Monday, September 10, 2007

Blogging Biggest Loser Time

Well we are starting to get a great team lined up for the Blogging Biggest Loser competition! I'm so excited. Tomorrow is the big day! I'm planning on getting up early so I can work out. And I already packed a healthy lunch to take with me to work tomorrow! We can do this. The season premire kicks off tomorrow night and I can't wait to watch. I hope that we will continue to add people to the competition. People can join in at anytime. I've had some questions about the competition so I'll try and answer those.

1. When do we give you our weigh in each week? I think it would be great if you could post your losses or gains in the comments each Tuesday. Then Tuesday night after the shows air I will post who is in the lead, etc. I will try to make it fun that way but no one is getting sent home from this competition!

2. Do I have to have a blog to participate? Well it is the blogging biggest loser competition so that name would lead you to believe that you need to be a blogger. But I have a lot of great friends and family members that want to play along and they don't have their own blogs. So anyone can join the competition. Just leave me a comment and I'll get ya added!

3. Is there a prize if I'm the Blogging Biggest Loser? Yes! If you win you get the prestigious title of The Blogging Biggest Loser. You also get a smaller ass, tight abs, and a huge boost to your self esteem. Doesn't that make you feel good!

4. Do I have to watch the show? You don't have to watch the show. I just happen to love it and find it very motivational. But you can watch or not watch anything you want.

5. Do I have to tell you my starting weight? NO!!! All I need to know is how many pounds you gain or lose each week. I'm not telling you all how much I weigh so I don't expect anyone to tell me.

So those are all the questions I've had so far. If you have any others feel free to leave them in the comments. I look forward to losing some weight with you all!



Natalie said...

I'm excited! The show was so good tonight...amazing feats of weight loss already! the prize for this. LOL...I need that smaller butt!

Acire said...

In the first week I lost 3.8 pounds.