Sunday, July 08, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Darby and I are back in good old Kansas! Mexico was fun but when we went through customs yesterday and the officer said Welcome Home I thought I was going to cry! I was ready to come home....

Here are some things I love about Mexico!

1. The beach

2. The hot guys that say Hola in a way that melts my heart!

3. The air conditioning.

4. The people that try to sell you stuff when you are laying on the beach.

5. The sunsets.

Here are some things I don't love about Mexico!

1. The seaweed smell.

2. Hot drinks.

3. The food... it wasn't very good Mexican food for being Mexico... They put fish in everything!

4. The people can be rude and the kids are really unruly.

5. It's hotter than Africa.

Now that I'm home I'm doing laundry and getting ready to go into the office to try and get caught up on all the work I missed. I'm hoping that since it's Sunday and no one else will be there I can get quite a bit done. That would be a great thing! I will try to get some pictures loaded later today or tomorrow... I took quite a few.


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Comedy + said...

Welcome home. I know what you mean about coming home. I quit going to Mexico years ago. They do really hate us. They want our money though. Everything I need is right here in the good old USA. Missed you. :)