Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Happy Halloween everyone! Today was a fun Halloween at work. Lots of treats and adorable dressed up kids. But tonight hasn't been so great. I've only had like 7 trick or treaters so far. I'm not in a high traffic Halloween neighborhood now. Boo on that! I love getting tons of trick or treaters. The next time I buy a house I am doing it based on Halloween traffic!

I really miss my mom bad tonight. I'm thinking that today ranks 2nd in the worst days of missing her list. I keep thinking back to last Halloween. She was so excited. She worn this Halloween sweater and came to my house to hand out candy. Living in the country she didn't get enough trick or treaters to suit her. So she came in and we hung out and joked around and ate and handed out candy. Oh how things change in just one year.... 365 days and everything is oh so different.

So here is to last Halloween! Miss ya ma!



This is too funny! Pay Per Post is having a little contest where they will sponsor a wedding in Las Vegas. They will pay for the whole deal, marriage certificate, one night in a hotel, ceremony, and stream it online for everyone to see. You can submit your story and try to get Pay Per Post to host your wedding by going to payperpost wedding. Seriously I'm thinking "Not At This Time" Steve needs to get over it so I can submit to win. That would be so flipping funny!!!!


Monday, October 30, 2006


Wow I worked out hard today. I'm sore and very tired. The gym this morning was rough and then Zumba tonight was a bit much I think. I love Zumba though so I can't miss it. But I'm making a note to myself to not lift weights the same day I Zumba. I won't be making that mistake again... It's only 8:30 and I'm ready for bed. Getting up at 5:15 is over rated. Yuck!



I love coupons, I love saving money, and yes I am cheap! Why pay full price when you can get a deal? I found this site that has coupons for Gap.com and Target. How cool is that. Right now you can go there and get a coupon for Gap.com and order your Red stuff at a discount. Everyone needs red! And Target has the most adorable pet stuff, that's where I get all of Lena's things so you could stock up on that. Great deals. Go shop!



Wow it's only 7 in the morning and I've already done an hour in the gym! I got there at 5:45 this morning. That's pretty early for me. But I think the early morning workouts will be a better plan than waiting till the end of the day. Sometimes by the time I get done at work I don't want to work out and convince myself not to. This way it's already done, no excuses. So I guess we will see how it goes....


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Lost In Translation

We have a translator at work. I call her Staci Talks In tongues. I love listening to her translate. I have no idea what she is saying but it always sounds amazing. I love that about foreign languages. I also love that we finally have Staci. Before Staci came to work for us we just had to wing it. Which meant that our clients didn't understand us and we didn't understand them and it was just a really crappy situation! I don't know how we ever made it without a translator.

Tomorrow I'm going to tell her about this site for translation services. It has all kinds of info for a translator like different jobs and a place that people can search for a translator. She may like it. But then again she may find a better paying job and leave us... maybe I shouldn't tell her.


Mouse Killer

My little girlie Lena just killed a mouse! It was outside in the flower bed and she caught it and killed it. That is pretty gross. But at least she has a skill! And at least it wasn't in the house. A mouse in the house is no fun!!! Now Lena has to take a bath because I don't want her smelling like dead mouse...


Make Money

If you join Pay Per Post and use my email jwagoner@cableone.net as the referrer I make $5. But then once you join you can make $5 when other people use you as their referrer. So we all can make money. Bobby who I used as my referrer has made $40 just in referrals. That is awesome! So sign up, use me as your referrer and then let your own friends know. Simple easy money.. We all like that!


8 Things I Find Amazing In Picture Form

MeowKat tagged me for this meme weeks ago. I'm a bad meme completer. I don't mind doing them at all I just never seem to get them done in a timely manner. So sorry Kat! Here we go, 8 things I find Amazing in Picture Form....

1. My mom of course is number one! She is the most amazing woman that I have ever known!!!

2. Being silly and having fun are amazing to me!

3. My love for Miss Bel is what amazes me. I never knew a child could bring you such pure joy!

4. Sisterhood is amazing! Who else do you know all your life and still like the majority of the time. :-)

5. Tradition amazes me. Every year the women in my family have a girl's only pre Christmas weekend. The weekend comes complete with matching outfits, too much food, tons of laughter, lots of shopping and traditional FUN!!!

6. Laughter amazes me! When I think of laughter I think of Caden. He has the cutest little laugh. His laugh makes me laugh and then there is lots of laughing... Amazing huh.

7. Old barns amaze me. I love how they look, I love the history of them, the sturdiness of them. I guess I love the past...

8. I'm amazed by Fall. The changing colors, the pumpkins, the smells, the temperature. I just love it!

Okay so there are my eight things. I'm not tagging anyone because I'm pretty behind in the game and I think most of you have already done this one. If you haven't consider yourself tagged and get to it. :-)


Beach Cruisers

The other day I took a little quiz over at Phelan's blog and I didn't get a good score. It basically said that if everyone lived like I do we would need 34 planets because I guess I'm totally destroying the planet with my driving and eating and not recycling enough. So I've decided that I'm not living with that guilt anymore. I'm gonna recycle my soda cans and ride a Beach cruisers. Now I know that there isn't a beach in Kansas but I like how these look. So what do you think.... Should I get the beach cruiser. We could make up a moto like "Beach Cruising to Save The Planet"... Fun times.


Saturday, October 28, 2006

Peace Globe

This is the Peace Globe that I made thanks to MiMi passing the word on to me. Please check out her site, make your own Globe and spread the word that we want PEACE! The Dona Nobis Pacem Project will debut on November 7th, what would have been my mom's 57th birthday. It is also election day. Two great reasons that the day should be full of peace. So go make a globe, spread the word, and hope for peace!


