Sunday, December 30, 2007

Paintball Knowledge

As you know my identity was stolen a couple weeks ago. As I've been sifting through all of the reports, transactions, and drama surrounding that I'm learning all kinds of things. I noticed some transactions related to paintball and I honestly don't know much about paintball so I've done some investigating. I wasn't sure what a couple of the things were that I alledgedly bought so I surfed the web until I figured out what each item was. Heck if I'm paying for it I want to know what it is right!

One thing I have figured out for sure is that there are a ton of paintball supplies out there! I had no idea how many different paintball guns there were, that there were so many different kinds of paintballs and that you could spend so much money on it. I actually am kind of interested in playing some paintball now.

I came across one huge online paintball store that is pretty impressive. Luckily for me there person that stole my identity didn't find this site. They could have had a hayday on here. This store sells everything from the spyder vs2 gun to paintball pants, gloves and neck protectors. They have Tippmann guns and extra parts. They even have reuseable paintballs! Who knew you could go green with paintball!!!

So if you need to shop for any paintball supplies they are the folks to visit. And if you have questions about paintball it's shocking but I might be the girl to ask.


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