Friday, October 12, 2007

Blogging Biggest Loser Week Four

Due to my internet problems this post is several days late but I'm so happy to report such great progress! Debbie is our biggest loser of the week losing an amazing 4 pounds! Good work Debbie!

As a group we lost a total of 5.8 pounds this week! That brings us to a total of 29.6 pounds lost so far. We are making progress! I hope that this week brings even more weight loss!

For this week the challenge is to add some strength training to your workouts. That could simply be doing some squats, arm curls with soup cans, or lifting some weights. Whatever works best for you. Muscle burns more calories than fat so we need more muscle!

Keep up the good work team!


Laura said...

Good job everyone! I'm expecting some fairly pathetic progress this week because if you visit my blog you'll see that I had surgery on Wednesday so I can't get much exercise this week even though it's just my arm, but my appetite hasn't slowed down to compensate!

However I'm joining a boot camp with my friend from work next week so hopefully that will ramp things up for me. :)

Natalie said...

WTG Debbie!

Julie said...

Hey Jessie,

I gained another 3 lbs. since the wedding. I'm up a total of 10 lbs. since my low back in May. I'm really not sure where I stand in the challenge because I don't even remember what weight I started at! But today I recommitted to healthy eating and exercise. I hit the gym tomorrow and I did very well on eating today. My body actually was not very happy with me because I was not giving it all the fatty stuff it's become acustomed to again. Dieting can really piss your body off! :-)