Mimi Writes

I have added Mimi Writes to the blog link list on the right hand side of the screen. I would strongly encourage you to go visit her site. MiMi has a great Peace Globe campaign going right now to push for world peace. It really is a wonderful way to express how important peace in the world is to all of us. So please go check out her site and find out how you can participate in the Peace Globe Campaign.


Payday Loans

You drive through any town anymore and you see these payday loan places. Now they are even online Instant Payday Loan Online. How odd is that?


Garage Sale Success

Well the garage sale was a success! I made 300 bucks which makes me very happy. I got rid of a bunch of stuff so that makes me happier. And I spent the majority of the day with two of my favorite people, Darby and Steve. Which makes me the happiest. It was fun. More fun than I thought a garage sale would be. Below is a pic of "Not At This Time" Steve and I. It was taken last week but I just got the pics uploaded a couple days ago...

Last week I posted about the odd thing on the train tracks. Carla, my dear friend Stinna's mom and Bel's grandma knew what it was. I wasn't so far off on the street sweeper thing. Carla explained that it is a sweeper that "brushes" rocks off the tracks and puts them in their proper place. And I'm not crazy, she has seen the sweeper on the tracks before too! So that made me happy. Thanks Carla for emailing me the info! You rock!!!

Okay I'm off to watch some tv and play with the dog.


Friday, October 27, 2006

Movie Buff

This is way fun! I thought I was quite the movie buff. I watch a lot of movies and I remember things from movies so I thought I would rock at this game Beat the Detective. They show you movie trailers and clips and you try to guess the movie. They have a library of 20,000 clips. So needless to say with all those movies I wasn't the best but it was lots of fun! You can pick the genre of movies so at least you won't get stuck trying to guess movies there is no way you could have possibly seen. You can even compete against other players and it's FREE! So Try 'Beat the Detective' now.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away

It's just pouring and pouring here. It's been raining for two days. Lots of rain. Like my yard is a swamp. There are little rain water ponds all over the place. Lena won't go out tonight to pee even with her raincoat on. She just wants none of that! It rained so much that my corn shucks fell over. They are just weighted down with water. YUCK! It really needs to quit raining.

What is up with Grey's Anatomy and ER both being reruns today. Boo on that! I was really looking forward to watching both shows and then I was completely let down. So I had to watch my recorded episodes of The Nine. I really like that show. Are any of you watching it? It rocks!


Flaming Tamale

This video is so freaking funny! I love Pay Per Post for many reasons. Now I love it more because of Tamale! She just cracked me up. I totally feel her pain. I so feel that way sometimes. I loved the one potato two potato deal. Welcome to my world honey! Poor girl is working too hard but at least her car is paid off. If you want to give Tamale more work and get paid to blog sign up soon. Use me as your referrer just make sure to enter my email jwagoner@cableone.net. It's lots of fun and you paid! How cool is that... Don't feel real bad for Tamale. I heard a rumor that she is going to Vegas soon so that should make things a little better for her!


Garage Sale

I'm having a garage sale Saturday. I HATE having garage sales. But Darby came tonight and helped me mark things and get ready. It went really quick. She makes it fun. I guess that's what best friends do. We had to haul these three big really old school HEAVY tables from my new house to my old house. The garage sale is at the old house. I'm selling all the stuff there that I don't want to move. So we loaded the tables in the truck and took them over. But we about killed each other in the process. We are total klutz's and I seriously don't know how we haven't ended up with broken bones or crazy injuries. We really must have angels watching over us and LAUGHING at us foolish girls.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Vacation Contest

I have talked quite a bit about my upcoming trip to Greece. It’s a best friend trip! Darby, Heather, Kelci and I are going in May. We were going to go in March but it’s pretty cold in Greece in March so we had to change up our itineraries a bit. It’s a good thing we are flexible. We are hoping to cram quite a bit of site seeing in and want to cover as much as we can in the 8-10 days that we will have.

Our plan now is to hit Athens, Mykonos, Delphi, and Crete. We have things that we want to see and do but we haven’t really sat down and solidified things yet. So we are still open. But I know some of you out there are planning your own upcoming vacations and maybe you do have your itineraries confirmed. If you do there is a contest you should enter.

There is currently a winter vacation plan travel writing contest. This is a great contest that has people entering their original travel itineraries for a chance to win $1,100. That would be great vacation spending money! The contest is open until November, 15th so you don’t have a whole lot of time left to get your submission entered. Your entries do need to be detailed, they would need to be organized by day and list activities, places to stay, prices, food options, etc. If you are taking a trip this would be a great way to get some cash!



You know the whole blogging thing is hard for some people to understand. Some of my friends don't get it. They don't see how I have time, why I do it, what the point is. I know that if they aren't bloggers they won't get it but you bloggers out there do get it...

It's an addiction, it's a community, and it's awesome. I've made friends by blogging. When my mom died, Julie from Flip This Body, and Bobby from Bestest Blog raised money in her name for the ACS! Who does that! Awesome bloggers do!!! They have never met me but they were kind and generous because they have taken the time to read my blog and make a connection, as I have there's.

So I encourage you to take the time to visit the blogs I have links too. I have linked to them because I somehow connect with what they write. Some are funny, inspirational, informative, silly, and serious. I don't get paid to link, I don't get paid to talk to them, I get the reward of getting to know them and I hope you all get to check them out too. Leave them comments, leave me comments, and start building a blogging buddy system. It's pretty fun!


