Monday, May 15, 2006


Well it was an interesting weekend. It went by to quickly. Mother's Day was wonderful! It was so nice to be with my mom. Granted I see her about every day but it's still cool to celebrate Mother's Day. I cooked lunch for the mom's and Heather and her friends. So we all just ate and hung out. Nothing extravagant. Just good old fun. It was nice!

There was too much drama when I got home last night. Sometimes things are just all crazy. I'm not even getting into that but it was just plain DRAMA!!! YUCK!

Work was long today. Felt like the day just drug on forever. I did get a lot of things done though so that is good.

Lena is doing great. She is just such a good little buddy. How I ever lived without her I don't know! She just makes my heart happy. She is a little bed hog. How something as tiny as her can steal the blankets and hog the bed I will never understand. But she does. She pulls the sheets with her teeth and takes them from me. She is something else.


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