Monday, November 12, 2007

Vacation Over

My time off work has come to an end! It was hard to go back to the office today but I survived. I have so much to get caught up on. I love getting time off but hate the going back. My desk gets scary when I'm away!

Tonight I worked late, Shocking I know. Then I came home and watched a weeks worth of Days of Our Lives that I had on the DVR. I don't ever watch the whole episodes. I probably watch about 20 minutes of an hour show. I fast forward through the people I don't like. I know that's bad but why waste time on folks and stories you don't like. I just stick with the good parts and skip the rest.

While I was watching my soap I guess Lena got bored. She chewed all the way through my cell phone charger cable. Not a good deal! That dog kills me. She is almost 2 years old yet she still acts like a puppy. I just don't understand it!


Natalie said...

Bummer about the phone cord. :(

I'm just checking in early with a big fat ZERO pounds lost this week. :( I wasn't good, I wanted to be. I had the best of intentions. I need someone to kick my butt back in gear.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I remember going back to work after vacation. I didn't like the looks of my desk either. Hang in there, you'll wade through it.

Our dog chewed until she was about three and then she stopped. So, some do it longer than others. Have a great day. :)

Randie said...

I have bought no less than 5 phone cords for my satelite dish receiver. Two blue tooths for my hubby's cell, pricey. Finally, three chargers. I get so mad at that dog sometimes.