Cheap Vitamins

I found another great healthy website for ya folks! Check out CheapVitamins.com They have vitamins and supplements at very affordable prices. You can search for certain brands, and even search for your favorite flavors! That's pretty handy if you ask me. You could order in bulk to save money and then have your vitamins delivered right to your door. It would be a great way to save money and time. You couldn't use the excuse that you don't have time to go to the store. So if you have time you ought to Check out CheapVitamins.com


Train Question

I live right by the train tracks now. So I see a lot of trains each day. Like probably 20! More than enough. But today when I came home I saw something odd. The arms weren't down and the lights were flashing but I had to stop because there was this thing on the tracks. It looked almost like a street sweeper but it was going along the tracks. Does anyone know what that is? I wouldn't think it would really be something that cleans the tracks but I have no clue what it is... Any ideas?



Now that I'm moved to a new house the fun of landscaping begins yet again. I seem to have a bad habit of moving right about the time I get my yard looking the way I like it. Then I'm starting over again. But I found a great place to get landscaping ideas They have tons of landscaping pictures. When I say tons I mean more than 2000 landscaping pictures. That's a whole heck of a lot of ideas. I ought to be able to figure something out with that many options wouldn't ya think. While I'm not looking for anything over the top I just want a pretty yard. So I'm gonna spend some time looking through the pictures and finding something neat.


Wow this is my 251st post on this blog! That is so freaking cool!!! I'm psyched that I've gone over the 250 mark. That's exciting to me.

But anyways my house is bright! My dad installed a new light kit on the ceiling fan in my living room. The old one had dark globes and didn't let much light out so it was a very dark room which I don't like. So he put one on with clear globes and it is way bright! He also put another motion light on the side of my house so the side yard will be lit up when I take Lena out at night. He is all about safety you know! It's very nice that he did that for me.

What cracks me up is that he and Cricket left this morning. They are going to two of Heather's games in Western Ks and then heading back to Texas on Friday. So I won't see them till Christmas. But they left and when I came home for lunch he had left me money on my table! Go figure. He comes here and works on my house and then pays me for nothing. Dad's are weird like that. Gotta love them.

Okay lunch is calling me.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006


NASCAR was the topic of the day at work today. For some reason the folks in my office are really digging the racing thing today. One of the guys went to a race a couple weeks ago and got his pictures developed and brought them in today. So he got everyone fired up. Talking about drivers, and times, and laps, and pit crews. I don't think I understood half of it. But I did find out about this NASCAR Forum where you can get on and chat about NASCAR. You can even ask questions. I may have to do that. Maybe then I can figure out what everyone was talking about today… :-)



I'm really getting worried about Miss Lena. She hasn't bitten tonight, she isn't jumping all over, she isn't barking like crazy, she hasn't gotten into anything she shouldn't, she laid on my lap and watched Nip/Tuck with no flipping, whining, or jumping. Seriously I think she may be very very sick. She is being to good to be okay...



As all of you know staying healthy is something I battle with like crazy. I'm constantly trying to keep my blood sugar under control, lose weight and work some of this fat off. But ultimately we are all looking for better health aren't we. And it seems like even if we eat what we are supposed to we are still missing out on something. Sytropin HGH or Human Growth Hormone is an important part of staying healthy, building our immune systems and maintaining our overall health. I would encourage all of you to check out this site to learn a little more about sytropin HGH and how it can enhance your health.

Nip Tuck

Okay I'm becoming a Nip Tuck addict! I'm obsessed.. I love it... It ticks me off... It makes me laugh! WATCH IT!!! What is really freaky is that they have a midget nanny on there right now. And we all know about my fear of midgets. But they have Christian and I love him. And Rosie O'Donnell has had a guest role this season. So that rocks. I just love it.


Self Help Book

I just ran across this Self Help Book. It's called Simone and Elvis.


Well I met with the hospice lady today. That was good. It was actually kinda fun today. She is a gal that I knew when I was doing my undergrad degree and we have worked together on multidisciplinary teams when she worked at her previous job. So we just kinda got caught up today and visited. Talked about mom some, talked about planning for the upcoming holidays and how I will manage. It was good.

Something that hospice here is doing as a fundraiser is having a Christmas tree at the mall. The tree is decorated with ornaments adorned with people's names in honor of them. So for $15 you can get an angel ornament and for $10 you can get a snowflake ornament. They have them on the tree at the mall for a month and you get them back shortly before Christmas for your tree. It's really a cool fundraiser. So if you would like an ornament and are local you can stop by the hospice office to get one. If you are out of town and want one let me know and I can pay for it and get the money back from you and get you your ornament. And if you live out of town and didn't know my mom and don't want an ornaments here I would encourage you to make a small donation to a Hospice or another charity in your area because giving is a nice thing to do.

I got two ornaments. One for me and one for Heather. I just think it's neat and it's a way to give back a little for everything they did for us. Hospice services are free and they operate off of donations. Some people have insurance that covers the services and they get payments that way but a lot of people don't have insurance. I don't know what we would have done without hospice so I'm happy to give to make sure that it's out there for other people someday. So let me know if ya want an ornament.


