Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Went out to mom's tonight. I took Lena with me. She does really well staying on the back porch and entertaining herself. I take her toys and things and she plays and we go on walks every once in awhile. So it has been working fine. Well tonigt Mom, Donna and I are working on the never ending puzzle and I hear her barking. She doesn't usually bark unless there is a person or another animal around. So I go to check on her.

I peer out the window and there is little Miss Lena with a petunia on her head rolling around in potting soil. I didn't realize that mom had a bag of flowers on the porch! Lena was having a dang good time tearing the crap out of those suckers! Mom didn't get upset at all which surprised me. I was more upset that she was naughty at someone else's house. But she was so stinking cute I couldn't stay mad for too long. Mom and Donna checked the flowers over and we were able to salvage them. She didn't do much to the root just mainly the flowers and leaves... Crazy puppies!

Mom was having a pretty good night tonight. I was impressed. She has been pretty tired lately. She just seemed to have more energy today than yesterday. That's a good thing.


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