Saturday, June 02, 2007


Well Darby and I have decided where we are going when our passports arrive. Since the original trip of our dreams turned into a nightmare we decided that the best place for us to go is the Dreams Resort and Spa in Puerto Vallarta Mexico!

It looks amazing! The rooms are beautiful, there are white beaches and clear waters. They have several pools. It's all inclusive!!! They have theme nights and activities. We can drink and swim and eat and explore. We can do nothing at all. Sounds like paradise to me! So that's our dream and that's where we are headed.



Mimi Lenox said...

Can I go?? Sounds heavenly.

I've mentioned you in a re-printed post today from last year's blogblast for peace. Wanted you to know.

Have a great trip, my friend.

andis said...

Does sound like a nice trip, and do so enjoy it. I didn't know you were still at home this week or I would have stopped by. Psst. by the way we have paint just around the corner.
I love to do colors, see me next time, I'll hook you up.

Chelle & Chel said...

I wanna go! It does sound fabulous. Of course, I'd settle for Disneyland for a week. Or even a day at the park with nothing to do. ::sigh::


Anonymous said...

Puerto Vallerta is nice. I'm with Mimi... let's take a big blogger group. And by big, I mean not that we're big, but that the group will be.

Comedy + said...

Been to Puerto Vallarta several times. Party central. You must go to El Centro (middle of town) and take a look around. You can ride the bus downtown for a peso or two, just hang on. There are also a couple of American bars downtown too. Have fun...