I spend a great deal of time at the cemetary. For some reason I find it very peaceful and calming. I probably visit 3-4 times a week.

I love going to our local zoo. I really enjoy sitting by this little pond and waterfall area. For being a small town we have a very nice zoo area. Many fun times have happened at the local zoo.

I see lots of flowers everyday! I love that about where I live. Lots of beautiful and unique flowers throughout town.

Every Thursday I meet my two best friends Darby and Tammy for lunch at this restaurant. LaHacienda! It has the best Mexican food in town. It also has a creepy waiter guy that wears a hairnet (Caden, Darby's son says the hairnet is spider webs) and he stares at Darby's boobs. Minus the creepy waiter it's some of the best food in town!

William Allen White is a renowned newspaper editor and he happens to be from my home town. This is his house that is now a historical location. I went to an elementary school that is located across the street from his home. The school is named in his honor.

Veterans Day was first celebrated in my home town. We take great pride in our Veterans and this is our local All Veterans Memorial. It's a very nice location complete with a tank, helicopter, and plaques honoring the veterans of Emporia.

So that's a little view of things I see every day. I love where I live. I can't imagine living anywhere else...


Fun Friday

Today was a really fun day. We had Libby's baby shower at work today. It was a really good time. We all needed a nice break to just enjoy the afternoon without the drama! It feels like it's been forever since we've had a fun work day. And the best part is that she got some really awesome gifts. She has another baby shower Sunday and then another one next weekend. I think by the end of her showers she will be all set!

Heather and I are hanging out together this evening. We went to dinner and now we are just chilling around the house. Tomorrow my aunts are coming for a Fall Fabulous Day! We are hitting the pumpkin patch and the Oktoberfest at church. Good times ahead!!!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Favorite People

Tonight I got to hang out with my two favorite people. Miss Heather and Darby! Darby comes over on Thursday nights so we can watch Grey's together and chill out without children distracting us from the greatness of Grey's. And Heather got to come home tonight because of fall break. She will get to stay home until Sunday! I'm so excited. I get four days with her. We have a fun weekend planned so hopefully tomorrow work will be great and it will lead into a super weekend!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blogging Biggest Loser Week 5

Wow I am actually the biggest loser this week. I lost 1.5 pounds. I'm good with that. I think the meal planning helped me. Natalie and Acire both lost 1 pound this week which rocks. We are moving in the right direction. This week we lost 3.5 pounds as a group which means we have lost 32.9 pounds so far. That rocks!

Let's keep the weight loss going team!


Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Madness

Work was good today. Shocking for a Monday. But I went to the office and worked for about 4 hours yesterday when no one else was there. That helped a ton! I was able to get caught up on quite a few things and really felt good about the start of the week because of it. I even got to spend four hours today training with our new employee. She is gonna be really good I think and it was nice to actually have the uninterupted time to train with her.

However, since I've been home it's been a nightmare. My cable was again not working when I got home and I've been on the phone with the internet folks half the evening. So annoying! I thought my internet problems would be over when I got away from dial up but I guess not. It drives me crazy. Now that I'm online I need to be in bed....

Don't forget tomorrow is weigh day for those participating in the Blogging Biggest Loser Challenge. I'm looking forward to weighing this week. I did good over the weekend and today so hopefully it helped!


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Odd Find

Today I was checking out my stat counter information for my blog. I can find out locations of where people visit. What pages on my blog they look at, etc. One of my favorite things is to see how they find my blog. It seems that someone from Canada used google to search for "celebrities that circumcised their boy" and it led them to me! How funny is that. It actually led them to this old post that I made about the great circumcision debate that Darby and I have. Can't believe it's still coming up. The argument that will never die!


Saturday, October 13, 2007


I need some buzz, you may need some buzz, well at www.investorblogger.com we can get some buzz for our blogs. This is a really fun idea in my opinion. It is a great way to have someone look at your blog and give you some feedback about things you can do to improve. We are all looking for ways to improve right. So if you are interested in participating in the buzz your blogfest I hope you will visit.

While you are visiting you should check out some of Kenneth's other posts. You can find out about all kinds of things on his blog. Information about
typhoons and cameras and lots in between can be found on Kenneth's blog. Good stuff!



This is a crazy little genogram post so you may have to struggle to follow along. But let's all work together and see if I can walk you through it. My brother Shawn married Amanda. Amanda has a mom named Debbie. Debbie is my brother's mother-in-law so I call her my bro-mother-in-law. That's a confusing little conundrum isn't it.

