Tuesday, October 02, 2007

There Is Hope For Me Yet

I was talking to my Aunt Betty tonight and she was filling me in on the happenings in her life. One of the gals from her church is getting married soon. She is 83 years old and met her future husband when her first husband and his first wife were both patients in the alzheimers unit. They became friends and have now fallen in love and are getting married! How sweet is that!

I'm thinking that if she can find love at 83 in the Alzheimer's unit then there is still some hope for me out there! I shouldn't complain yet. I've still got quite a few years to go before I need to start worrying.

But her story got me thinking that there are probably a lot of older people that are single and looking for love again. If there isn't an Alzheimers Unit near by where do they go to find love? Well they might be able to use a senior personals or senior dating website. They can view profiles of other seniors and make connections with people that have the same interests. Who knows love can happen at anytime right...


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