Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sports Injury

I have my first sports related injury. Tonight I was playing a rousing game of tennis with Darby and she whacked me in the arm with her Wii Remote! Talk about pain. But there is no gain without it. The adrenaline rush from the injury forced me to kick her ass! She had no chance of winning after that.

So tomorrow I'm going shopping for a helmet and body pads so I can be protected when I play with her. She is vicious! I may beat her at tennis but she gets even when it's time to golf. I can't golf at all so it's gauranteed that she will beat me everytime! I actually set a personal record at golf tonight with a +8!!! How pathetic is that!!! So sad.

All the ice melted here today. So no more wiping out in the parking lot at work or my driveway like I did earlier this week. That's good. But tomorrow we are supposed to get snow so I'm guessing by Saturday it will be yucky again. Gotta love winter weather.


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