Monday, October 23, 2006

What If

What if I was boss of the world... I would figure out a way to make a computer work all the time! I would create a device that immediately picked up leaves as they fell from trees. I would make the work week two days long and the weekend five days. I would buy property in Spain. I would make gas free and plenty of it. I would take a trip to a foreign country ever six months. I would own a private jet. I would cure cancer and AIDS. I would make a cure for the common cold. I would create a cell phone that didn't drop calls and ALWAYS had a signal. I would have a pretty yard, soft green grass, beautiful blooming flowers, and no weeds. I would make Oprah be nice to me and she would even laugh at my jokes. I would build a huge house that all my family could live in. I would make it fall all the time. I would go to school but not have to take tests or pay for tuition and books. I would have my dream camera. I would be able to sing an entire song backwards. And finally if I was boss of the world I would laugh lots every day!



I'm trying to upload pictures and it's just not working... Things are going very slowly... I think my head my blow off....

Wine World

Wine, Wine and more Wine... Have you ever noticed how many kinds of wines there are. And how different they taste, and how much some of them cost.. If you go visit
WineAuctionPrices.com you can get wine prices from top wine auctioneers. You can also research various wines and make a list of all your favorites. And you can get an idea of what your wine collection may be worth... I guess that could help you decide if you are gonna drink it or save it.



Well Blogger is finally up and running. I've tried to post a couple times tonight and kept getting error messages. No fun! I don't know what the deal is with that.

Went to Zumba this evening. It was again a ton of fun! I just love Zumba. The one thing I've noticed though from doing Zumba is that I can't skip. I just can't seem to do it. I've never been able to. The other kids in school could skip when I was a kid but I couldn't do it... I don't get it... I try and try and for some reason I just screw up the skipping. It's a good thing that only one song has skipping. I would be a mess if Zumba involved lots of skipping.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Voice Quilts

I've been looking for creative gifts online lately. I like to get all my X-Mas shopping done well in advance and I like to do it online as much as I can. I found this really unique VoiceQuilt. I'm really impressed by it.

What you do is record messages and they play from this really pretty music box. Really a pretty nice idea if you ask me. It would be cool to have one that had people sharing their memories of my mom. Then anytime you open it you would get to hear a memory. Impressive....



Watched a couple movies with my Dad tonight. We watched Syriana first! TOTAL waste of time. I was incredibly disappointed. I had heard so many great things about it and then was really let down. Not such a good movie. And my boy George Clooney didn't even look good in it. So no pay off!!!

After that we watched War of The Worlds. Not the best movie ever but it wasn't bad. I like alien movies for some reason. I'm weird like that. But I guarantee I'll have a scary movie about aliens tonight. That is just my luck.


Free Cartridges

We all know how much I love FREE! So you just have to check this out. Free print cartridges. We all know those are usually pricey but not now. You can now get Free Printer Ink Cartridge Samples That totally rocks in my opinion. All you have to pay is the low shipping charge. So print like crazy my friends!


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Volleyball Extravaganza

Well last night was Sophomore Night for Miss Heather. So we went to all of her games and then watched the special Sophomore honor ceremony. Dad and Cricket came in to participate. All of the parents presented the sophomores with balloons and candy since it was their last home game so that was pretty neat. We got lots of pictures and really enjoyed the game.

Not at this time Steve went with us which was nice. We had a really good afternoon/evening. He caught on to the volleyball thing pretty quick and got pretty excited about it every once in awhile. That kinda cracked me up. Grandma and Grandpa also came to watch with Aunt Phyllis which was nice. And two of Heather's friends from high school came, Jenna and Jessica so that was cool too. She had quite the cheering section.

Today we went Grandma and Grandpa's house to visit and then came home and had dinner and watched a movie. We watched Brokeback Mountain. I have seen it before but the others hadn't. It's one of my favorite movies. Surprisingly Dad liked it and Heather and Cricket didn't. I thought it would be the other way around. Go figure....


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Oprah in Review

Okay I did the Oprah call today. I talked to an awesome producer lady last night to set it up. And she called back this morning. We probably talked for 40 minutes. She was super nice and funny and went over with me how to word things and what to ask Oprah and all this stuff. It was cool talking to her.

Initially my question for Oprah was "How have you and Gayle maintained a 30 year friendship". Well then today while talking to the producer she asked me if Darby and I ever argued about anything. I told her our one debate is over circumcision. I'm against it, Darby is for it. The producer thought our whole reasoning was hilarious! I say if God gave you a hat you better wear it!!! I told her about mentioning it on my blog, so the producer got on and looked at MY BLOG!!! The entry is March 11th.

So she told me that I ought to ask Oprah to solve our debate and ask her if boys should be circumcised. So that was the plan. Well then I get on with Oprah and she asked me first where I was from, then she talked all about Kansas and of course made the comment about Dorothy and Toto which I HATE! Then she asked me what my greatest Life Lesson was. LIFE LESSON??? I thought I was talking about best friends and circumcision... This wasn't the plan. But I answer.

I tell her that my mom recently died and that the lesson that guides my life from that experience is that time is the miracle. I prayed for a miracle when I was asking for my mom to be healed but God gave us a miracle with time. Time to be with one another, time to love, time to nourish relationships. So then she asked me if I was with my mom when she died. I said yes. She asked what we did. I explained that my sister and I laid with her and told her it was okay and that the angels were there to take her. And then she told me a story about when Gayle's mom died. And then I got the impression she was done...

So I quickly explained that my best friend Darby and I have a question for her and would like for her to solve our debate. So she asks what the debate is about and I ask her if she thinks boys should be circumcised. I explain that I'm all against it and Darby is for it and she asks to talk to Darby. So Darby got on the phone and explained why she was for it. And then Oprah said she couldn't solve that debate and wished us luck. And she was gone.

