Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mexico Rocks

Okay we have made it to Mexico. I´m not gonna use capital letters anymore because the capital button on this dang computer is in the wrong spot for me so you will have to deal with my poor punctuation... it happens!

the flights were great. darby got searched a lot and i didn´t. i was able to get on the planes with some lighters and darby can´t bring lipgloss. how funny is that? i did have to sit next to a stinky lady on the plane that had a wandering eye so i guess that was my punishment for making fun of darby...

the hotel is amazing. we get everything we want when we want it... well except for internet. that part sucks... but we get lots of coca cola lights. how fun is that. it´s hotter than africa but no sunburns yet.... the food is a little weird but the room service pizza rocks.

we did get to watch bethany and craigs wedding from our balcony. they are such a pretty happy couple. we think they are having a great honeymoon here now. it was nice of them to invite us to the wedding... oh wait they didn´t. we just watched and took pictures. that was a good time.

i swam in the ocean and was attacked by a seaweed but darby saved me. i also peed in the water which darby says is okay because the waves take it away. i don´t know that i believe that but darby doesn´t lie so i guess i should. no pooping allowed though!!!!!

the phone card things we bought don´t work so well... time is running out on the internet and i´m typing as fast as i can... i like pesos... you get more pesos than dollars and that makes me happy inside. there is a lady named maria at the airport here that you should avoid. she talks a lot and it´s hot there and it makes me mad. i shouldn´t be mad on vaction so we don´t like maria. but there is a beautiful man named leonardo here that loves me. well he is actually a kid... maybe 18 or 19 and he is nice to me. but it´s my dream vacation so he loves me... he carries our bags and gives us directions and cold towels and we give him pesos... okay so we have pùrchased a friend.

over and out... 1 minute left on the computer....

adios friends


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