Monday, May 22, 2006


Well Lena is about to kill Heather. For some reason she gets all excited when she sees Heather and just attacks her. It's like she turns into a different puppy. I don't get it. She bites and nips at her. Jumps all over her. Eats her hair, bites her ears. It's weird. So that's not so good.

But while Heather has been gone this evening Lena and I have practiced sitting. Well I know how to do it. She has been practicing. Not me. But she is getting the hang of it. We tried about 20 times and now she is taking a nap. That seems to be the routine. Play then sleep.

Have to go to El Dorado tomorrow for a training thing. I'm not looking forward to that. I hate training stuff. They are always so so so boring! YUCK!!! But after work it is another bracelet making night. I'm excited about that. It should be fun.


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