It was pretty disappointing. I thought it would be more of a fun conversation. I didn't want to get into all that about my mom. I thought it was gonna be funny, I thought I'd get to tell my jokes... The nice producer girl and I had a plan! A very funny plan. Oprah did not go with the plan... It totally wasn't the experience I thought it was going to be.

So that's the deal.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Guess what folks! Your lovely blogging crazy woman is going on OPRAH! The Oprah Show called me tonight about a letter I sent in about my Darbis being the bestest friend in the world. And now Oprah has Oprah and Friends Radio on XM Radio 156 and she wants to talk to ME tomorrow!!! How freaking cool is that!

So tomorrow morning from 10:30-11:30 I am talking to Oprah about best friends. She is gonna talk about Gayle, I'm gonna talk about Darby. And then I'm hoping Oprah will love me so much that she will give us a make over or a trip or a free mug! That would rock.

I can't believe I'm talking to Oprah!!!!


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Circus De Jessie

It's crazy around here! The house is full. I have Darby, Caden, Heather, Me, Lena and Darby's dog Izzie here. Can you say loud. The dogs don't like each other, Caden and Lena don't like each other, Heather doesn't like dogs or kids too much. And Darby and I are beginning to wonder if our friendship will survive. No it will survive, I just don't know if my dog will. She is a crazy mess!

Now I'm off to run Caden to daycare and then I have a meeting out of town all day so it will be loads of fun I'm sure!


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Lazy Day

What a lazy day here! It rained all day so we didn't do a dang thing. Heather got here around 12:30 so we ate lunch and then watched trash TV all day. We watched two episodes of Nip Tuck and then watched a weeks worth of Days of Our Lives. So after we wasted away all of our brain cells on crap we went to Wal-Mart. That was the highlight of our day. We are a crazy pair!

I've got to work tomorrow and Heather is getting her haircut. I did convince her to go to Zumba with Darby and I in the evening so that should be cool.

Heading to bed!

Pay Per Post Pays for Babies

Okay I know I post about Pay Per Post quite a bit but it's freaking cool! If you sign up use my email as your referrer jwagoner@cableone.net. Even though I think pay per post rocks I never knew why Ted, the founder got Pay Per Post started. But I just heard that he started Pay Per Post to pay for his sextuplets! He had all these babies and since no one gives you free stuff like they used to for having lots of kids he founded this website to bring in extra cash flow! So Pay Per Post feeds babies! How great is that. It just makes ya feel warm and fuzzy inside! So go check it out, sign up and feed a baby! Pay Per Post



I just took Lena out to make the pee pee and I was looking across the street at the neighbors house. There was a deer in their front yard. And the longer I watched more deer started coming in the yard. There were five when it was all said and done. They were beautiful. I have never seen that many that up close. And I live in TOWN! Why deer would be in town I do not know but they were and they were gorgeous. I'm shocked. After about 15 minutes I went to walk closer and they ran off. I guess they were as glad to see me as I was to see them. Pretty neat though! I wonder if they will come back....


Friday, October 13, 2006


Well my brother Shawn called today. His wife Amanda is in labor. That isn't good. She is only 24 weeks pregnant so that is way to early. Little Mattie isn't done cooking yet. She needs to be bigger. But she is little. They are giving Amanda steroids so Mattie's lungs will get stronger. They are going to try to hold off delivery for as long as possible. At least a few days hopefully, a few weeks would be better... We will see. I have no doubt she will be okay. How can you lose with God and Grandma Dee on your side!

I chopped my hair off today. Well I didn't actually do it. I had my hair gal do it. It's short for me. But cute I think. Different but fun. I was just sick of the hair, the work, the mess of it all. I wanted to shave it bald but she wouldn't do that. So it's just short.

I don't know anything else. I'm tired, Lena is not. I'm gonna try to sleep.

Over and Out!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Everybody's Got Room For Jello

Many moons ago when I was in undergrad I tended bar to pay my bills. I worked at this crazy little biker bar. It was a fun place to work but could get pretty wild. What always cracked me up was that this big rough and tumble biker guys loved Jello shots! They would go through them like no other! There were nights I’d make like 500 Jello shots and they would do them all. It was pretty odd to me. I just always made them in little plastic cups and they would go to town.

But today I stumbled upon a new fun kind of Jello Shots. It’s called Suck and Blow. It’s a jello shooter encased in a plastic tube. See the pic!

How fun is that. I totally think the guys at the bar would dig that. But only if their girlfriends were with them. Pretty cool invention if you ask me.

I’m actually thinking about ordering some of these. They would be really fun for parties. I guess the people that creating them call them “Jiggelos” which is pretty funny too me. I guess if you have enough of them you could turn into one…. They have all kinds of flavors like Cherry, Wild Berry, Black Cherry, Spiced Rum, Wild Strawberry, and Cola. Pretty much something for just about anybody.

I seriously wonder how many people have tried these. I’d never heard of them before. They look way fun so I wonder why no clubs around here have them. And I wonder if you can refill the plastic tube? Probably not… Have any of you ever tried these? If so let me know what you thought? I’d really like to try them but I don’t wanna be the guinea pig. So how about one of you out there order some, try them out and let me know what you think. :-)


Everybody's Got Room For Jello

Many moons ago when I was in undergrad I tended bar to pay my bills. I worked at this crazy little biker bar. It was a fun place to work but could get pretty wild. What always cracked me up was that this big rough and tumble biker guys loved Jello shots! They would go through them like no other! There were nights I’d make like 500 Jello shots and they would do them all. It was pretty odd to me. I just always made them in little plastic cups and they would go to town.