Well anyways Debbie my bro-mother-in-law is a pretty cool gal. I first met her the week prior to Shawn and Amanda's wedding several years ago. Since they got married the weekend after Thanksgiving we got to enjoy the holiday and the wedding together. Debbie and my mom hit it off and had a great time together. Debbie thought my jokes about my fat foot not fitting in the bridesmaid shoes was funny and I thought she was a good cook. We partied like crazy after the wedding and had a great time! We all even cried when we had to leave after a week together. It was just one of those connections we all made quickly but strongly.

After the wedding we all continued to stay in touch. Debbie reads my blog religiously (Hi Debbie) and even joined my blogging biggest loser challenge. When my mom got cancer Debbie visited her caringbridge website daily and left so many encouraging messages for my mom.

After my mom died last year we knew the holidays would be hard. That's when Heather and I scheduled the Tour De Turkey Thanksgiving Travel Fest. We went to Shawn and Amanda's first and had dinner on Thanksgiving day with them and Debbie and the rest of their family. Debbie knew it would be a hard day for us and was ready to pass out mom hugs, share a cry, and feed us some awesome Thanksgiving food! We appreciated having a family meal with someone that knew and loved our mom and understood that the crying didn't mean the food was bad.

Well now Debbie needs my hugs and my prayers. And she needs your prayers too. That's why I'm posting. Debbie has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She will be meeting with a surgeon on Monday. Debbie is one feisty amazing gal and I have a feeling she is going to fight this with gusto. But she needs our prayers to help give her some additional strength. My prayer today is that Debbie find comfort and strength in God and that the surgeons be skilled and follow the will of God in treating this cancer! So my Debbie, my bro-mother-in-law, keep your head up, your hands folded, and remember your not alone. You've got God, you've got me, and you've got my mom as your special angel! Let the battle towards better begin!!!


Friday, October 12, 2007

Blogging Biggest Loser Week Four

Due to my internet problems this post is several days late but I'm so happy to report such great progress! Debbie is our biggest loser of the week losing an amazing 4 pounds! Good work Debbie!

As a group we lost a total of 5.8 pounds this week! That brings us to a total of 29.6 pounds lost so far. We are making progress! I hope that this week brings even more weight loss!

For this week the challenge is to add some strength training to your workouts. That could simply be doing some squats, arm curls with soup cans, or lifting some weights. Whatever works best for you. Muscle burns more calories than fat so we need more muscle!

Keep up the good work team!

Back In Business

I got home from work tonight and my internet is working! Praise God!!! I haven't been able to get on since Tuesday and I was seriously having withdrawels. Not pretty around here people! I have so many blogs to visit, emails to read, and posts to post. I better get too it!


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cable Guy

Well my cable at home has been down the past couple days so no internet for me! The cable guy is coming today while I'm at work so hopefully I will be able to get online tonight to post the Biggest Loser results. Sorry for the delay!


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ten On Tuesday

10 Things That Worry Me

1. If my sister is okay (she really is okay I just worry about all the things that could happen to her)

2. My Pending Adoption

3. Finances

4. The children I'm responsible for at work

5. The employees I'm responsible for at work

6. My diabetes

7. The war in Iraq

8. Grad school

9. Britney Spears losing her kids and going off the deep end (Just Kidding)

10. Global Warming

Monday, October 08, 2007

Tattoo Torture

The new tattoo is driving me nuts. None of my other tattoos have hurt after the fact. But this one sure does. I guess it is the location of it. Everytime I put my arm down it just throbs. So I have to keep my arm up which means I walk around in pagent wave mode looking like a fool. Then to make it even more idiotic looking I have to keep the triple antibiotic stuff on it so when I have my arm up and close to me so I won't bump it on anything the antibiotic stuff rubs off on my shirt, well actually it rubs off on my boob. That's super cool. UGH!

Then at night I have to wrap my arm in seran wrap so the goo won't get all over. And I have to try and lay in a way that won't crunch it and make it hurt but will also protect it so the dog won't hit it. And then to make it real fun the dog will try and pull the seran wrap off in the middle of the night which is not just annoying but also painful! UGH!!!

What was I thinking. I love the tattoo. I like the location. But I can't wait for the healing phase to pass. I really had no idea it would be so painful or such an inconvience. Again I've never had this problem. In the future if I get another tattoo I'm going for my back again. That may be the easy way out....


