Thursday, August 30, 2007

Channel Surfing

Wow thank goodness it's almost Friday. This has been a very long week. The whole learning a new job routine is wearing me out. I'm really ready for the nice long weekend. My brain is tired!

Tonight when I should have been doing homework I was watching tv. I keep seeing all kinds of previews for the new shows this season. It lookes like there will be a lot of good ones. What usually happens though is I get hooked on a new show and then it gets canceled and that makes me not very happy. I'm still missing The Nine. I really don't think it should have been canceled.

Most of all I'm excited about the new seasons of all my favorites getting started. I'm missing my Biggest Loser, Grey's Anatomy, ER, and Dirt. Only a few more weeks before everything comes back. The Biggest Loser is actually having a reunion special next week and then the new season starts the week after that. Allison Sweeny who plays Sami on Days of our Lives is going to host The Biggest Loser this season so I'm interested to see how she does.

What new shows or old favorites are you all looking forward too?


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Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I gave up television and movies a few years back and it was a great decision. I spend more time with family and friends. It is far more rewarding for me, but to each their own. Have a great day and long weekend. :)