Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Blogging Biggest Loser Week 1

Wow what a great start to the blogging biggest loser competition!!! I'm impressed folks! I know that I said I would make this post after the showed aired tonight. However everyone weighed in already and I'm fighting a cold. I was afraid I might fall asleep during the show since I'm not feeling so hot and I didn't want to keep everyone waiting!

The big loser this week is Acire with a wonderful 3.8 pound loss! AMAZING!!! There are a few of us right on her heals so she will have to watch out. We just might catch her next week.

I'm looking forward to watching us all shrink as this goes along. Everyone is off to a great start and I'm just so excited to be a part of it. As a group we lost 13.4 pounds this week! Let's keep it up. I hope that as a group we can lose 100 pounds during the competition.

Happy week and keep with it team! If anyone else would like to join in and lose weight with us please leave a comment and I'll get you added. You can read the competition rules and view all the contestants weight loss results in the sidebar on the right!



Acire said...


KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!

I am sure we can lose 100 pounds (or more) during the competition!

Lets stick together!

Natalie said...

Good job everyone!!!

Julie said...

Congrats ya'll. I put a shout out to your challenge on my blog today. Hopefully that will get us a few more members. Heh heh. Members.