Saturday, June 23, 2007

Weird Kid

I've told you all abuot my cute neighbor kid. The little boy that comes over to play basketball. He is way fun and cool. I love having him around. He's helpful and polite and just fun. Well those qualities must not run in his family. He must just be a streak of good luck because his sister is freaking weird!

This kid is driving me nuts today. She has come over about 15 times today for just random things. First she wanted to see who had come to visit me, it was Kelci, then she brought my newspaper to the door, then she wanted to see if I was still home because she noticed that a car was gone from the driveway. Seriously kid GO HOME! Finally she asked if she could look at my house. I think that's what she wanted all along. So I said yes and let her in and she wandered around for a minute said it was nice and left.

All of that was just annoying me some but the really weird part is what she has been carrying around with her all day. She has this huge orange plastic Halloween bag the kind you trick or treat with. Well she has it filled with kittens! Yes I said kittens!!! Her house is the crazy cat house as I call it. THey have like 30 cats that roam all over the neighborhood. On a bad day I can smell cat shit as soon as I step outside. And now there are seven more kittens. I'm thinking though that if she keeps hauling them around in that bag though some of them will die off. Like I said WEIRD KID!!!



Comedy + said...

That is she, Dennis the Menace girl style? Yikes.

New Fool said...

Yeah I think you're right. Weird kid. But it's funner to be weird than quiet. So if I were a kid I'd want to be weird. And still I will be.