Manic Monday

Which month of the year do you think best describes your personality?


If you could have had the starring role in an existing movie, which movie would you pick?

The Butterfly Effect

Are you attracted to people whose personalities are very similar to your personaltiy or very different?

Both, some of my friends are very similar and others are way different.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Some Carnival Fun

Well there is more carnival fun this week. The Carnival of Family Life is being hosted at My Wealth Builder. This week you can vote for your favorite submission to the carnival so that's fun times. The All Women Blogging Carnival is being hosted at Woman Start Your Business Now. This carnival is full of posts written by women about all sorts of topics. Good times. Go visit and have some fun!


Sunday Prep

With this new position at work I've realized that I have zero free time during the week. In fact just getting normal things like meal preparations and house cleaning done are next to impossible. So since I'm sick of feeling so out of control I decided to try something new this week. I'm calling it Sunday prep.

What I did was go through my planner for the week and figure out what I have coming up at work. I also checked the 7 day forecast and then arranged outfits for me to wear for the next week. Since I do all my laundry on Saturday this was pretty easy. I just put everything I would need for each day on one hanger, sat the shoes below it and even included jewlery and hair items. That should save some time.

Then I decided to tackle the food problem. When I'm rushed I tend to eat junk. Which means I'm probably going to gain this week instead of lose in the blogging biggest loser competition. It also means that my blood sugar isn't good and I feel like crap! So I did my weekly meal plan went shopping and then premade as much as I could today.

I have tuna salad and chicken salad made for lunch. I even diced up my veggies and shreeded the lettuce so I just have to throw it together. I bagged up my grapes in individual serving bags, as well as some pickles, raisins, and nuts. I have my fruit in individual bags for smoothies in the morning so no need to measure just add them to my choclate soy milk and blend. Then for dinners I have the meat in individual bags that I will just have to remeber to dethaw and I have my veggies already bagged up so I just have to warm them. Hopefully this will help. I even have a bag ready to take to work for this week of healthy snacks.

So we will see what next week brings. I hope it will help keep me on track and reduce some of my stress! Let's cross our fingers....


Knocked Up

I just got done watching the movie Knocked Up. I seriously laughed out loud so much watching this movie. A couple times the dog looked at me like I was crazy but it was just cracking me up. I love the character Ben! I totally need to find a guy like him. So dorky but still really cute. Love that. If you don't mind the cursing this is a really great movie. Too funny!

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Tomorrow morning I'm going to a brunch and I made this really yummy Blueberry Brunch Cake! Now that it's all done it looks and smells so good. I want to eat it now but I'm going to hold out. Here is the recipe so you all can try it.

Blueberry Brunch Cake

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons poppy seed
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup granulated sugar
2 teaspoons grated lemon peel
1 large egg
1/2 cup sour cream

2 cups fresh blueberries
1/3 cup granulated sugar
2 teaspoons all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1/3 cup powdered sugar
1 teaspoon milk

Preheat oven to 350*F (175*C). Grease a 9-inch springform pan; set aside.
In a medium bowl, combine flour, poppy seed, baking powder and salt; set aside.
Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy; add eggs and lemon peel, mixing well.
Add flour mixture to creamed mixture alternately with sour cream.
Spread batter in prepared pan, spreading batter 1-inch up sides of pan to hold filling.
Combine filling ingredients and spread over batter
Bake for 40 to 50 minutes. Combine glaze ingredients and drizzle over warm cake.

I left out the poppy seed just because I'm not a big fan of that. And I also added a small amount of flax seed just because I like to add it to things for additional fiber. But you could mix it up and do what you prefer. All I know for sure is that it looks delicious!


Halloween Fun

It's no big secret that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I think it is a really fun day for adults and kids alike. But now there is a great way to extend the fun and enjoy Halloween for a little longer.

There is a new trend called Booing your neighbors. No that doesn't mean you scare them to death! What you do is you assemble a treat bag and place it on their doorstep as a Boo. With the treat bag you also include a Boo poem and a sign for their window saying they have been boo'd. Then they boo someone else and it goes on and on until the whole neighborhood gets a fun treat.

A friend of mine in Chicago says they have been doing this for years but it hadn't hit Kansas till this season. So I guess I was out of the loop. To make it easy for you Hallmark has a cute little Boo kit that you can use or you can make your own kit. Whatever works best for you. I bought the kit at Hallmark because I don't have the time to make the cute little cards myself. But I'm ready to spread the Boo!


