Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Snow Cone

97 degrees. That is really freaking HOT! That's how hot it was today. The clock sign said so. That's to hot for a fat kid. That hot makes me cranky, really really cranky. I turn into a mean mean fat kid that has bad hair and no make up because the heat wore it off. Not a happy thing.

So as a reward for the ridiculous heat and the crap going on at work Darby and I went to get a snow cone. A snow cone has super powers! It is cold which is good. It tastes good which is great. And it doesn't have many calories which is super good great. Which means a whole lotta good. The snow cone place should only make you happy...

But something went wrong today. We got there and there were lots of other people. So we had to wait in line. In the sun and the heat and the crankiness set it. So I went and stood in the shade for a little bit. Then another car pulled into the parking lot. So I moved back to the sun so they wouldn't cut. Darby said they wouldn't cut and I told her I just wanted to make sure. So I sacrificed the shady comfort for the sun. Knowing the snow cone was coming soon to make it okay.

It was getting closer... 9 minutes passed, 10 minutes passed, 12 minutes passed. Finally only one guy in front of me. He ordered his cone. Then his phone rang and he talked. She handed him his cone and he ordered another one. He said the person on the phone wanted one. Well I say the phone person goes to the back of the line. That is almost cutting. But I let it slide because I was next and I was trying to be nice even though sweat was running down my boobs and my toes were getting sunburned!

So he is done and it is MY TURN!!! But no! Some freaky little kid, some little ugly girl with the worst hair I've ever seen and bad flip flops cutted. She was in the car that forced me out of the shade in the first place. I was gonna say something, I was gonna knock her down. What a crappy thing to do. Why do parents not teach their kids MANNERS!!! I swear I wanted to take her flip flop off and whip her butt with it. CUTTING IS SOOOOO WRONG!!!!

But Darby gave me the look. The one that said chill out and don't beat up some random child. The one that said she is little and you are big and you should be nice. The one that said when no one is looking we will knock her down and spill her snow cone and that will be better than calling her on the cutting. So I didn't say anything. And after she got her ugly mug outta the way I got my snow cone. And it was delicious and it made things better. So it worked out.


P.S. I sure hope that kid has quit crying by now. Darby shoved her real hard and took some of her snow cone. Bad times for her.

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Darbis said...

well, if she is going to cut, the least she can do is "share" her snow cone don't ya think!! that was hilarious jess!!