But today I stumbled upon a new fun kind of Jello Shots. It’s called Suck and Blow. It’s a jello shooter encased in a plastic tube. See the pic!

How fun is that. I totally think the guys at the bar would dig that. But only if their girlfriends were with them. Pretty cool invention if you ask me.

I’m actually thinking about ordering some of these. They would be really fun for parties. I guess the people that creating them call them “Jiggelos” which is pretty funny too me. I guess if you have enough of them you could turn into one…. They have all kinds of flavors like Cherry, Wild Berry, Black Cherry, Spiced Rum, Wild Strawberry, and Cola. Pretty much something for just about anybody.

I seriously wonder how many people have tried these. I’d never heard of them before. They look way fun so I wonder why no clubs around here have them. And I wonder if you can refill the plastic tube? Probably not… Have any of you ever tried these? If so let me know what you thought? I’d really like to try them but I don’t wanna be the guinea pig. So how about one of you out there order some, try them out and let me know what you think. :-)


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Good Day

Wow I had a good day today. Shocking I know! I'm really enjoying my new position at work. It's more adoption work than what I was doing before and I really like that! I actually didn't feel foggy at all today. I felt like I was with it and was able to do things and be productive and that was a nice switch. I'm not expecting it to be that way tomorrow but at least now I know it's possible.

Miss Lena is totally back to herself now. She has been incredibly energetic tonight. Not bad just full of energy. She has just been running through the house like a crazy dog. As annoying as it can be at times I'm just glad she is getting back to normal for her. :-)

I had to work late tonight so I wasn't able to make it to Heather's volleyball game like I planned on. That's a bit of a downer but I'll see her Sunday. So it will be okay.

Well I'm off to complete the Halloween Meme that Julie tagged me with. I'm posting it on my Who Are We blog so check there.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Ugh my head hurts so bad today. I've had this nasty headache that just won't go away. I've taken stuff for it and still it throbs. No fun!!! Makes me wonder if I'm coming down with something. Or it could be stress and emotions. Who knows!

Met with the Hospice Grief people today. We get free services from them for a year so I'm gonna do it. If I was one of my own clients I would tell them that individual therapy would be beneficial so I'm gonna take my own advice for once. The gal is nice and I felt comfortable talking to her. So we will see how it goes. I'm just gonna go every other week for now and we can increase or decrease as needed so that's cool with me. Maybe it will help a little.

I think I'm doing fairly well. I am functioning. But I would like to live a little, not just survive day to day like I feel like I'm doing. I need to take better care of me. I know that much. My blood sugar is not good, my weight is not good, my lack of daily exercise is not good. I know what I need to do I just don't seem to have it in me to do it.... Maybe they can help me a little.

Darby and I are meeting with her cousin next week. She runs a gym in town and is a personal trainer. Darby talked to her and explained that we are tired of having fat asses and that I don't want too lose a foot or go blind because I don't have my diabetes under control and she is gonna help us. We meet with her next Tuesday to figure out a plan. And we are signing up for Zumba so the regular class for that starts Monday. So those are steps in the right direction. I think I'm also gonna go back to the doc and see if he can up my antidepressants a bit. The happy pills aren't working like they used too....


Monday, October 09, 2006


Darby and I were brave tonight and tried something new. At the direction of our friend Laney we tried this new dance/workout class called Zumba. I was a little scared at the start but it was SO much fun!!! I seriously have never had that much fun and gotten a workout at the same time. I don't even know how to describe it. It was a lot of different dances and lots of fun music and just moving like crazy. I really felt like I was a little kid again just dancing around and acting silly and having pure happy fun. We are totally signing up for the class!!! Monday and Thursdays are now officially Zumba nights. What's funny is that Laney told us about it and talked it up and really wanted us to go and then she didn't like it. She's not signing up. We aren't sure why she didn't like it but we don't care. We are now Zumba Girls!!!!


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know

Did you know that someone actually goes to work everyday and has the title of chicken sexer! They actually determine the sex of the chickens. Crazy huh!!! And did you know that the average shave will trim away somewhere between 20,000-25,000 hairs from a man’s face. Who knew? Random trivia fascinates me. I like knowing odd things that most people don't think about. And you never know when it will come in handy. I may end up on jeopardy someday.

This trivia blog does a great job of sharing random facts in a way that is entertaining and fun. I was pretty impressed. So check it if you are feeling the need to impress someone with some fun new facts.


Fall Festivities

It's been a really great weekend here. Heather and Shanae are so much fun to have around. They just headed back to school and the house is quiet and a bit lonely now. They are just great girls and FUNNY!!! While I cooked dinner tonight they decorated the yard with the corn shucks and pumpkins. It looks wonderful.

We had a good time at the pumpkin patch. It was way hot though! I don't think we have ever gone there and had it be so warm. Who would think it would be 86 out on pumpkin patch day! Darby, Chris, and Caden went too as did Doreen so we just had a fun group. I ended up getting one huge pumpkin and several normal size ones.

It has been a great weekend but there is also this feeling of sadness that kinda lingers over all fun things. Going to the pumpkin patch was always something Mom and I did together. We both loved Halloween and decorating for fall and we both always wanted to get HUGE pumpkin. So even though I went with a bunch of people I loved I still really just wanted her there. It's odd how you can have fun yet still be sad at the same time. I don't know how to explain it really. It's like the sadness just kinda becomes a part of you in a small way. Really and odd feeling!