Christmas Shopping

Yes you read that title right. I did actually type Christmas Shopping! Don't shoot me for mentioning it. My Dad and Cricket actually did all their Christmas shopping yesterday. Crazy I know! But they won't be back at their house until Christmas so they wanted to get it all done and have it all wrapped up before we all descend on their home in December. It makes sense actually and they don't have to fight the crowds.

For those of us that don't show months ahead of time but still want great deals CouponChief.com is the way to go. Since I'm on a budget this year I'm going to make a list of the people I need to buy for and what I want to get them. Then I'm heading over to Coupon Chief to see if I can find coupons for any of it. They have good coupons for both Gap and Old Navy which is good since I usually do a lot of my shopping at those two stores.

So I may not be ahead of the game and have all my shopping done like Dad and Cricket but at least I have a way to save a little money...



Garth Brooks is coming to Kansas City! All week we have been getting obsessed about attempting to get Garth tickets around here. Everyone had a plan on how they were going to do it. Well my aunt Betty got a wristband and waited in line for several hours, my plan was to attempt by phone and internet and my aunt Donna was going with just the phones.

Two minutes in on the internet and the show was sold out. But lucky for us Garth is nice and kept opening shows. He opened up eight additional shows! So we ended up with a lot of tickets! I had success online and Betty had success in the regular line so now we have tickets to two shows! I thought we might get rid of some but now I think we are just gonna go to every show we have tickets for. Who knows what we will do I'm just glad we got tickets!!!


Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Feast


On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how much do you look forward to your birthday?



What is one word you don’t like the sound, spelling, or meaning of?

Phlem YUCK


Do you wear sunglasses when you’re outside? If so, what does your current pair look like?


Main Course

If you were to write a book, to whom would you dedicate it?

To my sister, my parents, my funny aunts, and my amazing friend Darbis!


Name a beverage that you enjoy


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

1. Spiders- Anytime I see them I get the creeps.
2. Talking to my ex-boyfriend's new girl friend. For some reason she calls and texts me every once in awhile and it makes me very uncomfortable.
3. When I see people being rude to their mom I get uncomfortable.
4. The waiter at my favorite restaurant makes me uncomfortable. He is a creepy hair net wearing weirdo that always stares at Darby's boobs.
5. Walking up to testify at court. Testifying doesn't bother me the walk to the stand does! I hate knowing that everyone is watching me and it's all quiet and I just know I'm gonna trip or wipe out....
6. When people ask me about the adoption I get uncomfortable because I'm embarrassed it's taking so long.
7. When telemarketers call the house and ask for my mom.
8. Riding in the car with someone I don't know very well and I don't have much to say.
9. Bra fitting... Enouch said!
10. Singing in church when their aren't many people and my voice is crappy and everyone can hear it.
11. Asking my dad for money. Thank God I haven't had to do that in awhile.
12. First dates!
13. Going to the gynocologist!

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New Tattoo

Well I got my newest tattoo tonight! It's great now but earlier it wasn't so pretty. I've never had a real problem getting tattoo's but for some reason this one hurt some and I got way lightheaded. I think maybe I was hungry and then the tattoo just pushed me over the edge. But all is well now. I toughed it out and I love it. I got it for my mom. It's a beautiful sunflower and then it has her actual signature below it. It's on my wrist. Here is a pic!


Wordless Wednesday- Sunset in Mexico

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Free Raleigh North Carolina Getaway

I love to travel. I've been fortunate enough to travel to a lot of wonderful places. As much as I love to travel I hate the expense of it! If I ever win the lottery all I'm gonna do is travel but until then I'm a girl on a budget. A small budget. But luckily there are some ways to win great trips! And the only thing I like more than traveling is traveling for free!!!

Right now you can enter to win a wonderful Free Raleigh Giveaway! There are a lot of fun things to do in Raleigh. You can shop, dine in some great restaurants, visit the museums or play some golf. And if you plan it right you can even go to the Diwali Festival!

I would love to go to North Carolina in the Fall. I've heard it is beautiful then with all the colors changing and the nice crisp weather. So I'm registering it win a trip and I'm gonna pray that I get to enjoy a nice fall getaway! This girl needs a trip!!!!


Water Warriors

Last week I issued a challenge to the folks in the Blogging Biggest Loser Competition. The challenge was to drink 8 8oz glasses of water each day. Natalie and I both got our water in each day. It must have really helped Natalie since she lost so much weight this week. It didn't help me weight wise but I always feel a little better when I get lots of water in. I have less headaches and more energy. That's always a good thing!

