Monday, May 01, 2006

Big Post

Okay once again I waited to long to post and now I have a lot to put in one really long post... YUCK!!!!

Friday was a weird day. Leslie and I had court in Chase County so we went early to eat at Grand Central. The service sucked so I went to get our drinks myself and this very handsome cowboy stopped me and said he would get them. So he went in back and got our drinks and brought them to us. Then he stood around and chatted with us. We found out he owns a bar there and he asked us to come to the male strippers show they were having that night. We kindly declined since we had to work the benefit thing for my mom. So he went back to his seat with his friends.

Then their food came and we started chatting with them again. He ended up giving us an onion ring as an appetizer and he flirted with me and his buddy flirted with Leslie and it was fun. Then when they were leaving we gave them our numbers. Just cute harmless flirting. Something fun to do....

My dad came to town Friday evening. It was awesome to see him. He helped Heather and I and a bunch of other people set up for the garage sale. My mom also got home on Friday. Very good to see her too. She looked pretty good, just very tired!

Saturday we had the sale and it was HUGE! It was a very long day but a whole lot of fun. So many people came to help and shop and hang out. It was just really neat. We ended up making 5650.07 which is just amazing to me!!! I never thought we would make anywhere close to that amount. Unbelievable.

Saturday night Dad and Heather and I went out to eat and then we hung out at my place in the evening. We were all worn out but it was nice to have some time with dad. Sunday we cleaned out my gutters which was so gross then went to see my mom for a bit. She was doing a little better but still really tired and not able to eat due to the chemo.

Sunday night Dad and I barbecued with my nice new neighbors next door, Nathan and Pam. They are super nice and it was fun! I really like them. Then we watched some cheesy movie with Tom Selleck in it Sunday night. We are hard up for entertainment I guess.

Today I worked and it sucked. I didn't want to go! Dad headed back to New Orleans which also sucked. I didn't want him to go. But he is safe and sound. Went and saw mom tonight and she was doing better. She was able to eat and take her shakes today which is very good. She needs that!

However, I also found out today that the nice guys that were hitting on Leslie and I on Friday are actually gay! I was so disappointed!!! I was really digging the one that gave us our drinks. And Leslie really liked the other one. Usually I can pick up on that but they totally had us sold that they thought we were cute.... They are like their own brokeback mountain... To bad so sad!

Now I'm worn out. I just hate Mondays! I never feel like I get a weekend and then going back to work sucks. Someday I'm gonna win the big bucks and quit this whole working thing....


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