Saturday, June 09, 2007

Not Productive

Heather and I had big plans for today. We were gonna move some furniture around in the house and we were going to start painting the nursery. But we finally got the pool set up and the water looked so tempting and wonderful and our plans went out the window.

We ended up spending the afternoon in the pool. Since it just got refilled last night the water was REALLY cold but it was so worth the numbness in our limbs. It was so relaxing to just float and do a whole lot of nothing. Maybe we will be productive tomorrow... or maybe we will swim some more. Who knows!



Comedy + said...

Now this is the way to spend the weekend. Much more fun than moving furniture. :)

KL said...

Sounds awesome to me!

Anonymous said...

I really could've used a pool this weekend. I did yard work & got a really bad sunburn.