Sunday, May 28, 2006


I am living in the house of broken things! I'm not sure what in the heck is going on with all my stuff but it's just not right...

My lawn mower is broken. I don't think the thing every worked right anyways. You actually had to push the piece of crap. It should just go and cut on it's own if you ask me... But now it only goes about three steps and then dies. That is if the back wheel hasn't fallen off before it dies. And I won't even tell you about the crappy handle that comes off sometimes. That is the worst.

My DVD player is broken. It does this lovely thing where it skips and bounces and makes everyone sound like they have a speech impediment. That is nice. But then it gets real pretty when it just quits running and says disc error and then spits out the DVD. Crap! I can't even watch a movie after the mower pisses me off.

My dishwasher is broken. It has this part that falls off. It is the spinning part that shoots the water. So the dishwasher will run it just doesn't shoot the water out effectively. This is the part that breaks all the time. It falls off and the only person in the world that knows how to fix it is my dad. It's like a mysterious broken part that calls my dad home. It's time for him to come visit so it will work right again...

So there is only one way to solve all of these problems at one time. I need to marry an incredibly funny actor. He can entertain me so I won't need the DVD player. He would also be so rich that someone else would mow our yard and do our dishes so all my problems would be solved.... I better get to work on that!


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