Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pretty Flowers

Yesterday I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my aunts. They are just gorgeous! I put them in my kitchen and it was so nice to see them when I got up this morning. They are just wonderful!

My Aunt Adair and Aunt Betty are coming today to take me to lunch. It will be nice to see them. I saw Adair when I was getting my hair done the other day but it's been a long time since I've seen Betty. I was in Mexico for the fourth of July so I missed the big family get together.

Yesterday I hit the jackpot at the Farmers Market. I got a bunch of corn so this afternoon I'm going to cream it and freeze it. I might have to hold out an ear for me for dinner tonight though because it looks really good! I love fresh corn.

Hope you all are having a good weekend!


P.S. I even went to church last night and didn't cry! That's the first time I've made it through church without crying in a long time.

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