Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Quick Trip

I talked to Miss N or the babies momma as Heather calls her today. Heather is such a smartass isn't she. Miss N has a doctor's appointment and sonogram on the 27th of June and wants me to come. So I found a reasonably priced plane ticket and I'm gonna fly there on the evening of the 26th and come back on the morning of the 28th. It will be very quick but it will be nice to meet Miss N in person and I'm so excited to be able to see the baby on the sonogram! We will hopefully be able to find out if it is a boy or a girl. That might make the name debate a little easier.

I went ahead and applied for both of the new positions at work. Comedy Plus pointed out in the comments that I could apply but wouldn't have to take the new position if it was offerred to me. And she is right. I figured the interview would give me a chance to ask some questions and determine if it would be a good fit. So the interviews should be around the middle of July hopefully before I'm gone on maternity leave. I hate doing phone interviews so I'm crossing my fingers.

That's what I know for the day


P.S. Comedy I'm a cancer my b-day is June 30th.


Skittles said...

Best of luck!

Comedy + said...

Well, how exciting that you are going to view the sonogram. How exciting indeed. Good luck.

I'm glad you are doing the interviews. The hone your skills alot too. I always went for them and like you said, you can ask question to get a better feel for the positions.

Have a great day. Oh, and thanks for the sign answer. The perfectionest comment you made yesterday reminded me of a Virgo. Cancer it is...:)