Thursday, August 02, 2007

What A Day

Today was a busy day! I'm worn out. I should go to bed but I keep thinking of things I need to do. So I'm delaying. Now I have clothes in the dryer and have to stay awake until they get dry so I can hang them up. I hate when I forget them and then they get all wrinkled. I am not a fan of ironing so I do whatever I can to prevent wrinkles!

Tonight I was talking on the phone while I was watering my flowers and I turned around and had a driveway full of puppies! There were five adorable fat puppies in my yard. They are the neighbors and they had escaped from their pen. So I tried to carry them back first but carrying five wiggling puppies is a challenge. So then I tried to herd them back but they kept running at me instead of away. So then I got some of Lena's puppy treats and got them to follow me back. They were so cute following me in a little line back to their home. The neighbors said I could have one for free but Lena would not like another puppy! So I think I will just go over and play with them some.


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Comedy + said...

Get some rest and all will be better. I'm with you on the ironing thing. Have a great weekend. :)