Thursday, May 18, 2006

My Bad

I screwed up a little bit today. Okay so I screwed up a whole lot today. I've been trying to call my brother Shawn and his wife Amanda for days now. I've left a bunch of messages on their home phone and cell phones and no calls back. I was pretty annoyed about it today.

So when I called today I left Amanda a really funny completely inappropriate voicemail. It was long and funny and so so so inappropriate. Well Amanda called me back. But she called on the home phone. I asked if she got my voicemail. She said no. I thought her phone was jacked up.

Well nope... I go to a visit and come out and I have a voicemail. It says it's from Amanda's cell. Well I play the message and it is this girl that sounds really young saying that I keep calling her phone and she isn't Amanda and no she isn't "humping my brother" so to please not call anymore. She was laughing but damn I wanted to just die!!! I can't believe I left some random girl such an inappropriate message! Very funny but oh so wrong. I'm for sure going to hell now!!!!


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