Friday, July 27, 2007

My People

When the whole adoption thing went south and I was hysterically crying to Darby and Heather I kept saying I wanted to come home. I wanted my house and my people. Now that I'm here I'm reminded of how wonderful both of those things are. My people are the most amazing people! I'm so blessed with such wonderful friends and family and coworkers. I've had over 100 emails sending me love and hope and humor. My people know me and they know how to love me better. They also offer to break kneecaps when needed and they know how to mix stiff drinks. My people rock!

Just a little bit ago one of the guys I work with stopped by. He totally surprised me. He didn't stay long but just wanted to bring me a card and a hug. It was so kind. The neighbor kids and their card, Darby and her constant love, what would I do without my people! I'm just blessed!!!!


Joshua said...

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Darby said...

sorry josha---but did you have a comment for hunna's blog? forgive me but this seems more like an advertisement for yours. this is a bad week and i think rather than you making a plea for readers to visit your blog...maybe you should offer something to jess specifically. i'm a little defensive of her right now even if she doesn't need it or ask for it.

anyway--jess---you receive so much love because you give so much love. you are the best and i'm so lucky to have you for my best friend!!