Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Great Purge

Since it snowed like crazy today and I didn't have anything else productive to do I decided to purge the house. I try to do this every year before Christmas. I figure that more stuff will come in due to excess gifting so I better get rid of things to make room for it. So this year I went crazy and really did some serious purging.

I ended up taking out 5 garbage bags of clothes, 2 bags of books and magazines, 2 garbage bag of random what the heck is this and why do I have it stuff and a bag of shoes, flip flops, purses, and hair stuff. Wahoo! There is room in my closets, my coffee table is clear and nothing falls out of the bathroom cabinet when I open it now! That's success!

Tommorow I'm going to purge the pantry and kitchen cabinets. Then I'm going to give the whole house a good cleaning. A little above and beyond the regular cleaning I do. I think there are some dust bunnies living on fans and behind furniture. So I need to evict them and freshen the place up a bit.

Good times!

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