Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Heather and I are home from Louisiana. No baby yet. The contractions have stopped completely so the doctor wants to wait until the 24th to induce so we came on home and will go back later. Now that I'm home my allergies have kicked in full force. I felt horrible today even with all kinds of medicine. I slept so much and I'm still feeling yucky. I don't know if it's all the changes in weather and the travel and everything combined or what. But no fun! I do have big house cleaning plans for tomorrow. So I better get well overnight. I need to clean my carpets and do some other things. I just want the house to be in tip top shape before the baby comes home. I have a feeling after I get home with him it will be awhile before I get things straightened up again.


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Comedy + said...

Yuk...allergies are awful. They make one just plain miserable. Sorry about no baby yet, but it's better to be safe and let him stay in there a bit longer. You are right about the house though, you'll have your hands full with the baby. Have a great day and get well. :)