Thursday, May 04, 2006


Well it's almost Friday! Thank God!!! This has been such a very long slow week. Work is just dragging. I'm having a bunch of files audited so all I've done this week is basically go through and check and recheck my files. If I get a perfect audit I get a paid day off work. So I'm working on it really hard. I don't have any vacation days left so I could use some free days!

Mom was doing better tonight. She was cracking me up actually. She can be so funny. Aunt Shirley was being way funny too. If you knew Aunt Shirley you would understand why that is a bit shocking. She has really changed through this whole thing. I think being around us is rubbing off on her. She is calmer and funnier and she is a much better hugger! I'm so pleased with that. I also think that the Reliv shakes are helping her feel better too. She has some health problems and I think it's helping her with that as well as her mood. It's amazing really! I told her tonight I'm not sure if it's the cancer or the shakes that's changing her but that I really think she is pretty damn fun to be around.

tomorrow I'm not going out to mom's. We are having a making bracelets at my house. The healing bracelets in mom's honor are selling like crazy. Darby pushes those better than a drug dealer pushes crack. It's amazing! So because Darby is such a bracelet sales lady we have to make a ton more. Which is good. They are fun to make and the money really helps mom. I'd make a thousand of them if it would help her!

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