Saturday, October 06, 2007

Halloween Fun

It's no big secret that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I think it is a really fun day for adults and kids alike. But now there is a great way to extend the fun and enjoy Halloween for a little longer.

There is a new trend called Booing your neighbors. No that doesn't mean you scare them to death! What you do is you assemble a treat bag and place it on their doorstep as a Boo. With the treat bag you also include a Boo poem and a sign for their window saying they have been boo'd. Then they boo someone else and it goes on and on until the whole neighborhood gets a fun treat.

A friend of mine in Chicago says they have been doing this for years but it hadn't hit Kansas till this season. So I guess I was out of the loop. To make it easy for you Hallmark has a cute little Boo kit that you can use or you can make your own kit. Whatever works best for you. I bought the kit at Hallmark because I don't have the time to make the cute little cards myself. But I'm ready to spread the Boo!



Natalie said...

We used to do that back home in Utah. This will be my first Halloween in Colorado, I don't know if they do that out here. It's fun though!

Corey~living and loving said...

ooooo I wish I lived in a community that would do that. Lovely!