Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Today I had my interview for the supervisors position at work. I really went into the interview relaxed. I don't have to have the job and honestly I'm not really sure I even want it. I love the position I have now and don't have a burning desire to change positions though I would love the increase in pay.

I didn't think the interview went all that great. I answered all their questions quickly and very honestly. A couple of times their eyes got big and they looked shocked at my answers so I didn't think that was the best sign. I'm pretty blunt and honest and I cut to the chase. Not to sure that's what they were looking for.

However, after the interview I was telling my boss about my answers and how it went and she just started laughing. She said they looked shocked because I gave all the right answers. I guess they are looking for someone that doesn't beat around the bush... Who knew my abrasiveness at times could be a benefit. She also said that my questions and concerns impressed them because it showed I was putting a lot of thought into the position and showed that I was being realistic about the potential barriers. Go figure!

So now I'm way confused. Though I had fun in the interview and it was a great experience I really don't know for sure what they thought. It will be a week before they make a decision so now I just get to wait and enjoy my current job. And then if they do offer me the position I have to decide if I really want it...



Darby said...

do you recall your 1st interview for this agency?? you thought it was horrible too!! guess that's a good sign for you darling!!!

Comedy + said...

Oh the interviews. I so remember them. Sounds like great feedback from your boss so quit worrying. I know that's difficult because I always worried too. Remember, they are looking for someone to lead and it appears you showed those qualities today. It sounds like you did exceptionally well. Have a great day. :)