Have a good Monday!


Halloween Finds

We all know that I'm loving Halloween. Heather and Shanae put up all my Halloween decorations yesterday while I was cooking. And we are going to the pumpkin patch later today to get pumpkins and gourds so we can decorate outside. So I've pretty much got it covered except for one thing.

I wanted my computer to have a Halloween theme. I needed a creepy screen saver or wallpaper or something. So I spent some time looking around this morning and found this site Free Halloween Screensavers I am loving it! You can find all kinds of stuff and best of all it's free, fun and creative some of my favorite things!

I spent some time playing around and decorated a jack-o-latern. I also easily downloaded a haunted house wallpaper now so that is fun. Now that the computer is decorated for Halloween I think I'm pretty much done.


Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sister Points

I scored big sister points today. Heather came home for the weekend and brought her friend Shanae with her. I made them spaghetti for lunch. Spaghetti is Heather's favorite meal so I got some points there. But she took her first bite and started to cry. No it wasn't that horrible! I did it perfectly, because it tasted just like Mom's. Once she quit crying she told me that she didn't think she would ever taste that again. So big sister points for me. I can cook mom's spaghetti. I'm sure glad I paid attention to how she made it!!!

We picked up Lena from the vet today. She is doing really well. She isn't as hyper as usual but she doesn't appear to have any pain. Just tired I think.

We went to the Octoberfest for church. We found some good buys and saw a lot of people. Better run. Darby just showed up so I'm off to visit.


Friday, October 06, 2006


I found the coolest recipe matcher site tonight. RecipeMatcher You have to check it out. What you do is enter the ingredients you have and then it matches you up with recipes that have those ingredients. So if you have a can of kidney beans, lettuce and an egg you get a recipe that has those ingredients. How cool is that!

I'm always looking for new recipes. I have a hard time cooking for just one or two people. And it always seems like I have stuff in the house but never the right stuff for any recipes I have. So this site kinda helps me out. It gives me some new ideas and it lets me use up some ingredients that otherwise would just sit around for awhile. It's really a pretty good way to save some money.



Oh Miss Lena went to get fixed today. It is fix your dog month here so it's a bargain! But I was really struggling with the idea of taking her. Last night I didn't think I would be able to do it. This morning I was getting kinda freaked about it. And then we got to the vet. She immediately started shaking when we walked in. All the barking and oddness of it scares her. So the more scared she got the more scared I got. They had me sign the consent and explained the risks of anesthesia and I started crying. Like really sobbing crying. Crazy I know. But my mom just died and Lena is my best little buddy. She causes me all kinds of headaches but she makes my heart happy. The idea of something happening to her right now would just push me over the edge. So the nice vet lady tells me that for $50 extra dollars they can test her first to make sure the anesthesia won't kill her. I of course agree to that. And then she tells me that they will call as soon as she is done. And then she tells me I can come back and see her at 4:00. I cry some more and I'm trying to decide in my head the risks vs. the benefits. If you get dogs fixed it reduces their risks for some cancers and you know that cancer isn't so kind to people or things I love. So I agree. I sign the papers. Kiss and hug Lena and leave sobbing!

I cried most of the morning. Ultimately I don't think the emotions of it are just about Lena. I think I'm just terrified of loss right now. Irrational crying but crying that won't stop. So finally at 11:30 they call to tell me that she is done and awake and doing well. I think my whole office was ready to have a party!

I went to see her at 4:00 and took her on a walk and held her but had to leave her there. She was moving slow and didn't bark at all but she was doing pretty good I think. She will be fine. Now I just have to make it until 9:00 in the morning and I can get her back.


Not The Happiest Place On Earth

Did you see the news story about the family that won a day at Disney World with no other visitors. It was just their family and the Disney characters enjoying some Florida Holidays. I'm thinking that is about the only way I would ever go to Disney World again. SOLO! When we went it was not the happiest place on earth like they say. It was raining, there were about 82 billion people in line, kids were crying, you had to walk forever, and the food was overpriced. Not my idea of happy. Not to mention it takes forever to get there and then you have to walk about a million miles from the parking area to the entrance.

So I'm thinking that the family that won the solo trip really did get to see the happiest place on earth. It had to be a blast to be there alone. No waiting, no crying, just fun. The whole show just for you. That would make me a happy girl.


Weird Dream

I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamed that my mom was pregnant with triplets! She went into labor and Heather and I took her to the hospital. We were in the room with her when she had the babies and we held them and Mom, Heather, and I picked out names. We named the babies, Abbie, Julie, and Laura. Odd really because I can't see the three of us ever picking those names in real life. We stayed at the hospital for a couple of days and then left. Now the real weird part comes. When we left the hospital the babies got big. Like they turned into 6 year olds. And my mom had died. Heather and I took the triplets to the funeral with us obviously and it was exactly like my mom's funeral really was but there were triplets with us. After the funeral I told the triplets they would just stay with us and we would take care of them and then I woke up. It was really odd! What in the world does that dream mean?


Thursday, October 05, 2006

AdSense VS Pay Per Post

We all know that I'm a little broke right now. Well I'm a social worker I'm a little broke all the time. So when I started this blog there was this cool thing called AdSense. What I thought when I signed up for adsense was that if I put ads on my blog and people clicked them I could earn some cash. I knew it would never be much but it would be something. Cool for me. So of course I signed up.

