Thursday, August 02, 2007

Fair Time

I went to the Fair last night with Darby, Chris, Caden, Kaylee, Donna and Jeff. It was hotter than I remember it being... And the lines were longer and the rides were louder. But I got a funnel cake and that makes it all worth it. I did happen to see about 1 million and two people that I know. That is usually one thing I like about the fair but this year I wasn't up to it. And half my clients from work were there so at least I got those contacts out of the way for the month.

Busy day today. Miss Lena gets a haircut which means she will be a nightmare for me tonight. She hates going to the vet. I have a couple court hearings today one of which may not be so good. I think the judge is not so happy with me this week. Then I have a doctor's appointment and my regular Thursday lunch with the girls. So busy day but I've got cute hair so I can make it through... :-)


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