So Get to Drinking!


There Is Hope For Me Yet

I was talking to my Aunt Betty tonight and she was filling me in on the happenings in her life. One of the gals from her church is getting married soon. She is 83 years old and met her future husband when her first husband and his first wife were both patients in the alzheimers unit. They became friends and have now fallen in love and are getting married! How sweet is that!

I'm thinking that if she can find love at 83 in the Alzheimer's unit then there is still some hope for me out there! I shouldn't complain yet. I've still got quite a few years to go before I need to start worrying.

But her story got me thinking that there are probably a lot of older people that are single and looking for love again. If there isn't an Alzheimers Unit near by where do they go to find love? Well they might be able to use a senior personals or senior dating website. They can view profiles of other seniors and make connections with people that have the same interests. Who knows love can happen at anytime right...


Blogging Biggest Loser Week 3

Well this was an interesting week. Some of us lost a lot and some of us did a little gaining. I hate to admit it but I gained .5 pounds this week. Not sure exactly what happened there. I thought I did well but I'll have to reevaluate and work a little harder this week.

Natalie however rocked it out this week! Natalie lost 4 pounds this week! I'm so impressed with her. That puts her at a total of 9.5 pounds so far!!!! GOOOOOOO NATALIE!!!!

So right now we are sitting at a total of 24.6 pounds lost. That means we only need to lose another 75.4 pounds as a group to hit the 100 pounds mark! That is very realistic. In fact we could be at the half way point in two weeks if everyone lost about 1.5 pounds the next couple weeks. So lets do it team!!!

This week the challenge of the week will be to get to moving! Let's each get at least 15 minutes of exercise a day.

Good luck losing!


Fire In My Eyes

This morning I got up and stumbled to the bathroom. I flipped on the lights and it was like fire in my eyes. I have a bit of a lighting dilemia in my bathroom. I went from not enough lighting to too much lighting. Now my lights are so bright I'm about blinded in the morning. And I've noticed that while I'm doing my makeup in the morning it's melting off my face from the heat. That's not a good thing people! I need some help!!!

So I was looking around online and found a great site to help me with my bathroom lighting problem. They have a large variety of lighting options and they even have an information guide to help folks like me that might make poor decisions! There may be help for my blinded eyes yet!


10 On Tuesday

10 Television Shows You'd Like to Have (or Have already) on DVD.

1. Nip/Tuck (Already Have)
2. Grey's Anatomy (Already Have)
3. Friends (Already Have)
4. Little House on the Prairie (Want)
5. Full House (Want)
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Monday, October 01, 2007


Wow I checked my hits today and I'm almost at 20,000 visitors. By this time tomorrow I will be over 20,000 visits. That's so crazy. Who would have thought that people would come visit that much. Kinda cool kinda creepy weird. Go figure.

Work is crazy. I'm just so lost. I try really hard and I think I'm doing okay. But every day there is something that comes up that I don't know and I'm lost again. According to the palm reader it should be better in about 12-18 months! Are you kidding me. I was hoping for 6 or 8 more crazy weeks but no. I was asking Libby the other supervisor about it today. And she said that the palm reader is right and I'm wrong. She said to not count on it getting much easier for quite awhile. She said it took her at least a year to get comfortable so I guess I've got a long wait ahead of me. Hopefully I won't suck to much in the meantime.

Off to do homework!

Manic Monday

It's just another Manic Monday

If technology was sufficiently advanced, would you be willing to clone yourself?

I would not clone myself. While I would get a lot more done with two of me I just couldn't do it. One of me in the world is enough.

At the local grocery store you see an elderly woman shoplift a chicken. Do you tell the management?

I would totally tell management. I don't care if your elderly or not. If I'm paying for a chicken so are you.

If you could be 8 years old again for an entire day, knowing what you know now, how would you spend it?

I would spend the day with my mom. I would ask her to make all my favorite meals. I would ask her to take me to the zoo, to read me a story, to braid my hair. I would pay close attention when she said prayers with me at night and I would hug her pretty tight.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!!!

Adoption Blog Carnival

The Adoption Blog Carnival is being hosted today at my other blog The Making Of A Mom. This is the first edition of this carnival and I think we are off to a good start. So many great folks entered. So make sure to stop by and visit some great adoption blogs!