Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ten On Tuesday

10 Things I Do When I Have Nothing Else To Do...

1. Watch Nip/Tuck DVD's
2. Paint my toenails
3. Read a book
4. Download music
5. Read my favorite blogs
6. Play with the dog
7. Go for a walk
8. Take pictures
9. Take a nap
10. Go Shopping

Happy Tuesday!!!



Julie said...

Weighing in - lost 1 lb. since yesterday! Woo! That puts me at -1

Laura said...

Weigh in - lost 1.4 lbs this week, to my complete and utter shock!

Yay Julie, good work :) Just don't lose too much, we want you to fit into that gorgeous wedding gown like a glove!!

Patois said...

Napping. Ahhhhhhh. What I'd love to do most any day.

Hootin'Anni said...

#s 2 and 10!! My kinda day!!

Anonymous said...

Have a great Tuesday!!!

Acire said...

weighing in... -3.8 pounds!

Agapetospaidiske said...

I am paranoid about downloading music! So odd.

nexy said...

Hi Jessie, thanks for stopping by my site. You have a good list there... I love #1, 8, 9 and 10!

Natalie said...

I weighed in on your other thread, but see others doing it here, so I'll add it here too. I lost 3 1/2 pounds this week. :)

Laura said...

Acire and Natalie - you girls rocked the house this week! Awesome :)