Monday, July 23, 2007


Louisiana is not the state for Heather and I to be in. Bad things tend to happen here. Yesterday was a great travel day. Heather and I had to drive seperately this time because she has to go back to Kansas before I will be able to leave. So she left early yesterday and went halfway to Little Rock and stayed with a friend. I drove to Nachitoches and stayed in a lovely hotel.

Seriously it was the most comfortable hotel bed I've ever slept in. It was really relaxing. It was a great way to spend my last night alone for awhile. When I woke up this morning I was feeling good. I only had two hours left to drive and I was well rested and excited about the day.

When I got about 15 minutes from my destination Heather called me hysterical. She had gotten in a wreck in some little town 25 miles from Shreveport. So I turned around to go retrieve her. Keep in mind that is about 175 miles from where I was at the time. Heather is fine. She has a spot on her arm where the airbag burnt her but other than that and being scared and sore she is okay. THANK GOD!!!! My biggest fear is something happening to her.

The car however is very much totaled. It wasn't pretty. Parts that should be inside the car were on the road and other parts were broken and lots of liquids were on the road. So not good. The car that is 3 months old is gone now. Time to car shop again...

So the nice leisurely two hour drive turned into an 8 hour drive and produced much crying and stress. Not pretty the day before you become a mom. My stress level is pretty much through the roof right now. And since I'm a fat kid I decided that somehow ice cream would make the stress better. So we drove through McDonald's for ice cream and their ice cream machine was broken. So then we went to Burger King and their ice cream machine was broken. And then I was really pissed.

I'm hoping this is just all the bad disappearing before all of the good arrives tomorrow. Tomorrow will be an amazing day. Tomorrow I will meet my son for the first time. Tomorrow I will take my first new family picture. Tomorrow I will hold him and love him. Tomorrow I will be a mom. Tomorrow has to be the best day ever right!


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