Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday Prep

With this new position at work I've realized that I have zero free time during the week. In fact just getting normal things like meal preparations and house cleaning done are next to impossible. So since I'm sick of feeling so out of control I decided to try something new this week. I'm calling it Sunday prep.

What I did was go through my planner for the week and figure out what I have coming up at work. I also checked the 7 day forecast and then arranged outfits for me to wear for the next week. Since I do all my laundry on Saturday this was pretty easy. I just put everything I would need for each day on one hanger, sat the shoes below it and even included jewlery and hair items. That should save some time.

Then I decided to tackle the food problem. When I'm rushed I tend to eat junk. Which means I'm probably going to gain this week instead of lose in the blogging biggest loser competition. It also means that my blood sugar isn't good and I feel like crap! So I did my weekly meal plan went shopping and then premade as much as I could today.

I have tuna salad and chicken salad made for lunch. I even diced up my veggies and shreeded the lettuce so I just have to throw it together. I bagged up my grapes in individual serving bags, as well as some pickles, raisins, and nuts. I have my fruit in individual bags for smoothies in the morning so no need to measure just add them to my choclate soy milk and blend. Then for dinners I have the meat in individual bags that I will just have to remeber to dethaw and I have my veggies already bagged up so I just have to warm them. Hopefully this will help. I even have a bag ready to take to work for this week of healthy snacks.

So we will see what next week brings. I hope it will help keep me on track and reduce some of my stress! Let's cross our fingers....


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Blueyes said...

I try to make up my lunch and at least 2 dinners when I have to do doubles every Sunday and still have to do mine for the upcoming week. Just trying to get motivated.