Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Painting Pals

Heather and I are painting pals. We got the first coat of paint done in the nursery and we are getting ready to start round two. We should be able to finish everything but the trim tonight. Then we can finish that part up tomorrow! We are ahead of schedule!!!

Today I had an interesting discussion with my boss. I guess they are opening up a couple of new positions at work. There is a second supervisor spot coming open and also an adoption coordinator spot. She wants me to apply for both and consider taking a promotion. More money would be nice but I'm a little worried about shifting to a more supervisory role and having a new baby. I don't want to much new stuff at once if that makes sense. I'm a perfectionist is with work and would want to overdo I know. And I have a feeling I might be an overacheiving mom too so that could lead to a lot of work. But it's something else for me to think about when I'm up at night right...


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Comedy + said...

I am sure you will make the right decision here. I would apply anyway. You don't have to take the position do you? It's just a thought. Are you a Virgo? Have a great day. :)