Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wonderful Weekend

This has been such a wonderful weekend! I just don't want it to end. Heather came home yesterday and we had a good evening. We went to church and went to get our nails done. She got a manicure and I got a pedicure. RELAXING! Just what I needed after a horribly stressful week at work.

This morning we got up and headed to Kansas City. We went to the Renissance Festival and it was a blast. It was a beautiful day to go. Not to hot and not to cold and the rain stayed away until we were on our way home. We watched some funny shows, Heather ate a huge turkey leg and we got our palms read.

We were standing in line to get our palms read and Heather said "why are we doing this, it's such bull shit." We laughed about it and decided it would just be fun. Well the lady blew us away! She was so on target with both of us! She said that I would make a great social worker and an advocate for children's rights. She went on and on about that giving examples of things I could do in the social work field and things that I would advocate for and it's what I'm already doing. She did say that I would end up traveling and giving speeches on the topic which makes sense to me. I could see myself doing that.

She also said that I have too many parents. That cracked me up! I am adopted and I've often felt that way. Between being adopted and having divorced parents it means there are a lot of parents involved! It was just crazy that she was so on target. I don't know how she knew that stuff. Amazing. Heather's was so great too. We left pretty shocked and impressed. So fun!

It's just been such a relaxing weekend. I am dreading heading back to the office tomorrow. The craziness will begin again in no time. I'm just glad I got a little break before it starts again.


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