Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hospital Horrors

Today I woke up not feeling so great. I had a bad headache and just felt funny. I went to work and felt a little better briefly and then I felt pretty rotten. I guess I wasn't making much sense so my co-workers took me to the hospital. My blood sugar was really high so that explains it. They gave me a shot of insulin and I felt better almost immediately.

They had to run lab work which was good because they figured out I had an infection which is why my sugars are high. The bad part is that I think they sent the oldest lab tech in the world to do it. He was a pretty old guy and I think he must have failed the course several times. He ended up blowing out the vein in my left arm.

So now I have this huge red purple lump on my arm. It looks like a blood blister the size of a golf ball. It's throbbing like crazy. I ended up calling back up to the hospital and asking what to do about it because it keeps getting bigger. They said to just put ice on it and try not to bump it. Great advice. Try not to bump it. Like I wasn't trying to do that already!

I have to go back to my regular doctor tomorrow and have more lab work done and possibly get another insulin shot. Hopefully my antibiotics will kick in and my blood sugar will go down on it's own in the next couple days....

I'm sure this is going to cost me a small fortune. ER visits are never cheap. When I called back up there tonight about my arm I asked the nurse if you get the visit for free when you leave with an injury.... she didn't think that was so funny. I wasn't joking though. I think if they don't get the blood on the first try you should get the visit for free... Maybe when I'm boss of the world I'll start that program.



Julie said...

Hi Jessie. Looks like you're doing great on the Biggest Loser Challenge. I have nothing to report, but just wanted to say hi. You can take me off the board if you want. I'm just not feelin' the weight loss thing right now. Hope you and your sister are having a good holiday season!!!

Scoobers said...

I think that's a great rule.
Now, IV starts on the other hand, how about three strikes and the visit is free?
Hope you're feeling better.

Blueyes said...

Holy hell it took me forever to get this window open.

It must be the week for nurses to blow out veins because I had a procedure done on Wednesday and came out of it with a blown vein. I have had these before and let me tell you from the sound of the size of yours it will be a couple of months before it is gone. This time mine was small. I had one as big as your describing back in January when I had to get an MRI with contrast.