Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mattie Moo

Tonight I went out to Shawn and Amanda's house to visit after work. Amanda's family is in town for the next week or so and I haven't seen them in a year! So it was nice to visit with them and catch up a little bit. It was also wonderful to see my niece Mattie Moo. I missed her while I was in Texas. It's weird how spoiled you get so quickly. I've really adjusted to seeing her every few days so it seemed like a long time to go without.

She is quite the trouble maker lately. She is really into exploring everything and finding whatever she can get into. Tonight she figured out how to open the drawers and get things out. Luckily it was the drawer that all the dish towels were in. She had quite a fun time throwing them all out! Everyone but her parents thought it was pretty cute and funny. Needless to say they weren't as amused. We made her stop after I snapped a few pictures. Fun stuff!



Natalie said...

That's very adorable! If my daughter did it I'd be annoyed, but another kid doing it is cute. LOL! Funny how that works.

JHS. said...

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