Saturday, October 06, 2007


Garth Brooks is coming to Kansas City! All week we have been getting obsessed about attempting to get Garth tickets around here. Everyone had a plan on how they were going to do it. Well my aunt Betty got a wristband and waited in line for several hours, my plan was to attempt by phone and internet and my aunt Donna was going with just the phones.

Two minutes in on the internet and the show was sold out. But lucky for us Garth is nice and kept opening shows. He opened up eight additional shows! So we ended up with a lot of tickets! I had success online and Betty had success in the regular line so now we have tickets to two shows! I thought we might get rid of some but now I think we are just gonna go to every show we have tickets for. Who knows what we will do I'm just glad we got tickets!!!


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Natalie said...

I am jealous!!!!!