Friday, July 13, 2007

Home Sweet Hotel

Heather and I drove all night and most of the day! We arrived in Louisiana at 4:30 this afternoon!!! What a long trip. Lots of rain, construction, and a few wrong turns. I think we each got about 3 1/2-4 hours of sleep in between taking turns driving. But we are here and our hotel is a little bit of heaven after such a long journey.

We just got cleaned up and we are going to meet Miss N for dinner. Of course her contractions have stopped and we are just chilling here now but we are here and now we for sure won't miss the delivery so that is fine with us. If she doesn't have the baby by Monday I'm pretty sure the doctor will go ahead and just admit her and induce. But I wouldn't be to shocked if things picked up again later and he decided to make an appearance over the weekend.

Off to dinner we go


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Darby said...

I can hardly stand the wait!!! i can't wait to meet that precious angel boy!! be careful...good luck...and i love you both!!