Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Today is weigh in day so don't forget to let me know your gains or losses for the blogging biggest loser competition. I for sure won't get the totals up tonight. I have a busy day at work and then tonight I am going out with a friend and won't get home till late. We are going to an African dance show so it should be fun but it's a couple hours away so it will be a late night. But starting tomorrow I"m on vacation so that rocks!



Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Have fun at the dance and enjoy your upcoming vacation. :)

Darby said...

i had 1.5lbs lost!!

Natalie said...

After my super disappointing week last week with no weight loss I made up for it this week with 2 pounds lost! Woot!

Have fun tonight!

Acire said...

I am sorry that I've not been posting my progress along the way. I am in the last 3 weeks before my wedding and I'm running around like crazy and not getting any work outs done. I am trying to watch what I eat though. But I haven't weighed myself in 2 weeks. So I feel it's only necessary for me to withdraw from the blogging biggest loser competition. I still catch the show while working on wedding stuff. It's just been a very busy past couple weeks and I know the next 3 are going to be busy and hectic. I wish you and the rest of the gang continued success with the competition! After the wedding I'm kicking it up like 10 notches though...I am not going to slack at all, because health is important to me.