Monday, October 08, 2007

Tattoo Torture

The new tattoo is driving me nuts. None of my other tattoos have hurt after the fact. But this one sure does. I guess it is the location of it. Everytime I put my arm down it just throbs. So I have to keep my arm up which means I walk around in pagent wave mode looking like a fool. Then to make it even more idiotic looking I have to keep the triple antibiotic stuff on it so when I have my arm up and close to me so I won't bump it on anything the antibiotic stuff rubs off on my shirt, well actually it rubs off on my boob. That's super cool. UGH!

Then at night I have to wrap my arm in seran wrap so the goo won't get all over. And I have to try and lay in a way that won't crunch it and make it hurt but will also protect it so the dog won't hit it. And then to make it real fun the dog will try and pull the seran wrap off in the middle of the night which is not just annoying but also painful! UGH!!!

What was I thinking. I love the tattoo. I like the location. But I can't wait for the healing phase to pass. I really had no idea it would be so painful or such an inconvience. Again I've never had this problem. In the future if I get another tattoo I'm going for my back again. That may be the easy way out....



Laura said...

Oh no, you poor thing! That sounds awful. I remember when my fiance got a tattoo on his shoulder and we had to wrap it in saran wrap and keep it lubricated all the time, so it was kind of awkward to wear shirts and go out of the house. Not my idea of fun, this is why I don't have tattoos! Well, that, and I don't really have anything in mind that I would like to permanently ink on my body. And the deathly fear of needles.

Wishing you a speedy recovery. I know it will be fine once it is all healed.

Natalie said...

Sorry you're hurting! :(

I'm weighing in a day early. we're going to be visiting family until tomorrow night and I don't know when else I could do this.

My weight loss slowed this week, only 1 pound lost. But I'm just happy it's going down. :) Oh and I've exercised more than 15 minutes every day so far.