Well it never panned out. I did adsense for awhile. I'm sure some of you remember seeing the little ads. They were a bit distracting and annoying in my opinion. But I never made a dime! So I was on Bestest Blog the other day, as I am every day and Bobby had a post about this Pay Per Post site. And we all know that I want to make money.

I checked it out and signed up. I'm pretty impressed so far. I'm already about 100 times more impressed with it that I ever was with AdSense. What you do is sign up and you get paid to write posts about certain sites, blogs, or products on your blog. So you totally get to pick which things to write about and how often you do it. Some of the opportunities only pay a couple bucks others pay as much as $15. So I probably won't make a whole lot of money but at least I'm making something which is more than I made with AdSense. So I encourage you to go visit and sign up. And if you do sign up make sure to use my email jwagoner@cableone.net as your referral. Have fun and good luck!



Yesterday I about killed myself. It was really bad. I share my office with Becki. Beck is way fun. I really like her. However, she has a thing about overhead lighting. She doesn't allow it. So she has a floor lamp that she uses. But it is still dark on my side of the room. So I found a floor lamp in our storage room. It looked nice. In fact it was Darby's old lamp so I saved it from storage and took it too our office. I plugged it in and the light flickered. So thinking that the light bulb was bad I reached in to take the old one out.

Well Becki asked if I was doing okay over there. She got to about the end of okay and a pain I can't describe began. It was the strangest sensation I've ever had in my life. I could totally feel the electricity going through my body. It started in my fingertips and traveled up my arm and shoulder across my chest and stopped in my heart. I seriously thought I just might die. A little bit of pee even came out! Now I know what people mean when they say their heart hurts. I kept telling Beck my heart hurts and guess what she did. She laughed at me. LAUGHED!

So even though I about died the electric shocking must have done something for the lamp because it works now. So I spent the rest of the day having a pain in my chest and a metallic taste in my mouth but at least I could see to get my work done....


Lap Band or a Band In My Lap

Okay a gal I know is getting this thing done called a lap band surgery... I didn't know what the heck it was. I've heard of gastric bypass but I hadn't heard of this. I thought maybe she was gonna carry a band around in her pocket. But she's not. I just came across this site. Lap-Band Surgery

It's a pretty cool site. Shockingly it is all about lap band surgery. It explains what the advantages are of the surgery, the costs and risks, how to find a surgeon, and if insurances like Medicare or Medicaid will cover it. I now know more about lap band surgery than I ever thought I would. So if you are thinking about having your lap banded or if you just wanna find out about it check out this site.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Day Two

Well I went back for day two at work today. It was good. I got a lot done. I feel a little more on track and not so lost. That's always a good thing!

Darby is quitting her job at my office. Right now she is the AA there and then is of course a full time nursing student. Between school, Caden, Chris and just plain needing a life there isn't time for work anymore so tomorrow is her last day. I'm glad that her stress level will be going down but I'm gonna miss her. I was looking forward to seeing her everyday again like I used too.

Miss Lena goes in to get fixed on Friday. I am pretty worried about it and not at all excited. I wasn't going to get her fixed but then I got visions of 5 or 6 little Lena's running all over my house. All the toys, and barking and mess that a litter of puppies would bring. That nightmare vision forced me to call and make the appointment. That and this month it is cheaper because it's like fix your dog month and they give you a discount or something. So whatever, I'm gonna do it and I swear if something happens to my dog and she doesn't wake up I'm just gonna jump of a bridge. I couldn't handle something happening to her right now.

Still no word on Brian but we are taking no news as good news. Hopefully Venus will hear from him soon.

Okay I probably ought to sign off and get some laundry put away. Have a good one.


Monday, October 02, 2006

Back to Work

Well I headed back to work today. It was quite a long day. My brain is tired! Working really cuts into a person's day.. :-) I had so many other things to do and it was a long time to actually sit in an office.

Though I would have preferred to be doing something else it was good. I think the new job will be a good thing. There is a lot to get straightened out with the new position. Many things that were left undone and quite a bit to be organized. It will keep me busy I think.

My brother-in-law Brian is currently stationed in Iraq as many of you know. There have been some fatalities in his unit and at this time my sister has yet to have contact with him. We all are obviously concerned. So please just say a little prayer for him and all the other troops that they are safe and have the opportunity to contact their loved ones soon! It weighs on our hearts and minds. Please also take a moment to send warm thoughts to the two widows of the men that were confirmed dead. One is currently expecting a baby and the other is a new mother.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

Great Weekend

Well it's been a wonderful weekend. I needed it! Thursday was a bad day due to the dog issues. And Friday I had some crazy computer problems that caused me to lose my digital pics, all my email addresses and school papers. Not the best day!

But my aunts came to visit for the weekend and it was awesome! We just had a great time visiting and running around town. We went to an applefest thing and the cemetary to visit mom yesterday. Today we went to church and breakfast afterwards. It was just really nice to see them. We saw them so much while mom was sick and then they went home and I've been missing them. So it was great to have them back!

Today a new adult Sunday school class at church started. It's over the Purpose Driven Life Book. During Lent they had a 40 days of Purpose thing at the church that mom and I were going to do together. Then she got sick and we didn't get too. So they are offerring it again now at Sunday School and I decided I better do it. She would have wanted me too. So the first class was pretty cool. It's been quite awhile since I went to Sunday School. But it's good. I need to get more involved.

I go back to work tomorrow. I'm actually looking forward to it a bit. I've missed seeing everyone. And I've missed the paycheck. So I need to get back in the grind. I may not be so gung ho when the alarm goes off in the morning though... I guess we will see....