Sunday, May 07, 2006


I haven't posted in awhile... Sorry about that. I just don't have much time or energy lately. I'm busy but I don't feel like I really get anything done. I feel more like a zombie. I just move through the motions of the day. Go to work, do the laundry, visit mom, workout but don't remember much or focus on much. I think my mind is overloaded.

I would think I was depressed but I have my happy pills to help with that. I think I'm just going through this all and feeling a bit sorry for myself. It will get better though. It always does. I do pretty well for a couple weeks then have a bit of a breakdown. I really think it is probably normal.

I'm thinking about getting a dog. Like I need one more thing to take care of I know! But I think I need something alive that forces me to function even when I don't want to. Something that makes me get off the couch instead of laying there watching movies for 4 hours like I did today. I had a million things to do around my house and I laid on my couch like an idiot. Now it's just more to do tomorrow.


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Darbis said...

jess, i thought you sounded a bit unlike yourself this afternoon. i wanted to give you your space until you were ready to talk. i know that knowing some of the things your mom is struggling to determine about this entire situation, and the options/obstacles she is facing, is something you sincerely support and understand, but that doesn't make it any easier. remember to allow yourself time to grieve and adjust. i do think the dog is a great idea. i really, really do. love you--darbis