Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bed Hog

Yesterday was a very long day at work and then I had a ton of homework to get done in the evening. I stayed up way to late working on it. So by the time I went to bed I seriously think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. While I was worn out I guess my dog Lena Lou was not.

I woke up this morning and about fell out of the bed. Lena is quite the bed hog. For being a small dog she takes up a lot of space! Instead of curling up and sleeping in a ball like most dogs she streches out as long as she can across the bed. But her head has to be touching me. So if I scoot over she scoots over and before you know it I'm about out on the floor.

So after she about pushed me out of bed and I tried to get resituated I started noticing some things weren't quite right. The bed was quite lumpy. It seems after I went to sleep Lena had a little party in bed. There were a total of 14 toys in my bed. She brought everything to bed. I'm sure she thought I would eventually play with her if she kept bringing them but I slept through it all! How does that happen??? You would think the noise or the movement would wake me up but no....

Now I wonder what else she does when I'm sleeping??????



Laura said...

Haha - I swear you could have been describing me and my dog... She's only 10 pounds but she manages to sprawl all over the bed somehow anyway! She also brings toys to bed when she wants to play. That is funny that you slept right through it! Dogs are great aren't they?

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

This sounds like our dog. Same kind of thing and especially when we are sleeping on the boat. It's a wonder she allows us in the bed at all. Have a great day. :)