Friday, June 29, 2007


Wow this has been a very long week! The traveling and all the excitement has worn me out. And the huge pile of work on my desk when I got to the office didn't help. Taking time off is wonderful it's the going back to work that kills ya! And next week I will be in Mexico so I just can't imagine how much of a backlog I will return to. Honestly it scares me a little bit. But Mexico will sure be nice.

Tonight we went to a play at summer theatre at the University. It was called Plaza Suite and it was really good. I laughed a lot. We go to quite a few plays at the school and I'm always impressed. For being a smaller university they really have a great theatre department. I always enjoy myself. Very talented folks. This is probably the last play I will get to for awhile. Taking a baby to a theatre isn't the best plan. So I enjoyed it tremendously.

Tommorow is my birthday and my Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary party! Isn't that amazing. 60 years of marriage. Pretty inspiring. I'm excited for their big day. It should be fun. I know they are excited about the party. Off to finish up my to do list so I can head to bed.

Good night all!



Mimi Lenox said...

Hsppy Birthday! Hope your day is wonderful.

You sound like you need another vacation already.

Comedy + said...

Happy Birthday and to your parents, Happy 60th anniversary. How wonderful for all of you. :)