Thursday, April 27, 2006

Communication Problems

Well had some phone issues today.... For some reason my phone decided to die. So of course I go to Alltel to get it fixed. They can't fix it but they can get me a new phone for a fee of course. So I ask them to transfer my numbers from my old phone to my new phone. They tell me it's a $10 fee for that. You have to be kidding me. I asked if they had a little midget in the back room that entered them all in by hand... I thought they just did it on the computer. They said it is on the computer but it's their "policy" to charge the fee. Whatever....

So I agree to pay the ridiculous fee. I just want my dang numbers. So she plugs it in and nothing... NOT A THING! 321 numbers in the memory and they can't get them out!!! I just melted down. For some reason I told her my mom had cancer. Her reply was, "Nice try, both my mom and dad have cancer." So I ask what kind. She says prostrate and breast cancer. So for some strange reason I say, "Ha, pancreatic cancer that has matastisized, beat that!" Who does that. What has overcome me??????? Who tries to beat someone in the cancer game???

Then it gets even worse. I ask if she has heard of Reliv. Because in the middle of a melt down I'm sure she is gonna wanna buy something from me. She says no. I explain what it is. She gives me her number and says to call her tonight to tell her more. I kindly explain that I'll be calling her all night because I have no other numbers to call and I will need someone to cry to about my mom. She explains she understands.

She gives me my new phone after she takes my check. I again explain that it is crap they can't get my numbers. She says I can keep my old phone. WHY??? For a paperweight. Why do I want a broken phone I ask... But I take it. I'm gonna smash the thing with a hammer later. Then I ask her if she really can't get my numbers or if she is just saying that because I'm a bitch. She starts laughing at me. She tells me I am funny. I say no I'm not I'm pissed at you. She says I'm the funniest pissed off person she has ever met. I explain it will be really funny when I put my broken up foot up her butt... She laughs more. I don't think this is funny. I take my new phone and my crap phone and limp towards the door. I can't even walk in a pissed off determined way because my leg is messed up. As I get to the door she says, "You do win." I forget and ask her what. She agrees that pancreatic cancer is worse so I win. I ask if I win my numbers back. She says no. I leave and vomit in the parking lot!

So I've called her six times tonight. I don't have anyone else to call. I'm gonna stalk her. I swear it! I'll end up in jail and then it won't matter that I don't have any phone numbers. You only get one call anyways....

So if I haven't called you it's because Alltel sucks! So call me and give me your number.


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